👩‍🍳Ilocos, located at the northern tip of the Philippines is bordered by the China Sea. That’s the place where my late father and hubby came from. Both are from Ilocos Sur. The reason why I love this dish so much specially the choices of vegetables that are usually added in this dish. If you see me cooking lots of meat, that’s for family. I prefer eating more vegetables than meat specially the green leafy ones. here is today’s lunch cooked by my hubby. He added the leftover grilled sea bream from yesterday. Ilocos food is surprising, delicious and exotic all at the same time. Baggoong- Salty fermented anchovy is life for us ilocanos. While the list of Ilocano regional specialities is extensive, dinengdeng, inabraw and soupy vegetables with bagoong base are one among of regional specialities.

Ilocano dish vegetable and grilled sea bream


1pc Sweet Potato 🍠

A handful Snow Peas

2pieces Bitter gourd, small

2pieces Eggplant 🍆 small

A bunch of String beans (Sitaw)

100g Okra

1pc Grilled Sea bream

6pieces Moringa Pods ( Bunga ng Malunggay)

Anchovy Sauce ( Bagoong)

1pc Onion

1pc Tomato

Some water




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„Dinengdeng“ is an Ilocano dish in the Philippines 🇵🇭 similar to „Pinakbet“. It is also classified as a „Bagoong Monamon“ soup base unlike „Pinakbet“. I am half Ilocano, haft Visayan so I should know this.🤪 Here what I have at home fewer vegetables no squash or pumpkin. Topped with fried small mackerel. Was the last mackerel I got from India shop a day before lockdown in Vienna.


Simple „Dinengdeng“

Because we are Filipino served with white plain rice.🍚 For me with my brown rice.


A bunch of String beans ( Sitaw)

a bunch of Horseradish fruit- Moringa fruit ( Bunga ng Malunggay)

3pcs small Eggplant 🍆

2tbsp Any Vegetable Oil

1pc Onion 🧅

1pc Tomato 🍅

4 to 5tbsps Anchovy Sauce to taste ( preferably Bagoong Balayan)



An Asian way of eating and living, learned from my parents more vegetables and fish🐟 which I strongly believe may help and prevent chronic diseases.

GULAY in Tagalog, vegetable in English.

My gulay cooked 👩‍🍳 with alamang (dried tiny shrimp 🍤) seasoned with patis (fish sauce) sautéed in margarine. I started using margarine because I believe it is more healthy than butter.


* margarine

* ginger

* onion

* eggplant 🍆

* bitter melon (ampalaya)

* squash

* string bean (sitaw)

* okra (Lady Finger)

* Moringa (Bunga ng malunggay)

* dried alamang (tiny dried shrimp 🍤)

* patis (fish sauce)

* some water

* vegetable broth cube


Happy Cooking and Guten Appetit!


Okra is gaining a reputation as a superfood for people at the risk of diabetes just like me. Commonly referred to as ladyfingers, or by its biological names Abelmoschus esculentus and Hibiscus esculentus.

Boiled Okra with chopped giger, sliced tomatoes and red onion – iCookiTravel

Boiled Okra with chopped ginger, sliced tomatoe and red onions seasoned with fish sauce made my dinner complete and satisfied. As you could see I often eat okra. Because okra is a rich source of dietary fibre, believing that okra is known to be beneficial for health in a number of ways. The superior insoluble fibre contained in okra is believed to help stabilise blood glucose by slowing the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the intestinal tract. That’s sounds good for diabetes, isn’t it?
While in Turkey roasted okra seeds have been used as a traditional diabetes medicine for generations.
One among my all time favorit food way back home (Philippines) remembering my tatay and nanay 😦


I love Filipino green leafy vegetables. My mother in-law knows this. Either boiled for salad, cook with fish, meat and sea foods as well as side dish no problem for me. The reason why she send us these food stuff down here with dried fish (Dilis, pusit and Tuyo) namely, dried anchovy, dried sardines and dried squid so with dried jute leaves (Saluyot), dried horseradish (Malunggay) and dried bitter melon leaves (Ampalaya).


Through the kindness of hubby’s niece we got it. Thank you so much Inang! It is so wonderful to be rememebered by family way back home in so many ways like this. Family isn’t always blood. It is the people in your life who want in theirs, the one who accept you for who you are. The one who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what!


One who eats okra regularly, does a good favor for his/her intestinal organ. The green vegetables from Asia and Africa is on the rise in Europe. It proved its worth not only as a convertible ingredient in the kitchen, but unfolds as valued medicinal plant also its health giving powers. What is really there behind this miracle vegetable?
Because 80 percent of our immune system are located in the intestine as the largest defense bastion of the body it tries to defend the human body against harmful influences especially environmental toxins, dental toxins, mental stress. The intestine with its sensitive mucous membranes for a variety of diseases. If the digestive system is overloaded and advised the intestinal flora is out of balance, threatens a dysbacteriosis and symptoms such as intestinal inflammation, constipation, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome or even serious intestinal conditions such as celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and colon cancer as what professionals said.


I make Okra atleast twice a week. I love them just likt broccoli, spinach and bitter melon. This time I added pork belly for my family and eggplant too. The last I cooked it with beef meat and most of the time no meat for me.


Yields 4-6 Persons * 500g Okra (Half a Kilo) * 250g Pork Belly * 3 pcs. Eggplant * 1 pc. Onion * 4 pcs. peeled Tomatoes * a thumb-sized Ginger, peeled * 2 pcs. Red Chili (hot) * 2 pcs. Pork cubes * some Oil * some salt to taste * some water



*** Heat a pot add some oil, then brown the pork belly season with 2 pork cubes. Add onion, ginger and peeled tomatoes. Stir, then eggplant, chili and okra. Some water just enough to cook everything cover for about 5 to 8 minutes cooking time. Turn the vegetables to mix all together in between and season with some salt. Served with rice. It was our lunch. Happy Cooking!


Okra or lady finger, in my country-Philippines okra can be found among traditional dishes like pinakbet, dinengdeng (Ilocano food), and in sinigang as well. I love Okra, specially if served steamed or boiled in a salad with tomatoes, onion and seasoned with anchovy sauce (Bagoong).


Picture above 2 kilogram Okra which was brought to me by one of my colleague (at work). The austrian people are not use to this vegetable keep on asking me how to cook it or how do I eat it or even how does it taste!

So what I did everyday I start cooking in different ways or species and brought at work as my “pambaon” (lunch box). Okra is rich with Vitamin K and fiber both good for diabetes. It supports colon health, Vitamin C helps keep the skin looking young and vibrant as what the study said. Maybe this is one reason why I look younger as my real age  😉

Okra pinaksiw with shrimps

Here I called it “Okra Pinaksiw” cooked with onion, garlic, vinegar and anchovy sauce (bagoong).  Served with rice and shrimps that was lunch the other day.  Vinegar as condiments we can find in different ways of cooking in our food. Previously, the main task is to make or give sour taste or in a few cases should bring an improvement or use as preservative.

Okra and squash

Above here is just sauteed okra with squash, onions and seasoned with anchovy sauce again!  I usually don’t eat rice at night or for dinner. That’s why I prefer to have some vegetables instead. Then my cup of tea. That’s dinner for me and not late than six o’ clock in the evening. I have to consider the carbohydrates and choosing the right  fruits and vegetables is easy to maintain the blood sugar. Two years ago I started to change my lifestyle, to be able to prevent or delay the onset of complications. Since I’m type 2 diabetic. The next update here more about vegetables and fruits I use to have for my dinner. Guten Appetit everyone (Y)


Okay folks, this recipe‘ve even today you could see it in every WEBLOG of a Filipino specially ILOCANOS! 😛



Since I L ❤ VE vegetables, hubby is an  ilocano and I’m half ilocana haft visayan which both folks cook in various way and style resulting to clean delicious foodstuff. It’s been weeks since I got this cooked, but never get to it to update here.


Fresh vegetables are key ingredients in the kitchen. With the right preparation and some of your homemade creativity,  they make everyday meals just as magical as special occasions.


And this was my daughter’s experiment! Her version of crispy chicken wings, she said it taste almost like the Kentucky Fried Chicken and so asy to prepare. At home everybody loves chicken. Why not treat yourself and your family of delicious, healthy, home-cooked chicken meals! Enjoy cooking Folks!


Today is a public holiday in Vienna, a Christian feast day, (Corpus Christi) or solemnity which honors the Body (corpus) of Christ (Christi).
It so happened both of us at are home (Hubby and I). I thought the company where he work would not allow him to have his day off today because of vaction time for the whole staff. Now it starts the rotation of summer vacation of all staff in his work. But anyway, we enjoyed the day today even only at home. Tomorrow he will be on duty again.


I cooked our lunch today, one among of his favorit the so called “PINAPAITAN”!
It is all innards from beef which I bought the last time we went to Matha Store, an India Shop.
Here I got this froozen “BILE” which is also from beef. Bile is the liquid from gall bladder which gives this bitter taste of “PINAPAITAN”.


Consist of 80% BEEF TRIPE, 10% of BEEF LIVER and 10% of BEEF HEART plus BEEF BILE!


* A piece of Beef Heart
* A piece of Beef Liver
* 250g Beef tripe
* A thumb-sized Ginger, peeled and cut into sticks
* 1 Onion
* 6 Cloves Garlic or Garlic powder
* some Canola Oil
* Salt and Pepper
* some Lemon extract
* 1 Beef broth cube
* 1 Spoon of Beef Bile (Papait)


* Wash thouroughly and boil the meat until tender. Remove the broth and cut into thin sticks.
* Heat a caserole and add some canola oil then saute onion, ginger and garlic. Add the meat mix all together. Put some water or broth. I added some water for soup and not the broth wherein I cooked the meat until tender. Cover and let it boil again until done. Seasoned with salt and pepper, beef broth cube, bile and lemon extract. Served while hot with rice. Take it away from me Folks! 😉


“TAKWAY” is a sort of roots of Gabi (Taro). Which use to cook by my late father and late mother. Not only the Ilongos but also the Ilocanos. In Iloilo they use to cook it in combinaton of coconut mik. But in Ilocos region in combination of anchovy sauce or Bagoong .

My TAKWAY with Rip Smoked Meat

Takway is also very good source of fiber too. I remember my late nanay (Mother) she always cooked it with coconut milk (ginataan) combined with small shrimps or daing (dried fish) and seasoned with guinamos or bagoong. While my late tatay (Father) he loves it with bagoong (Anchovy Sauce) and with a little bit of vinegar, he called it “Pinaksiw sa Bagoong”!


I bought this from an India Shop near us and was so fresh from delivery. I decided to try it with the combination of Smoked Rip Meat and seasoned it accordingly as what my father used to cooked before during his time.
As usual you have to peel the thin outer skin of it. Saute garlic, onion and ginger. Added the smoked rip which was cut into small cube and a little bit of soup stock, covered and let it boil until meat is nearly done. Then added Takway and seasoned with anchovy sauce or bagoong. Continue cooking until takway is done. Served with hot rice. Enjoy cooking Folks! 😀