Today I was like I could be a weirdo by this combination of food that I had in my mind since I got up. Yes I did!🤣 Doing this was fun and meet my craving satisfaction.

Mango from Costa Rica with shrimp paste and Mackerel in sunflower oil with oregano-iCookiTravel

I went to Lidl Supermarket bought this mango for only 99 cents plus this mackerel in sunflower 🌻 oil with oregano 🌿 went home 🏡 peeled the Mango start eating with sautéed shrimp 🍤 paste and with my whole grain 🌾 bread 🍞😀 Now tell me 👇🏻was it a weirdly combination?😅


Now, the rest from mackerel I cooked with sautéed bottle gourd also by using the sunflower oil just added tomatoe and red onion seasoned with fish sauce (Patis). That was my linner today, weird isn’t it?

This is how my weblog got its name before years ago…”CRAZY HOME COOKING”!

Anyway, if you want to try it wish you Guten Appetit! 😋


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