👩‍🍳Blackout – a widespread, possibly even Europe-wide power failure. Recently, the Austrian Defence Minister warns the public of possible BLACKOUT in the near future. Nobody knows when it will happen and how long it will take place. This was widespread since last year. But now I think it is about time to take precautions or should I say prepared awareness must take place right now. Hubby and I started today getting some stuff that we think we need. And I started to cook some foodstuff from our freezer to get rid of it and later on I’m gonna off the refrigerator. This can also help us to save some money because a too huge refrigerator for two people is too much and besides the electricity bill nowadays is too pricey. A sort of survival in an emergency situation will be our food supplies and water. Our precautions and preparations for survival in case it will take too long.

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