I Love Holiday season!
Specially the so called- shopping stress!
After a long day shopping, I cooked for lunch and dinner in one…lol…
chicken wings adobo and for dessert bake riceflour with vanille flavor in my turbo broiler!
It is such a very special feeling when this season of the year comes. Eventhough people says it’s only a stress when you mentioned shopping, cooking and preparing. For me I always had this special feelings and excitement inspite of those sayings. Friday, (December 7, last week) we did the christmas shopping, my daughter and I. Just the two of us. I enjoyed every minute and every seconds of the day with her along Mariahilfer strasse, where we did the whole shopping, the whole day. We ate somethig for merienda at KFC and had a break for a while. So wonderful day we spent together just mother-daughter bonding moment for christmas shopping!
By this time we took the U-bahn (Underground train), because with the car it’s too hard to find a parkplace at Mariahilfer strasse during this time. We are through around 7 pm. It was a wonderful time for both of us!
That was last week…

Several of the religious festivals during the Christmas and holiday season are celebrated with the exchanges of gifts, and the Christmas and holiday season thus also incorporates the “holiday shopping season”. This comprises a peak season for the retail sector at the start of the “Christmas shopping season” and a period of sales at the end of the season, the “January sales”.

Video was uploaded December 23, 2009 from my old WEBLOG!

** Shopping early generally ensures the best selection as well as less frazzled salespeople and a more organized selection.

** Stocking a selection of nice but somewhat generic gifts can be a stress reliever for the rest of the year when you need gifts for teachers, hostesses, or other people in your life who may need small but nice gifts, and now is a great time to save on them!

** If you have kids and can shop without them, that may be the best option for everyone involved. Otherwise, you may want to incentivize their patience with a nice treat afterwards.

** Viewing the experience as ‘an adventure’ can make a shopping frenzy feel less stressful.



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