Green with a little red when really ripe – a taste almost like some apples, delicious and available all over the Philippines on many markets in tropical sea level zones.

The tree has many names in the Philippines – Sineguelas tree – Sinegwelas – Spanish plum – Spondias purpurea Blanco and grows to a size of about 3-5 meters mostly at sea level in hot tropical zones of the Philippines.
A dozen of mouthwatering tropical fruits that are rich sources of vitamin C and ascorbic acids and will provide you other health benefits as well.

I remember my childhood, sabi ng nasira kong tatay kapag daw nag-uwi ng sinegwelas ang nasira kong nanay ay halos mag kulambo daw akong kumain nito dahil sa kadamutan ko raw mamigay! (Simply beacuse I don’t get enough from it and one among my fave specially when in season) Mahal din kaya ang kilo nito sa Pilipinas, di ba, di ba?

I miss this fruit so much, I can only get it from the Philippines!



  1. Hi Dolly, sineguelas trees, the purple-brownish plump variety, grow abundantly in our herbal farm in the town of Guimbal, Iloilo, Philippines. Each summer time, we relish the bounty of their fruits and share with friends but with the information about the health benefits that those have, I shall hold them even dear to our palate and memory. Salamat. Annette Nietes-Gengos, Guimbal, Iloilo, Philippines

    • Hello Annette, sorry for late reply, but I appreciate your sharings here. Nice to know that you have it in your herbal farm in Iloilo. Here in Vienna I have to buy it and not at low price 😦

    • Hi Lydiam, thank you for leaving some lines here and for dropping by. I’m in Vienna the heart of europe, have a nice day way out there!

  2. Hello, I don’t know where you live, but you can find Spanish Plums here in South Florida, not in supermarkets, but in private fruit stands or nurseries. They are very abundant in Cuba and other Caribbean countries too.

  3. favorite nming magkKaibigan yangsinegweles maypunomalapitsa school nmin iremember we pick a lot pra maybaon kmi sa school..napupuno bulsa ng palda nmin b4 going toschool naging bahagi angsinegwelas ng aming kabataan..ilove the sweet taste lalo nyung hinog n.

  4. Ha ha ha I’m eating siniguelas right now. Nagtanim talaga ang Mr. ko ng puno at ngayon aybumubunga na. Paborito ko talaga etong prutas na eto.

  5. Marami din sa amin it’s a seasonal though. You said you live in Vienna? I have a Sister who lives there. But I lived here in California.

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