👩‍🍳Ilocos, located at the northern tip of the Philippines is bordered by the China Sea. That’s the place where my late father and hubby came from. Both are from Ilocos Sur. The reason why I love this dish so much specially the choices of vegetables that are usually added in this dish. If you see me cooking lots of meat, that’s for family. I prefer eating more vegetables than meat specially the green leafy ones. here is today’s lunch cooked by my hubby. He added the leftover grilled sea bream from yesterday. Ilocos food is surprising, delicious and exotic all at the same time. Baggoong- Salty fermented anchovy is life for us ilocanos. While the list of Ilocano regional specialities is extensive, dinengdeng, inabraw and soupy vegetables with bagoong base are one among of regional specialities.

Ilocano dish vegetable and grilled sea bream


1pc Sweet Potato 🍠

A handful Snow Peas

2pieces Bitter gourd, small

2pieces Eggplant 🍆 small

A bunch of String beans (Sitaw)

100g Okra

1pc Grilled Sea bream

6pieces Moringa Pods ( Bunga ng Malunggay)

Anchovy Sauce ( Bagoong)

1pc Onion

1pc Tomato

Some water



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