Today I was like I could be a weirdo by this combination of food that I had in my mind since I got up. Yes I did!🤣 Doing this was fun and meet my craving satisfaction.

Mango from Costa Rica with shrimp paste and Mackerel in sunflower oil with oregano-iCookiTravel

I went to Lidl Supermarket bought this mango for only 99 cents plus this mackerel in sunflower 🌻 oil with oregano 🌿 went home 🏡 peeled the Mango start eating with sautéed shrimp 🍤 paste and with my whole grain 🌾 bread 🍞😀 Now tell me 👇🏻was it a weirdly combination?😅


Now, the rest from mackerel I cooked with sautéed bottle gourd also by using the sunflower oil just added tomatoe and red onion seasoned with fish sauce (Patis). That was my linner today, weird isn’t it?

This is how my weblog got its name before years ago…”CRAZY HOME COOKING”!

Anyway, if you want to try it wish you Guten Appetit! 😋



Starting from today’s brunch for two.

A home made Tocino and Sardines with miswa or Chinese vermicelli and sponge gourd or the so called “Patola” in the Philippines seasoned with Patis or fish sauce. Starting the first day of “Ber” month with Pinoy food or Filipino cuisine. It is raining outside in the morning it is a little bit gloomy. Typical September weather.

MUNG BEAN (Mungo) with AMPALAYA LEAVES and FRIED DORADO (Sea Bream)-iCookiTravel

For dinner hubby cooked this mung bean or mungo with ampalaya leaves and fried Dorado or Sea bream. I used to eat all ampalaya leaves with mungo and a little bit of brown rice to be exact half a cup only per day, most of the time only whole grain bread. As I’m watching my diabetes and hypertension. Had to be very careful of what am I eating. As we all know, nutrition and physical activity such as sport or gymnastics are important factors of a healthy lifestyle when you have diabetes. Guten Appetit!😋

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Bottle Gourd is one of the most easily digestible vegetable and carry enormous health benefits. It is specially advisable for diabetic patients.
Analyses of the fruit show that it is a good source of iron, calcium, and phosphorus. According to Hermano and Sepulveda it is also a good source of vitamin B.

Above here I have mussels and bottle gourd (tahong at upo), it’s a sort of soup. I just saute ginger and onion then added bottle gourd and mussels season with fish sauce (patis) and topped with sliced spring onions.

Here almost same procedure but this time with fried fish and with tomatoe. Of course served with rice too. Also with spring onion…hehehe…

While here with ground meat and misua. Sometimes sotanghon instead of misua. People from India they use to cook it with curry. And even as juice, which they called “LAUKI JUICE”!
For us Filipinos as viand with so many variation of cooking. I even add it to “tinolang manok as alternative for papaya or sayote. But with sili (chili) leaves. This is my vegetable of the week. We have it with rice.

As per researchers bottle gourd is originated in Africa , but today it is cultivated in almost in all tropical regions including India, Philippines, Malaysia and in tropical parts of south America. Now, Filipinos in Vienna brought it here. you can buy it fresh from India shop, Chinese shop, Vietnamese or even from our fellow kababayans who use to cultivate it between the period of spring and summer.

They said, Bottle gourd is very useful in treatment of urinary disorder. It also helps in curing hairfall problem and baldness. Bottle gourd is not only rich in essential minerals, iron, protein and trace elements; it is also rich in fibre. Fibre helps in preventing constipation and other digestive disorders like flatulence and piles.