Housewarming with Brother Ronnie and sister Nitz!
After a month in the new apartment at the time, the couple decided to throw a little housewarming party with Father Ron Sandoval and some of their friends. We tried to spoil their guest and friends with a few specialties from home, so my daughter and I we spent a few hours in the best supermarkets (Merkurmarkt) near us to get the ingredients for the chop suey and Pancit Canton, and ate Nitz baked Salmon with almond nuts, squid guisado and her famous brownies cake, “their” espresso coffee or tea sortiment and of course all this then prepare. Actually, the day before she was not feeling well but she insisted herself to prepare everything to bring it behind them the said small party.

My Chop Suey

My Chop Suey with Soya Chunks!

Squid Guisado

Ate Nitz’s Pusit Guisado

Ate Nitz's Baked Salmon with Almond nuts

Her Baked Salmon with Almond Nuts

Pancit Canton

And of course our merienda Pancit Canton.

After father Ron’s blessing we had lunch, in a house filled quickly and it was a funny and with advancing hours moist merry evening! And the party was also nice …

shiny happy people … we came home late at night almost one o’ clock in the morning 😛


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