👩‍🍳This is all about my homemade SZECHUAN SAUCE which is my first time to try this. I think I have to repeat because something is still missing with the taste. But anyway, it goes well with today’s lunch with fried tofu, sliced cucumber and beef minute steak. The sauce makes a delightful change to the whole thing. Sauces are a delightful change, go well with any main course and are a touch on every plate. Sauces recipes go well with vegetables and fruits, but also for hearty fish and meat dishes. Making small but fine flavor refiners are easy and super fast in most cases. Sauces can be served with almost all dishes and are the icing on the cake for many gourmets and connoisseurs – here you will find the best sauce recipes. Served with cucumber and brown rice.



4pieces Minute Steak

small cucumber

4 cake Tofu

Vegetable Oil for frying Tofu




Balsamic Vinegar

Sriracha Sauce

Soy Sauce


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