👩‍🍳Tortillas have the same status in Mexican cuisine as potatoes in Northern European, like rice in Asian countries. A side dish for most dishes. Quesadillas consist only of tortillas with a filling of melted cheese. Here I used Mozzarella cheese and the leftovers from yesterday’s grilling my homemade cevapcici added some beaten eggs. Have a try , next time I will share to you different filling Filipino style with Cheddar cheese.

My cevapcici quesadillas


Tortillas, depends how many people you‘ re serving I made 6pieces per person one Tortilla

Cevapcici, from leftovers

some oil

Egg, again depends upon how many people you’re serving, 2mall eggs per person

Mozzarella cheese, half a cup per person or more just like my daughter she loves it.

some Salt for beaten egg

Sauce, you can served with what ever sauce you prefer according to your preference.

Tomato 🍅



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