Always fall on a lot of cool photos of delicious food and often lack the time to write about it. Now I’ll take it…

Beef Meat Soup

This was today’s soup for lunch, Beef Meat soup with soup greens; leek, carrot, parsley, celery, pepper corns and yellow turnip.

Dilis Sinangag, sliced bell peppers with onions and toyomansi plus cherry tomatoes!

And for lunch typical Pinoy… sinangag na dilis (fried anchovy), sliced yellow bell peppers with onions and Toyomansi (Soy sauce with Calamansi in bottle from the Philippines) plus cherry tomatoes and hot rice….whew!
Feeling na nasa Pilipinas kapag ganoto ang ulam sa pananghalian 😛

While I’m writing this entry here, thinking what to cook tonight for dinner for the whole family. Maybe something with Soya Chunks and lentils for viand and the rest og Baked Salmon with almondsnuts last Saturday from housewarming. We have to finish it and a little bit of pancit canton and frome my chop suey too.

I took a lot of photos from my home cooking but most of the time lately I don’t get to it to write on this Blog of mine. But trying to find time to give you an update in between!
I have a hard time believing anyone reads my blog – or that anyone is reading it … anyway from time to time you’re leavng some lines too, I thank you for that!


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