Starting from today’s brunch for two.

A home made Tocino and Sardines with miswa or Chinese vermicelli and sponge gourd or the so called “Patola” in the Philippines seasoned with Patis or fish sauce. Starting the first day of “Ber” month with Pinoy food or Filipino cuisine. It is raining outside in the morning it is a little bit gloomy. Typical September weather.

MUNG BEAN (Mungo) with AMPALAYA LEAVES and FRIED DORADO (Sea Bream)-iCookiTravel

For dinner hubby cooked this mung bean or mungo with ampalaya leaves and fried Dorado or Sea bream. I used to eat all ampalaya leaves with mungo and a little bit of brown rice to be exact half a cup only per day, most of the time only whole grain bread. As I’m watching my diabetes and hypertension. Had to be very careful of what am I eating. As we all know, nutrition and physical activity such as sport or gymnastics are important factors of a healthy lifestyle when you have diabetes. Guten Appetit!😋

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