πŸ‘©β€πŸ³A Chinese cabbage roll filled with minced meat is a welcome change. Here is the recipe for cooking and trying it out. The Chinese cabbage vegetable is a healthy all-rounder in the kitchen. It is particularly mild and well-tolerated and can be served raw, cooked or cooked. This cabbage plant has the characteristic mustard oils, which are among the secondary plant substances and thus strengthen our immune system. Chinese cabbage harmonises wonderfully with Asian wok dishes. It tastes particularly good when to cut into thin strips. The vegetables are also ideal for pickling and fermenting. This recipe yields for four persons.

My Chinese cabbage rolls


150g Cooked Rice

300ml Vegetable broth or Water for cooking rice

40g Onion πŸ§… or 2 pcs

4 cloves Garlic πŸ§„

800g Chinese Cabbage

Salt and Pepper

150g Minced Pork Meat

150g Tomato πŸ…

50g Dried Tomato πŸ…

4tbsp Olive Oil or any Vegetable Oil

a handful chopped Cilantro

1tbsp Tomato πŸ… Paste

50 Grated Gouda Cheese

1tbsp Paprika



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