👩‍🍳Having our break from the city, my daughter and I we decided to celebrate Mother’s day by hiking outside Vienna with our dogs. At the nature park Purkersdorf – Sandsteinwienerwald is a part of the Vienna Woods and is located in the municipality of Purkersdorf in Lower Austria. The approximately 77-hectare nature park is freely accessible all year round. Mother’s Day hikes with our four dogs.Just hike and be happy.

My Mother’s Day weekend will be filled with dog family and my daughter with me. A healthy mama am I to my two kids. 😊 Hiking us a must for me at least three times a week or more. For about two hours or three or even more. Good for my age, aside for being a type 2 diabetic. Moms who are wild at heart or don’t want to skip their daily steps may like this gift. With your family think about a picnic along a scenic hiking trail a great way to spend outdoors time with Mom too on Mother’s day. A bit incomplete for me because hubby and my son has to work. But still there is some other time to do this it should not be on Mother’s day.


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