👩‍🍳Coming back to Vienna after six weeks’ vacation from the Philippines. We had our Breakfast at Le Crobag. Because I landed at the airport at seven in the morning. Then we went shopping until the afternoon. After shopping, we had our dinner at Taco Mexican Restaurant in Shopping City Süd. Large selection of food and drinks. The dishes are prepared quickly and are of good quality. Value for money is absolutely fine. A visit can be recommended with a clear conscience. Another Gastronomic Adventure the whole day.



👩‍🍳On the last day of our stay in Milan. We go around frustrated and really don’t wanna go home to work and live home and under this day. Although this is our first travel after the Pandemic also the first travel of this year 2022. We went shopping for some stuff for cooking. And I got my Starbucks cup too. We tried also the Branch of Jollibee in Milan and I tell you frankly, we are not satisfied with all the taste. We are used to European style already. It’s all strange for me. And for my daughter too, being born in Europe and we don’t have Jollibee in Vienna. Anyway, the following day we are leaving Milan and will be back in mundane activities in Vienna. Looking forward to the next travel vlog somewhere in Europe or in an Asian country.



👩‍🍳The designer outlet at Barberino, Italy with hubby and a short visit to Pisa Tower, Sinopie Museum and Pisa Baptistery in Italy 🇮🇹 For hubby it was his first time to be here. He was so excited to see all the corners. Discovering what is special about Pisa, well known all over the world because of its leaning tower. I love the historic churches and the medieval paalces also the various bridges across the Arno.



Hubby and I, we visited the Sunday flea market at Schwechat. One of the biggest flea market outside Vienna which we love to visit during Sundays on summertime. That have lots of private sellers from families emptying their basements or attics!  Easy to reach, if you will go with car relatively easy parking  and mostly something for everyone. Here is their facebook page for more INFO check it out:

To watch the video just click down here; Thanks 😀

Got up around 6 in the morning we walked from home at 5th District of Vienna to Schwechat took us 2 hours and 19 minutes it was 11,1 km. Good job for me to fight diabetes. Looking forward to do something like this as often as I can, it was fun and a very  healthy idea to boost my eagerness to maintain my sugar level into healthy side.

Grilled Chicken at Brauhaus Schwechat – iCookiTravel

And we end up to brunching at this corner in Brauhaus Schwechat. Grilled haft chicken landed on the table which is usually served with potatoe or cabbage salad with semmel, an austrian roll. Not in picture and video. Happy Sunday everyone!



Noah and I, inside @kare_austria with a unique ideas, unmatched and authentic furnitures, displays, accessories and lighting for home never boring full of fantasy and inspiration. Since 1981 the company has surprised its fans and partners worldwide as well here in Vienna where I live.  With an incomparable variety of new furnitures, lighting and home accessories.


From then, the passion for design speaks. These include from hidden small craft, a bit crazy which I love most and furniture with a vow effect, but also lovingly hand-crafted solid wood furniture for life.

Inside @Kare FURNITURES and ACCESSORIES, VIENNA – iCookiTravel

Design your life to include furnitures, not only good food or cooking good food, and travel but health, happiness with stuff, space and energy. Like these awesome furniture company makes awesome furniture and design! Would you be inetersted in buying their stuff? Then visit them at Mariahilfer Strasse 5 and in SCS (Shopping City Süd), and at Wiener Neudorf. See you there Folks!



I am so grateful to Takko Fashion for all these best basic T-shirts I got last week at the outlet for only three euros and ninety nine cents. TAKKO FASHION- Attractive collections, trendy looks, attractive branches, excellent value for money as one of the leading providers in the Value Fashion retail sector, they offer more in fashion and style. For over 30 years, Takko is one of the most successful fashion chain stores in Europe.

Best Basic T-shirts
Best Basic T-shirts

Fascinating and fantastic selected carefully now is very thin looks really cheap thes Best Basic T-shirts from takko. But I don’t care for me it is very cheap even if just for one season wear. I got nine pieces with different design on it and different colors too as you could see on above picture. Shopping is a therapy for me. This is something to cheer myself up and as a form of celebration for what I have now.

Takko fashion for the whole family: The selection of Takko is extensive and offers complete outfits and items for the whole family. Fashionable ladies find in their stores a wide range of current and trendy women’s fashion. Whether casual, feminine, classic and elegant, with TAKKO you find the perfect clothing for every occasion. Whether you need a new blouse for work, looking for a fancy skirt for a friend’s birthday, or browse for accessories to spice up your favorite outfits, here you will definitely find what you are looking for. Learn more about our extensive selection of women’s clothing BY TAKKO!



For me Christmas is LOVE, therefore CHRISTMAS (PASKO/ WEIHNACHTEN) is a day of love. However, in many families sometimes it comes to conflict, because all are tired and stressed out by the preparations and the pressure of expectation. Hopefully this not your case by this time!
Apparently most people suffer from Christmas because they experience the holidays as extremely stressful. This begins during the festive season. Mostly in european countries.

Men get stressed because they have a hard time with the Gifts Search, women put themselves under pressure because they want everything planned and organized, it will be a peaceful Christmas and all are under time pressure, because Christmas once again so unexpectedly fast at the door stands.

But we Filipinos we are contented of what we have, where we are and even just for a small celebration. The most important is we celebrated it together with our family with all our LOVE to each and everyone of us.

“Hindi kailangan ang magarbong handaan, naglalakihan at mamahaling regalo basta ang mahalaga ay sama-sama at buo ang pamilya! For almost 30 years na inilagi ko dito sa europa at sa bawa’t pasko na nagdaan sa buhay ko at sa mga darating pang pagdiriwang ng pasko, kuntento na ako na kapiling ko ang aking pamilya, my two kids, Ronald-Louis and Diana-Grace at ang aking kabiyak sa buhay. Marami nang nagdaan na mga magarbong handaan sa aking buhay, walang pinakamasaya at kuntentong pagdiriwang para sa akin kung hindi ko kapiling ang aking pamilya. Malaking pasasalamat sa Poong may likha sa handog na buhay, pag-ibig at pamilya.”

On the 23rd of December we went for christmas shopping at IKEA (SCS-Shopping City Süd) with our dogs, daughter Didi-Grace she drove us and hubby. Picture down here she found time to play with Riyadh and Riyanah (our doggies)!

DIdi played with Doggies at IKEA

Ang sama-samang pag palamuti ng tunay na “Fir Tree” o Christmas Tree – The Ultimate well known around in the city of Vienna the Christmas tree. Although I still do not know why “how beautiful are thy leaves” and its smells wonderful during winter season. But I know that a beautiful Christmas tree is the alpha and omega of a successful Christmas in europe. From purchase of tree and decoration this year we got the decoration stuff from IKEA. Something different for a change as what we have every year!
Picture down our christmas tree bought by hubby, which is not finish-decorating hubby is not yet through with it.

Decorating christmas tree

Here (photo down), this was last year with our son Ronald-Louis and of course with Dad. 🙂  Picture down our christmas tree a plastic one, which is not finish-by decorating hubby is not yet through with it. That was 2 days before christmas.

We had lunch at IKEA Restaurant and while preparing the christmas tree at home hubby made “Turon” for merienda!

Lunch at IKEA and Hubby's Turon-Merienda

The reason why the christmas tree was not in time finished because we watched “Polar Express” from our files, every christmas season I love to watch it all over again 😛

Watching Polar Express and Christmas Tree not finish!

This was the last hours before the 24th of December, and yesterday (December 25) we sleep until noontime, puyat sa kapapanood ng film at home. Laze time for eveybody during christmas season, just at home… but happy.



I Love Holiday season!
Specially the so called- shopping stress!
After a long day shopping, I cooked for lunch and dinner in one…lol…
chicken wings adobo and for dessert bake riceflour with vanille flavor in my turbo broiler!
It is such a very special feeling when this season of the year comes. Eventhough people says it’s only a stress when you mentioned shopping, cooking and preparing. For me I always had this special feelings and excitement inspite of those sayings. Friday, (December 7, last week) we did the christmas shopping, my daughter and I. Just the two of us. I enjoyed every minute and every seconds of the day with her along Mariahilfer strasse, where we did the whole shopping, the whole day. We ate somethig for merienda at KFC and had a break for a while. So wonderful day we spent together just mother-daughter bonding moment for christmas shopping!
By this time we took the U-bahn (Underground train), because with the car it’s too hard to find a parkplace at Mariahilfer strasse during this time. We are through around 7 pm. It was a wonderful time for both of us!
That was last week…

Several of the religious festivals during the Christmas and holiday season are celebrated with the exchanges of gifts, and the Christmas and holiday season thus also incorporates the “holiday shopping season”. This comprises a peak season for the retail sector at the start of the “Christmas shopping season” and a period of sales at the end of the season, the “January sales”.

Video was uploaded December 23, 2009 from my old WEBLOG!

** Shopping early generally ensures the best selection as well as less frazzled salespeople and a more organized selection.

** Stocking a selection of nice but somewhat generic gifts can be a stress reliever for the rest of the year when you need gifts for teachers, hostesses, or other people in your life who may need small but nice gifts, and now is a great time to save on them!

** If you have kids and can shop without them, that may be the best option for everyone involved. Otherwise, you may want to incentivize their patience with a nice treat afterwards.

** Viewing the experience as ‘an adventure’ can make a shopping frenzy feel less stressful.



Vienna, Simmering is a quarter of Vienna and the 11. Municipality district. It lies in the southeast of the city and covers the former suburbs Simmering and Kaiserebersdorf as well as since 1955 also the former fishing village. During Simmering 1860 were agriculturally shaped set thereafter a rapid, big-city sheeting a those 1892 also to the incorporation of Simmering and Kaiserebersdorf finally led. First unobstructed and today industrial companies and market gardens remained accommodating width of parts of the district Simmeringer Haide. In Kaiserebersdorf developed in two thrusts, late 1960er to center of the 1970er as well as since midle of the 1990er large complexes of residential buildings specially in the start times the character of satellite cities had.

EKAZENT is one of shopping center along Simmeringer main street, Here we had our lunch my son and I last Wenesday after a half-day shopping. Picture above was my lunch, different breaded vegetables like zucchini (courgette), bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and green beans with chilli sauce. I got spring rolls also. Then I tried this green beans with tomatoes and eggs was a little bit hot and serve with rice.

The only shopping street in Simmering is the Simmeringer main street for instance within the range between U3 station Zippererstraße and U3 station Simmering, however is here primarily business of the daily need. Altogether 3 medium sized shopping centres lie in Simmering.