DINNER is the name of the main meal of the day. Depending upon region and/or social class, it may be the second or third meal of the day. Originally, it referred to the first meal of the day, eaten about noon, and is still occasionally used in this fashion if it refers to a large or main meal.
So, this was our dinner last Friday evening without dessert! But even though my family loves it. Specially the soup which was completed the meal. It is not the food that matters but the togetherness, after all, although I must say that it never hurts for any get-together, casual or formal, impromptu or planned, to be accompanied by good food. This is just to give an idea what it goes for simple dinner.


YIELDS: 4 Servings
* for soup- Potatoes and Mushrooms soup
* for main dish pan-fried-pork steak
* side dish salad with pumpkin seeds oil and balsamico
* and rice



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