Italian meets Filipino. That’s the highlight of this recipe. I cooked linguine with palabok sauce for Jen‘s (niece) birthday dinner instead of traditional Pancit or Sotanghon in the Philippines. For the toppings I had; small octopus, smoked mackerel flakes, mussels with scallions and crunchy fried onions. As a change from the well-known and popular spaghetti, many chefs regularly use the long, but not round, but flat linguine. These very narrow ribbon noodles are also sold under the name Trenette.

Linguine in palabok sauce

The origin of the pasta name Linguine is exciting. The word linguine is something like “little tongue” in Italian. The narrow ribbon noodles are not only sold under different names but can also if necessary be replaced by other narrow ribbon noodles such as the Bavette, for example. The linguine, which are also popularly referred to as linguini, originally come from the Campania region in Italy. Added with Filipino “Palabok” sauce the thick yellow-orange sauce.


500g Linguine

2 small Octopus🐙, boiled

1 smoked Mackerel, flakes

225g Shrimps 🍤

750g Mussels

some Fish Sauce or Patis

some Olive Oil

Salt 🧂 to adjust the taste

3 packs of Mama Sita‘s Palabok Sauce

A handful crunchy fried Onions 🧅


Lemon 🍋 sliced

6 Boiled Eggs 🥚



🇦🇹👩‍🍳iCookiTravel’s NOCHE BUENA PREPPING

👩‍🍳iCookiTravel‘s Noche Buena Prepping and gift giving with family, insert Ronald-Louis (son). Hope you guys had a very merry Christmas 🎄🎁 and wishing all the best for 2020. God bless us all. From my family to yours.🤗



Fancy exercise the human body is programmed to exercise. No matter what activities you do, whether stool exercise, dancing while sitting, hiking or jogging, it is important that the movement is adapted to your personal ability. I for on I prefer walking, not everyday but I see to it that almost everyday.🤣 The benefits of walking, and exercising in general include- lowering blood glucose levels. Improving the body‘s ability to use insulin.

Who individually burdened his body can keep him fit.💪🏽 Said and done.✅ This was almost 2hours walked or more back and forth with my doggie 🐶 Mary during the celebration of 🇦🇹Austrian National Holiday. My diabetic life. Take it from me folks!🤗


🇦🇹🇵🇭WAY of LIFE

Simple home cooking 👩‍🍳 that makes me happy at all. Water spinach everyday is a BIG YES! As well steamed shrimps with lots of garlic plus vegetable soup out of seafood broth is heaven.

At Yori restaurant

Reastaurant review. A little piece of Korea in the middle of Vienna. We tried this restaurant called Yori. Restaurant Yori is located in the first district, just opposite the Urania. I should say the food was great 👍 thumbs up.

Yori with my daughter

We are still on the go trying different restaurant in Vienna it is a long list but the problem is the time when? Not only to get know the food they serve but also the interesting stories that we may experience. Looking forward to discover more…

Maybe you are wondering why we love to try restaurants too. Simply because I want to learn more taste buds, more recipe, and more different food cultures.


Another’s restaurant review. High quality meat, excellent grilled specialties, price performance fits and ok 👍 for us. Good food in a great atmosphere. Here I was with my bff Dana and daughter.



Today I tried this „Kaiserschmarren mit Zwetschkenröster“ For still Oktoberfest-Feeling at home Day 5, the final Day or last day.🤪. Next year again I‘ll do some baking and heavy Recipes.🤪. So wait for it! „Kaiserschmarren“ is simply sugared pancake with or without arisen. „Zwetschkenröster“ is simply stewed plums. This is my own version of stewed plums.

Stewed plums and pancake 🥞


250g Plums

1pc. Cinnamon stick

Some Clove

Some Sugar

Lemon 🍋 juice and Lemon skin




Oktoberfest-Feeling at home day 2. This lukewarm Bavarian potato 🥔 salad is one of best side dish for roasted chicken. Filipinos use to have rice 🍚 in every meal. My family and I since we live here in europe we are use to have salad in every European meal.

Lukewarm Bavarian potato salad with roasted chicken.


1kg Potatoes

2pcs. Gherkin (pickled cucumber 🥒)

1pc. Onion

1/4liter meat broth

6tbsp. Vinegar

5tbsp. Oil

1tbsp. Sugar (brown or white sugar)

2tbsp. Mustard

150g Bacon 🥓

Salt and Pepper to taste


Happy Prepping👩‍🍳 and Guten Appetit!😋



O Mary, full of grace of Peñafrancia‘s shrine, In thee our hope we place, O Lady most devine.

Viva la Virgen!

The 17th Penafrancia Fluvial Procession in Dürnstein, Austria 🇦🇹 From Vienna to Stift Dürnstein. Peñafrancia Fluvial Festival in Philippines 🇵🇭 reflects the local faith and retualistic specialty of the region. Celebrated in Naga City, Bicol region of Philippines, a legendary patroness is paid tribute to. With bff Dana👭 and hubby.

Best brekky ever on this day, best throwback brekky at Wildflour restaurant in Makati City. With niece Jennifer and daughter Diana-Grace. Try it Folks!🤗

Dinner 🍽 date with my son Ronald-Louis, at Gondola. I miss him so much❣️Son and daughter….… when they were young they were always with us. Remembereing those days……. Now, they ‘re both grown up (adult) actually 26 and 25 years of age not even a call doesn’t take place. But anyway it is good to know that they’re both OK! And can live the life they want.

Finally! After 36 years together again with my high school bff 👯 and her hubby. Having lunch 🍴 with Ferdie and Lea in Mandaluyong City with my daughter and hubby. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.😇

Foodies at District 8 Manila “Expect to enjoy a fusion of international flavors and wide array of drinks while enjoying music by renowned DJs and live performances.” Take it from me Folks, drop by to try it!🤗

Great place to have KareKare and more Filipino classic dishes. What I love most is their “ensaladang ampalaya” ( bitter melon salad). Good morning 🌞 Vienna 🤗



Here we are after dinner waiting for the next viewing of film entitled “Miss Granny OST/ by Sara Geronimo. September last year 2018, yes a year ago.

Finally! After 36 years, I was able to visit again this place where my roots are. Nothing better than going home🏡 to FAMILY where L❤️VE is and eating 🍽 good food!😇

My relatives at Home 🏡 people who may know me knows that I’m the only child of my late parents. That’s the reason why cousins whom I’m close with are just like brothers and sisters for me.

Here we are the four of us with our daughter. From left: Lea and daughter Ferrine, moi with Diana-Grace, Arlinda with Nicole and Fely with Kath.❣️

Seeing my high school best friends 👭👭 is also one reason why I’m so excited to get back home.🏡 My bff 👯👯 since 1979 and yonder……. ❤️😇 These are whom I called “My Family” back home.

Edgar Wright-

If you go back to your home town or you’re reunited with school friends, its always slightly bittersweet because as much as there’s nice things in terms of seeing them again, the town has changed without you, and you’re no longer a part of it.



Sirloin steak in tomato sauce

Today’s cooking 👩‍🍳 experience at home 🏡 sirloin steak 🥩 in tomatoe 🍅 sauce served with boiled potatoes 🥔 lunch 🍴 time, let’s eat together people!🤗 September 16, 2019

Basket 🧺 of Berries

Somebody knocked on my door 🚪 when I opened it, I got this basket of berries from my bff 👯 Dana aka @ neutrongirl1 Thank you so much Bff. September 14, 2019
Lavish brekky today

Lavish vital brekky today on a gloomy 🙁 Monday morning 🌝 won‘t bring us down our energy. Vienna living.💚 September 9, 2019

Hubby’s Birthday

„Happy birthday Dada 🎉🎂🎈Cheers 🥂🍾 From good friends and true, from your own family, may good luck 🍀 go with you and happiness too!“

A very simple celebration 🎊 here wishing you great happiness and a joy that never ends.🤗😘 September 8, 2019

Happy Cooking 👩‍🍳

Guten Appetit!😋



My Family-iCookiTravel

Photo above, this was twenty one years ago or more!  Christmas is about lauhgter, love, friends and family. Don’t get lost in the greed. Instead be thankful for all of the joy around you. Merry Christmas everyone! From our family to yours.

Sentimental… when they were young they were always with us during christmas and new year time. Remembereing those days…….  Now, they ‘re both grown up (adult) actually 25 and 23 years of age not even a call doesn’t take place. But anyway it is good to know that they’re both OK! And can live the life they want.