Pure vegetables for pure health

„Eating as medicine“. An Italian study shows that valuable ingredients such as carotenoid, polyphenols and vitamin C are not necessarily lost when heated or cooked. Vegetables should be treated as gently as possible, processed fresh and only cooked „al dente“ or firm to the bite. Eating vegetables and fruits are good as we all know. I agree we have a kind of satiety sensor in our stomach. If it is empty, a hunger hormone called ghrelin is released, triggering the „foraging“ impulse in the brain. Only when the stomach is filled to a certain extent does the impulse decrease again. If you mainly eat foods with a high energy density, there is a risk of consuming more calories than are consumed with all known negative consequences. In my case because of fatty liver and type 2 diabetes, consumption of more vegetables and fruits on the other hand has a crowding out effect on high calorie dishes and in this way indirectly protects against obesity and better for me.



👩‍🍳Riding a bike is fun, safe and good for me as a diabetic. It concerns the wheel driving as an ideal progressive movement means in everyday life. Herewith my daughter and my dog from home to the bike route in Prater, Vienna, the city Hiking Path 9. Which keeps beside the contribution to environmental protection above all also fit and healthy, makes fun and still represents ideal leisure activities for us and the perfect weather on this day. Thanks for dropping by here.


Another hiking day for the three of us, my niece and daughter with my doggy Mary and her mom Riyana my daughter’s dog.

Hiking day and walks around Puchberg

👩‍🍳I’m a type 2 diabetic hiking is also recommended, as it lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and increases physical and mental well-being. However, diabetes patients should keep an eye on their blood sugar levels when hiking to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar. Sport is important for diabetes patients. Moderate but regular physical activity improves the performance of the heart, the oxygen supply and lowers the blood sugar level. Endurance sports are particularly suitable for people with diabetes mellitus. However, they should not strive for records, but pay attention to their energy reserves. Hiking is a popular sport, in Austria and Germany around 40 million people are active hikers. Diabetics can also practice hiking, as can walking. 👩‍🍳Thank you so much for dropping by and please like, share and subscribe for more Videos and recipes around the Globe and Eating and Hiking as Medicine on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL.——-Dolly here


👩‍🍳Recreation area Wienerwald. Great hikes are possible. Take the opportunity on days when not everyone comes up with the idea of ​​going to the zoo, then you have the opportunity to go for a walk without being disturbed by the crowds. That’s what we did just to unwind from the city with COVID-19. Almost two months lockdown. Hiking and any other sort of physical activity is a great way to unwind from the stresses. In order to prevent blood sugar fluctuations when hiking or physical activities, diabetes patients should protect themselves by taking regular measurements. Hiking is particularly popular in splendid weather, although hiking is also very suitable for people with diabetes. However, diabetes patients must take care that they prevent severe fluctuations in blood sugar. Because exercise and physical exertion can both lower and increase blood sugar.

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I like wide bean very much. Preferably in a sweet and sour sauce or with bacon even as side dish for lamb meat. This hearty vegetable recipe is traditional and good. The wide green beans cooked with potatoes as simple as that served with my tofu-fried brown rice. Hope you‘ll like it as much as I do.😋

Wide beans and tofu fried brown rice


250g Wide beans

4pcs Potatoes 🥔

1 Onion 🧅

2 cloves Garlic 🧄

2tbsp Linseed oil

150 ml Vegetable broth seasoned with salt

2tbsp chopped Dill, fresh or frozen

2 cups cooked cold brown rice or cooked a day before (leftovers)

2pcs Tofu

1tbs Oyster 🦪 sauce

1tbsp Soy sauce

3tbsps Rapeseed oil, for frying Tofu and fried rice

2pcs Scallions

2 cloves Garlic 🧄 for fried rice



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This recipe good for high blood pressure, diabetes and fatty liver. Low-fat dairy products like yogurt in veggie soup are super healthy for menopausal women because they provide plenty of calcium and thus help to fight against natural aging and breakdown process of our bone structure. Combined with vitamin C in lemon makes easier for metabolism to absorb calcium.

Oriental chickpeas soup


150g Chickpeas ( in can)

300g or 2pcs small Zucchini

1pc big Onion 🧅

2 cloves Garlic 🧄

2tbsp Linseed oil or any vegetable oil

1tsp Cumin

600 ml Vegetable broth

1tsp Turmeric

Lemon 🍋 juice

1pc Egg 🥚

200g of 0,1% Yogurt, low-fat



„Eating as Medicine.“ Started my day with Ginseng tea, help against fatigue and prevent cold. The root is proven tonic, which strengthens the immune system, and stimulates the metabolism makes the body generally more resistant to stress and other harmful influences. I drink this tea haft an hour before breakfast.

Smashed banana with yogurt and chia seed

Then had my brekky smashed banana with yogurt and chia seed. An hour after meal I drink turmeric tea, has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and is therefore used to prevent and treat diseases such as the metabolic syndrome or cancer. Turmeric also has a strong antioxidant effect.


2pcs Banana

2tbsp Chia seeds

250g Yogurt with 1% fat

Ashitaba tea

Drink Ashitaba tea, two hours after meal. Ashitaba has been claimed to be an anti-oxidant, anti- cancer and anti- diabetic agent.

Pak choi with Sardines and Apple

For lunch I just had Pak Choi with Sardines and Apple. No carb at all. After that had my Oolong tea specially in the afternoon. Oolong tea prevented fatty liver induced high fat diet.


a bunch of Pak Choi

thumb-sized Ginger

5 cloves Garlic

half teaspoon Coconut oil

1can Mega Sardines



Cooking healthy made easy. A healthy kitchen is rich in fiber, process lots of vegetables and choose whole grains. Here we have brown rice. Provide variety. Let your creativity take over your mind and body. Try the recipes as you like with other vegetables or spice components. I used fat sparingly just one teaspoon of coconut oil. Recipe is ideal for type 2 diabetes like me. Another recipe under the motto „Eating as Medicine.“ Please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Vegetable fish with rice


300g Cod fish fillet

4pcs Garlic

each 1pc Yellow, Green, and Red Bell Pepper

1pc Zucchini

100g Tomatoe

Salt and pepper

1tsp Coconut oil

Rosemary and Oregano

120g Brown Rice



My recipe of chicken feet soup landed on the table for Sunday linner. When prepared in a healthy way, chicken can be a great ingredient in a healthy diabetic eating plan. All cuts of chicken are high in protein and many are low in fat.

Chicken feet soup


1kg Chicken feet

4pcs Potatoes

2pcs Carrot

Ginger, peeled and sliced

1pc Onion, red

4 cloves Garlic

Pepper corn, crushed

3pcs Scallions

some Water

Fish sauce ( Patis)



A traditional sweet usually prepare and eaten during Christmas season particularly in the Philippines. Since I’m in Europe I have to find a way how to cook this with twist according to my family preference. So here is my „Ube Biko“ or Purple Yam and Glutinous Rice Cake topped with „Latik“ or Coconut Caramel and Pistachios with Italian cheese. And because I am diabetic I added Erythritol an organic sweet instead of sugar. Have a try guys, surely you will love this version of mine. Happy prepping and guten Appetit!

My Ube Biko


1liter Coconut Milk

800g Glutinous Rice

10g Pistachios

400ml Coconut Milk for „Latik“ or Coconut Caramel

200g Erythritol

10ml Ube flavor

80g Italian cheese

some Banana leaves

Purple Yam powder