👩‍🍳Hi everyone! Welcome to iCookiTravel Blog. I’m Dolly a Filipino ex-pat in Vienna. Mostly about my home-cooked meals, my travel, my dogs and all other things that make me happy. Just like what I do for my health exercise, training, love of hiking, gymnastic, where I connected-my work, my collections; magnets and mug from Starbucks. My souvenirs collection from countries and places I’ve visited. I am also a Plant Tita, aside from our Terrace Urban Garden at sixth floor here in Vienna. Hope you like it, thank you for reading and watching my Youtube videos.



👩‍🍳Be mindful and thankful 2020. Be grateful despite Corona. But in addition to God’s blessing, it also takes the hardworking hands of the farmers in the country that the tables are well set all year round. Foodstuff that we got from the market, farm and what we harvested from our terrace urban garden to the table. If you are aware of where your food comes from, what work is behind it and what the climate has to do with it, you may also be ready to rethink, that everyone in their own area learns the lessons from this crisis! Still grateful against the corona blues. I’m feeling humbled right now, there are 11,800 incredible people like you who have subscribed to my channel. Guys, you are gold. Thank you so much for joining in 2020. Hopefully, you’ll join me too in 2021.



👩‍🍳Bring the garden to the terrace. With an old pallet, you can build a stylish plant box for herbs, vegetables or fruit in no time at all. This palette garden not only looks beautiful but is also suitable for the small space. Hand made by my daughter alone. She bought the stuff from ÖBI Market what she needs like paint, nails and sandpaper. The rest are all from scratch. She worked for this the whole day until midnight. What an exciting result! I am so proud of my daughter she is an artisan and also craftsman. We harvested a lot from this urban garden. Aside from more than 25-kilogram tomatoes, pumpkin or calabaza, eggplant, Malabar or alugbati, camote tops, purple sweet potatoes, chili peppers, ampalaya or bitter melon also leaves chili leaves, lettuce, and spinach. What creative ideas for your garden. From my daughter and niece. Cooking vegetables from the garden to the table. If you are a subscriber of my youtube channel you know the feeling if you cook something from your garden. From the garden to the table. I uploaded a lot of cooking vegetable came from this garden. Thank you for checking this out.

Pallet plant 🌱 box terrace urban gardening



👩‍🍳Hi Guys! Do you still remember the flowers that we got from our fun-hike on weekend? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFN1I… Think of this elderflower syrup recipe when the white flowers sparkle in spring. The syrup is very versatile. The elderflowers are blooming again! Then it is time to collect the flowers and prepare elderflower syrup. With this recipe, the elderflower syrup succeeds. Yes, I made elderflower syrup out of it. Simple and easy to follow you don’t need to buy Holundersirup in german just make it for yourself. Elderflower syrup tastes great for the whole family and is a must for everyone in the elderflower season. Try my recipe. Thanks for Dropping by. Happy Prepping!

HOLUNDERSIRUP-Elderflower syrup homemade


40pcs Elderflower

4pcs Lemon 🍋

2 Liter Water

50g Citric Acid

3kg Sugar



🇦🇹👩‍🍳iCookiTravel’s NOCHE BUENA PREPPING

👩‍🍳iCookiTravel‘s Noche Buena Prepping and gift giving with family, insert Ronald-Louis (son). Hope you guys had a very merry Christmas 🎄🎁 and wishing all the best for 2020. God bless us all. From my family to yours.🤗



Fancy exercise the human body is programmed to exercise. No matter what activities you do, whether stool exercise, dancing while sitting, hiking or jogging, it is important that the movement is adapted to your personal ability. I for on I prefer walking, not everyday but I see to it that almost everyday.🤣 The benefits of walking, and exercising in general include- lowering blood glucose levels. Improving the body‘s ability to use insulin.

Who individually burdened his body can keep him fit.💪🏽 Said and done.✅ This was almost 2hours walked or more back and forth with my doggie 🐶 Mary during the celebration of 🇦🇹Austrian National Holiday. My diabetic life. Take it from me folks!🤗



O Mary, full of grace of Peñafrancia‘s shrine, In thee our hope we place, O Lady most devine.

Viva la Virgen!

The 17th Penafrancia Fluvial Procession in Dürnstein, Austria 🇦🇹 From Vienna to Stift Dürnstein. Peñafrancia Fluvial Festival in Philippines 🇵🇭 reflects the local faith and retualistic specialty of the region. Celebrated in Naga City, Bicol region of Philippines, a legendary patroness is paid tribute to. With bff Dana👭 and hubby.

Best brekky ever on this day, best throwback brekky at Wildflour restaurant in Makati City. With niece Jennifer and daughter Diana-Grace. Try it Folks!🤗

Dinner 🍽 date with my son Ronald-Louis, at Gondola. I miss him so much❣️Son and daughter….… when they were young they were always with us. Remembereing those days……. Now, they ‘re both grown up (adult) actually 26 and 25 years of age not even a call doesn’t take place. But anyway it is good to know that they’re both OK! And can live the life they want.

Finally! After 36 years together again with my high school bff 👯 and her hubby. Having lunch 🍴 with Ferdie and Lea in Mandaluyong City with my daughter and hubby. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.😇

Foodies at District 8 Manila “Expect to enjoy a fusion of international flavors and wide array of drinks while enjoying music by renowned DJs and live performances.” Take it from me Folks, drop by to try it!🤗

Great place to have KareKare and more Filipino classic dishes. What I love most is their “ensaladang ampalaya” ( bitter melon salad). Good morning 🌞 Vienna 🤗



Here we are after dinner waiting for the next viewing of film entitled “Miss Granny OST/ by Sara Geronimo. September last year 2018, yes a year ago.

Finally! After 36 years, I was able to visit again this place where my roots are. Nothing better than going home🏡 to FAMILY where L❤️VE is and eating 🍽 good food!😇

My relatives at Home 🏡 people who may know me knows that I’m the only child of my late parents. That’s the reason why cousins whom I’m close with are just like brothers and sisters for me.

Here we are the four of us with our daughter. From left: Lea and daughter Ferrine, moi with Diana-Grace, Arlinda with Nicole and Fely with Kath.❣️

Seeing my high school best friends 👭👭 is also one reason why I’m so excited to get back home.🏡 My bff 👯👯 since 1979 and yonder……. ❤️😇 These are whom I called “My Family” back home.

Edgar Wright-

If you go back to your home town or you’re reunited with school friends, its always slightly bittersweet because as much as there’s nice things in terms of seeing them again, the town has changed without you, and you’re no longer a part of it.



Sirloin steak in tomato sauce

Today’s cooking 👩‍🍳 experience at home 🏡 sirloin steak 🥩 in tomatoe 🍅 sauce served with boiled potatoes 🥔 lunch 🍴 time, let’s eat together people!🤗 September 16, 2019

Basket 🧺 of Berries

Somebody knocked on my door 🚪 when I opened it, I got this basket of berries from my bff 👯 Dana aka @ neutrongirl1 Thank you so much Bff. September 14, 2019
Lavish brekky today

Lavish vital brekky today on a gloomy 🙁 Monday morning 🌝 won‘t bring us down our energy. Vienna living.💚 September 9, 2019

Hubby’s Birthday

„Happy birthday Dada 🎉🎂🎈Cheers 🥂🍾 From good friends and true, from your own family, may good luck 🍀 go with you and happiness too!“

A very simple celebration 🎊 here wishing you great happiness and a joy that never ends.🤗😘 September 8, 2019

Happy Cooking 👩‍🍳

Guten Appetit!😋



Hubby et moi – iCookiTravel

Nearly 30 years of marriage life with all ups and downs we are getting stronger than ever from day to day of our life.  As we go on this journey, thinking 🤔way back before our two kids came into our life and now for me it is a huge changes.  Living their own way of life, hubby and I just like before just the two of us with my two doggies. 🐶

Cooking for two not for four anymore, missing something, letting go of your adult children is the hardest part.☹️

My Kitchen something that always makes me smile 😃 and is the happiest place for me. Where hubby and I bond most of the time when we’re at home.🏡

He came back from flea market brought me a bunch of string beans and smaller eggplant 🍆 I don’t know how many varieties of green beans gives, but I know one thing that it offers many health benefits. Hubby’s cooking 👨‍🍳 small eggplant 🍆 and string bean with fried 🐟😋👍 grateful for this.

Middleneck clams with vine spinach (alugbati) and mushroom 🍄 which are surprisingly high in iron, broth is so tasty.😋

A vegetable soup with broccoli 🥦 carrot 🥕 mushrooms 🍄 or Champignon, chickpeas and noodle 🍲 was for breaky after seven and half hours of night duty gave me strength.☺️

Boiled corn 🌽 cob and mongo or mung bean with camote tops (talbos ng kamote) no rice 🍚 at all since 2013. Camote tops consuming it in moderation is a good source of energy, vitamins, minerals and is low in fat and sodium. And is also ideal💡 for diabetic patients.

Here is boiled camote tops, sliced tomatoes 🍅 and “Bagoong balayan” (Fish Sauce) with calamansi for deeping. 😋 #hubby’s cooking 👨‍🍳 so grateful to him😘

Above photo is spinach, corn 🌽 kernels, squash flowers with pork belly was viand for dinner 🍽

Summer was too long this year and these are the last flowers from my pumpkin 🎃 and cherry tomatoes 🍅 which is in my living room now. It’s too cold outside. And picture above the last harvest of squash flowers I cooked with.

Tilapia fillet with sautéed Mangold lots of garlic and mashed carrots 🥕 my diabetic.🍴

Oh my “gulay” with saluyot (Jute leaves), pumpkin a Hokkaido, okra, bitter gourd (ampalaya), and string bean (sitaw).

Squash, string bean, bitter gourd and okra with “alamang” (tiny shrimps) season with salt 🧂 cooked just like “laswa with alamang”. 😋

Potatoes 🥔 bell peppers, carrot 🥕 Champignon with turkey 🦃 breast.

Cooking with hubby strengthen our relationship. Science says, couples who cook together stay together.😇

Happy cooking in your kitchen and Guten Appetit!😊