👩‍🍳Our Nochebuena last Christmas 2022, with my two kids Ronald-Louis and Diana-Grace. Our dogs got presents too from my daughter. I think they’re happy too. I decided to have a raclette or used it for my version of samgyeopsal. Moet for Champagne and Heineken beer for hubby. Samgyeopsal ➡️ is a popular Korean dish. Samgyeopsal is more or less a thinly sliced pork belly and is usually fried with garlic. Here I added beef meat and shrimp. And cheese for raclette with chili. Pork is not good for hypertension. 🙈😅Recipe yields for five persons. We also had kimchi and radish too. The sauce is all homemade. For the sauce recipe please check out here.⬇️


My Family-iCookiTravel

Photo above, this was twenty one years ago or more!  Christmas is about lauhgter, love, friends and family. Don’t get lost in the greed. Instead be thankful for all of the joy around you. Merry Christmas everyone! From our family to yours.

Sentimental… when they were young they were always with us during christmas and new year time. Remembereing those days…….  Now, they ‘re both grown up (adult) actually 25 and 23 years of age not even a call doesn’t take place. But anyway it is good to know that they’re both OK! And can live the life they want.



What is Christmas?
In many countries of the world, the celebration of Christmas on December 25th is a highest point of the year. But why? Can it have any real meaning for us today? Is there a ‘real’ Christmas message?

It is belief in the past, courage for the present, and hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace!

Shopping centres become busier as December approaches and often stay open till late. Shopping centre speaker systems will play Christmas ‘carols’ – the traditional Christmas Christian song. Most places of work will hold a short Christmas party about a week before Christmas and even different church communities. Although traditional Christmas foods may be eaten, drink and plenty of it means that little work will be done after the party!

Hubby and our son prepping the Christmas tree – iCookiTravel

By mid-December, most homes will also be decorated with Christmas trees, coloured lights and paper or plastic decorations around the rooms. These days, many more people also decorate garden trees or house walls with coloured electric lights, a habit which has long been popular in all over the world!
But for us my family used to do it on the first advent Sunday together with lightning the first advent candle.

Traditionally, Christmas cards showed religious pictures – Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, or other parts of the Christmas story. Today, pictures are often jokes, winter pictures, Father Christmas, or romantic scenes of life in past times. They said the The custom of sending Christmas cards started in Britain in 1840 when the first ‘Penny Post’ public postal deliveries began.

Handmade simple gift from a nun – iCookiTravel

Picture above I got it yesterday as a thank you gift from a nun, for helping brother Wilson a friend of mine by preparing and cooking food for the homeless under the supervision and auspices of (Missionarinnen der Naechstenliebe)  Sisters of Mother Teresa of Calcuta, here in Vienna.  Looks like so simple but was a hand made by nuns with love.

Me abusy bee in the Kitchen – iCookiTravel

Here me in action in the kitchen while rendering my power with LOVE.

See Video up here was taken in 2015.  I started joining them 2012 until 2016. For some reason I did not continue anymore.

Today in the West, not many people consider the religious meaning to Christmas. Most people in UK or Europe will not go to a religious church meeting, even at Christmas. It has become a busy race to spend money on presents, and get ready for the Day. A visitor from another world would think that Christmas was a festival to the gods of money and shopping.

Advent wreath – iCookiTravel

We don’t have “PAROLS” here in Vienna just like the classic parols in the Philippines. Instead we have this “ADVENT WREATH”! As you could see on photo above here. 🙂
There is no winter or snow in the Philippines at Christmas time. The parol is one of the most iconic and beloved symbols of the holiday. Traditionally, Christmas Day in the Philippines is ushered in by the nine-day dawn masses that start on December 16. Known as the Misa de Gallo in Spanish and in Filipino as Simbang Gabi, or “Night Mass”, this novena of Masses is an important Filipino Christmas tradition.

For Filipinos, Christmas Eve (“Bisperas ng Pasko”) on December 24 is celebrated with the Midnight Mass, and immediately after, the much-anticipated Noche Buena – the traditional Christmas Eve feast. Family members dine together at around midnight on traditional Noche Buena fare, which includes: queso de bola, pasta, fruit salad, and hamón (Christmas ham). Some families would also open presents at this time.

Christmas Day in The Philippines is primarily a family affair. The Misa de Aguinaldo is celebrated on December 25 and is usually attended by the whole family. In the Roman Catholic and Philippine Independent Churches, it is the main means of celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth.

The Misa de Aguinaldo is often celebrated between sunrise and 10 a.m., a schedule preferred by many Filipinos who stay up late on Christmas Eve for the night-long celebration of the Noche Buena.