👩‍🍳The traditional SOPAS in the Philippines it’s a soup made with pasta, meat, vegetables and milk. Every Filipino child most likely has been exposed to chicken SOPAS. But mine is something recreation from my mother’s SOPAS. Spiral pasta, and cabbage is the main and the vegetable broth not the SOPAS you know from Philippines with milk. Added the last hotdog which was leftover from today’s brekky, ground pork meat, chicken breast fillet, carrot and cilantro that makes the soup taste better. Served with flatbread. Have a try with this version and tell me. Happy Prepping and Guten Appetit!

Spiral pasta and cab


500g Spiral Pasta

1pc Jumbo Hotdog

200g Ground Pork meat

200g Chicken breast fillet

Half a Head small Cabbage

1pc big Carrot 🥕

5 cloves Garlic 🧄

1pc Onion 🧅

3tbsps Vegetable Oil

1 Liter Vegetable broth

a handful Cilantro, chopped



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