👩‍🍳Having our break from the city, my daughter and I we decided to celebrate Mother’s day by hiking outside Vienna with our dogs. At the nature park Purkersdorf – Sandsteinwienerwald is a part of the Vienna Woods and is located in the municipality of Purkersdorf in Lower Austria. The approximately 77-hectare nature park is freely accessible all year round. Mother’s Day hikes with our four dogs.Just hike and be happy.

My Mother’s Day weekend will be filled with dog family and my daughter with me. A healthy mama am I to my two kids. 😊 Hiking us a must for me at least three times a week or more. For about two hours or three or even more. Good for my age, aside for being a type 2 diabetic. Moms who are wild at heart or don’t want to skip their daily steps may like this gift. With your family think about a picnic along a scenic hiking trail a great way to spend outdoors time with Mom too on Mother’s day. A bit incomplete for me because hubby and my son has to work. But still there is some other time to do this it should not be on Mother’s day.



👩‍🍳Here we had our late lunch with our daughter and her friend so with our dogs. And of course the hiking trail round. That we spend in the afternoon after our late lunch. Welcome to refuge & kangaroo farm on the Harzberg in Bad Vöslau, right next to the jubilee tower that can be seen from afar, with a wonderful view! In addition to the cosy ambience of refuge and the great view over the Vienna basin from our terrace in the Hirter, the Beer garden is a high quality of food and drinks, creativity and above all, the constant care for the guest.



👩‍🍳Observation tower Bad Sauerbrunn-Gespitzter Riegel. Bad Sauerbrunn in Burgenland is a traditional health resort. Hikers can draw natural mineral water there and pick large strawberries. The place is known for its water, with a high magnesium content. Behind the health centre the Gesundheit Zentrum Bad Sauerbrunn near the train station you can find the forest. The forest and the terrain begin and with them some of the hiking trails into the Rosaliengebirge whose elevations are often called bars. This low mountain range looks gentle from below, but the paths meander over many ridges and gorges. It’s easy on the eye, but at times exhausting.

Hiking with our dogs

From the Spitzten Riegel, a forest square, you have to go back briefly to the hiking trail and then on to the Mitterriegel from which you also have a good view. The paths are apart from initial stretch not very steep and extremely idyllic. Part of the Central Europe’s natural vegetation, forests are complex ecosystems that once almost completely covered our continent. Due to human influence, they only take up around one third of the land today.



👩‍🍳First Viennese water pipe route to Kaiserbrunn. Two and haft hours hike, with 7,7 km. Through this water pipe, opened in 1873 by Emperor Franz Josef, about 200,000m3 0f water flow into the federal capital, 95 km away and 280 m below ground, without the aid of any pumps. The water takes 16 hours for this route. The first Viennese high spring line shares half of Vienna’s water supply with the water line from the Hochschwab area.

Hiking trail

What a nice hiking trail here, not too high, not too long. Nice trail for dog walk too. Moving is healthy, doing this for at least twice a week is everything for type 2 diabetes. Although I go for a walk with my dog for one hour everyday in the city. Hiking is also recommended which I choose to do during weekends. Great hike are possible, taking the opportunity to go for hike without being disturbed by the crowds just like today with my family.