👩‍🍳After a visit to my Physician, I decided to take a walk at the first District here in Vienna going back home. It’s already 8 pm but still, you can see the sun. Austria’s coronavirus lockdown, Under what circumstances can I leave my apartment? Under the rules, people will only be allowed to leave the house for the ‘necessary basic needs of life. Just like me today after work I had an appointment with my Doctor. While these ‘needs’ are not expressly defined, the Austrian government has clarified what people are allowed to do on several occasions to visit close family and friends, go to the doctor, exercise, shopping and going to work.



I miss travel so much. Covid 19 pandemic disrupted the lives of many and prohibited us to travel. As a Fil-Austro who loves to travel almost every year this is a disaster. The situation around the world is changing dramatically. Various governments have changed their travel warnings to restrict travel during this time. Nothing that I can do just to look back with this travel diary.

Travel Diary-Disneyland Paris

👩‍🍳Part of one-month travel itinerary in Europe of my cousin Gie with her son. Remembering the things we did together as kids put a smile 😀 on my face and happiness in my heart. As we grow up, even if we don‘t see each other or speak often, those memories always keep us in touch.💞 We build memories with Gie and Noah💞💞We miss you Tito Ronald, Ronald-Louis and Adam 😘



👩‍🍳What a day for all of us. Hiking goals in Purkersdorf Natur Park with hubby and daughter. Around the nature park- uphill and downhill. The Purkersdorf Natur Park is easily accessible by car and train, and in addition to several animal enclosures, also has a lookout point or view Deck which is made out of wood.

Hiking goals, looking for wild mushrooms

Looking for mushrooms. We learned something today about mushrooms. From edible one to poisonous one. Biologists actually say that mushrooms are more like animals than plants. If you walk through the forest with common sense, you see trees, shrubs, grasses and mushrooms growing in between, then they also grow upwards like a tree. So you might think that mushrooms are also plants. But then you immediately notice a few differences. Mushrooms cannot. If you put it negatively, they are parasites, just like animals and humans. We don’t get our energy from sunlight, we have to eat; we gain energy by chemically breaking down existing biomass. And this is how the mushroom works it also feeds by breaking down and metabolizing foreign biomass. Either dead plant remains that he gets out of the ground, or he immediately attaches himself to the living plant and enters into a kind of partnership, a symbiosis. But the important thing is that it breaks down foreign biomass, just like animals. Therefore the mushroom is not a plant.



👩‍🍳You are very quickly in the green belt around Vienna. Here you can hike on marked hiking trails, sometimes also mountain biking and relax from the city, into the countryside. I really like the forest in and around Vienna. So close to the city and yet so green. If you like, you can follow the city hiking trails or, if you prefer, you can go on a discovery tour on your own. Just like us especially me I see to it that once a week hiking in Vienna Woods. Especially when it rained, the paths can also be very muddy. In such cases, sturdy footwear is highly recommended. Hiking in Vienna is that even possible YES! Because the most livable city in the world does not have high peaks to offer, but numerous small elevations as well as forests and recreation areas, in which it is wonderful to hike. Check this out in Lainzer Tiergarten. Today hubby and I, we decided to take a walk again in Lainzer Tiergarten back and fort a total of 12 kilometers. At the end makes me feel good. Hiking in and around Vienna is always nice. The largest contiguous forest in Europe – countless hiking opportunities. You should definitely take a day trip if you visit Vienna we are so lucky.

A walk with hubby in Vienna woods

Please watch the video 😊



👩‍🍳Recreation area Wienerwald. Great hikes are possible. Take the opportunity on days when not everyone comes up with the idea of ​​going to the zoo, then you have the opportunity to go for a walk without being disturbed by the crowds. That’s what we did just to unwind from the city with COVID-19. Almost two months lockdown. Hiking and any other sort of physical activity is a great way to unwind from the stresses. In order to prevent blood sugar fluctuations when hiking or physical activities, diabetes patients should protect themselves by taking regular measurements. Hiking is particularly popular in splendid weather, although hiking is also very suitable for people with diabetes. However, diabetes patients must take care that they prevent severe fluctuations in blood sugar. Because exercise and physical exertion can both lower and increase blood sugar.

Watch the video please.



The day we visited the place where my mother came from. NABAS, AKLAN and since we were already in the Malay island of course we experienced Bora or Boracay, Antique particularly Idio and Tibiao too. At the same time reunited with my cousin Chona aka Ching and her kids. Had a wonderful time with relatives and the place is wonderful. Hope to come back soon for more exciting adventure and food tripping. Thank you for watching please don’t forget to subscribe.🤗



The first time we visited Hallstatt, Austria I think sometime in May 2018 with my daughter and followed in June of the same year with a friend from Barcelona and his sister who‘s living in Vienna too. World heritage. From the skywalk, Charnel house, salt mine, romantic lakes- a paradise for culture and nature lovers like us.

Jen‘s, my niece first snow experience with Lizette, hubby’s colleagues daughter. Coming from a tropical country like these two girls how do they feel seeing snow for the first time?

This video down here says it all.⬇️🤣

The ancient salt mine village, with a unique culture, a breath-taking mountain setting and with a lot of nature the world heritage region. The skywalk, Charnel house (Osuary), saltmine and the romantic lakes said to be paradise for nature lovers.



Naples, Napoli, Neapel, Napolitana, I don’t know how you call it is the third largest Municipality in Italy.  They said public health conditions in the city were poor.  We are so blessed what we have here in Vienna.  And was the most bomed city in Italy during world war 2.  Jesus Christ! Sorry for this review.😏


Piazza del Plebiscito (picture above) is the main city square.  For me was not that exciting scenery, eventhough I’m that type who has big interest with culture, history and museums what Nations matter.  It is a comparison of just like an abandoned place or a dead society.  I could not feel what ever excitement or interesting topics or area which derives the so called what nations matter.  Maybe was not enough time to get know the place, but I tell you frankly, I don’t have any plan at all to comeback not even for a short period of time.  This was only a part what we have seen, there’s a lot more about the place.   The square is good used for open-air concerts.  It is really huge enough to accommodate concert-goers. With my cousin Gigi and her son, during their one month vacation here in europe.

Here glimpse of Cinque Terre, Pisa Tower, Sinopie Museum, and Pisa Baptistory in 🇮🇹Italy with my daughter Diana-Grace. One among our travel diary together. Eat well, travel often folks!🤗 See the world 🌍🌎🌏



The psychology of menus. Trying different Restaurants in Vienna as frequent as I can with my bff, daughter and hubby. Vienna has something for every taste when it comes to what’s “In” from coffee hauses 🏘 Bars, Tavern, and Restaurants. Like from a modern European eatery, neighbourhood cafe’ or even a popular seafood restaurant which I love most. The start of my dining journey right this year.

Above here with my bff Dana, having our linner at Okiru Running Sushi 🍣 with tippanyaki buffet. Was great 👍 delicious delight and we had fun, fasting before visiting the place is highly recommend 🤣 because of “cook and eat all you can”!🍽😋✅

It is a bit expensive but it has a huge variation of food 🥘 and where the running Sushi 🍣 everything are fresh and you can also see how they prepared in the middle of the trendmill. Clean and treandy too. Most of all the staff are very accommodating and friendly.

#friendshipgoals Saturday good vibes😊 catching up with my bff Dana again as frequent as we can, at Fischviertel Restaurant in Naschmarkt. Who knows how life is in the future.

According to the owner, trust is extremely important to them – to maintain a personal relationship with their dealers and check the quality of their fishing 🎣 methods, breeding criteria and hygiene conditions on site. I mean about the seafoods they serve in the restaurant. The Crostian🇭🇷 Chef 👨‍🍳 of the restaurant will spoil you with the excellent dishes. It is freshly cooked from the kitchen, served by a friendly waiter, a good glass of wine 🍷 and you are happy. 😌 What I Love ❤️ most is a pot of mix mussels in white wine. Take it away from me Folks! 😊

We hardly find time to spend together.😒 But finally a mother – daughter afternoon at Crazy Lobster. Enjoyed our food 🥘 and drinks.🍹🍸🍷 Definitely we are coming back again.

Crazy Lobster is a steak 🥩 and lobster restaurant in the heart ♥️ of Vienna. It offers whole fresh Lobster, snow crab 🦀 steak 🥩 burger 🍔 soup 🥣 pasta 🍝 shrimp 🦐 🍤 salad 🥗 and cheesecake 🧀 for dessert 🍨 and many more. Ambient is great 👍 too.

Here finally! #brunching with my two kids at the Brickmakers Pub & Kitchen in seventh district of Vienna. The home of craft beer 🍻 and authentic American BBQ 🍗 🍖 near us. Brunch is usually served on weekends and holidays. They also have live band and DJ. Every Monday they have its famous Brisket serving with a side dish of your preference like potatoes 🥔 salad 🥗 red slaw, baked beans, corn 🌽 cobs, romaine lettuce, creamy Savoy cabbage with cardamom and croutons, Pilsner Urquell or Gold Fassl beer 🍻 fresh as you can get from their tanks. Go and visit them try their menus as well!😊

These are for a moment ☝️ will keep you updates on my next journey. Guten Appetit!



Hubby and I, we visited the Sunday flea market at Schwechat. One of the biggest flea market outside Vienna which we love to visit during Sundays on summertime. That have lots of private sellers from families emptying their basements or attics!  Easy to reach, if you will go with car relatively easy parking  and mostly something for everyone. Here is their facebook page for more INFO check it out:

To watch the video just click down here; Thanks 😀

Got up around 6 in the morning we walked from home at 5th District of Vienna to Schwechat took us 2 hours and 19 minutes it was 11,1 km. Good job for me to fight diabetes. Looking forward to do something like this as often as I can, it was fun and a very  healthy idea to boost my eagerness to maintain my sugar level into healthy side.

Grilled Chicken at Brauhaus Schwechat – iCookiTravel

And we end up to brunching at this corner in Brauhaus Schwechat. Grilled haft chicken landed on the table which is usually served with potatoe or cabbage salad with semmel, an austrian roll. Not in picture and video. Happy Sunday everyone!