Was craving for pasta but I want something simple and I was not allowed to eat white pasta. By time I’m getting used to eating whole grain. No problem at all. The thing is I don’t have in my pantry anymore and also no fresh parsley.😏 So what I did, just for 250g whole grain spaghetti and a bunch of parsley I went out to get it. Luckily they have at the Etsan store (Turkey Shop) near us just four steps away from home.🤣

Spaghetti with clams-tomatoe sauce

To continue the story, for the sauce a mixture of few clams from my refrigerator, peeled tomato and lots of chopped parsley.😅


About 350g Clams

8pcs. Big Tomatoes, peeled

250g Whole grain Spaghetti

A handful chopped Parsley

Some Oil

Some salt to taste

Some Water to cook Spaghetti 🍝


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