🇮🇹VICITACITY MILAN- MEETUP WITH  @johncel Vlog sa Italy 🧳iTravel

👩‍🍳This time we visited Navigli Canal, which is fast becoming one of Milan’s most popular neighbourhoods, but there’s more to do here than see the canals from which the area takes its name. Also, we went to the Arch of peace which the Italians call “Arco Della Pace”, also we visited the “Santa Maria Delle Grazie” where you can find Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper (Church of Holy Mary of Grace Chiesa di Santa Maria Delle Grazie) and meet up with my fellow Youtuber @johncel Vlog sa italya. Then we went to Chocolate Shop near Doumo. It was full of fun even though only for a short period of time. Nice meeting you Maricel. See you soon again.



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