The idea came because my hubby bought more than a kilo of sliced ham.
He said was too cheap on that day, there is this shop near us every week they use to sell different products at lower price but more quantity in german the so called “ANGEBOT” or SALE.
Sometimes 50% off from the normal price and you get the double quantity.

My son who’s not fun of eating vegetables, I was expecting that he will only choose the noodles and ham. But it turned out totally different as what my expectation…..he did ate vegetables as well.


* 1 Pack of Pancit Canton
* 1/2 head Broccoli
* Green Beans, about 6 pcs.
* 1 pc. Carrot
* 1 medium-sized Onion
* some Vegetable powder or cube
* 3 tbsp. Vegetable Oil
* some Salt


Here are the ingredients once again (Photo down here):

The vegetable powder which I used here (Universal Spice) is a condiment which is a mixture of spices and various vegetables which compose of salt, vegetables lie carrot, parsnip, onions, celery, parsley leaves, flavour enhancers, sugar, spices, and cornstarch.

In a wok or pan, heat some vegetable oil and saute onion, carrot, broccoli and green beans. Season with vegetable powder. Add a little ammount of soup stock or water to cook the vegetables.

Add canton and cover until vegetables are done over lower heat, before serving add sliced ham and mix all together and serve while hot.


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