Pumpkin with ground meat – iCookiTravel

My Pumpkin bowl cooked with ground meat, oregano  and tomatoe paste seasoned with salt and pepper. I love pumpkin specially the Hokkaido Pumpkin, a quick and cheap meal from the pumpkin hokkaido.  For more recipes check it out here from time to time. I’ll be posting more and from my previous entry also on my YOUTUBE channel for cooking videos.

Thank you so much for visiting here and for checking it out. Next year I’ll be celebrating my 10th year Anniversary on social media. Wherein Youtube Channel, twitter, tumblr, Instagram Facebook Page, and here WordPress you could find me anywhere.

My Beans Sprout Bowl – iCookiTravel

Beans Sprout Bowl cooked by hubby, how I love the way he cooked this, veggies stays crunchy, not too salty and not too much meat just enough to taste quick and easy to prepare.  Aside from a non-starchy vegetable,  Scientific studies have shown that sprouts can have a positive effect on controlling diabetes.  Yummy-liscious Daddy! Guten Appetit!

Ilocano food – iCookiTravel

Another cooking-gram from hubby’s specialty, ilocano food. Tilapia with bitter gourd, eggplant, and string beans the taste of the north in the Philippines Ilocano cuisine. Sunday is always ilocano day in our kitchen. Go for it!

Homemade Chinese vegetable soup – iCookiTravel

Chinese vegetable soup bowl. Homemade chinese vegetable soup is low-fat and rich in nutritious high-fiber vegetables that make it hearty choice for my healthy meal. Such as zucchini, chicharo or green peas, bean sprout or togue, button mushroom, carrot, broccoli and a bit of nappa cabbage. So what you could ask more?

My noodle plate – iCookiTravel

Noodle plate that was Sunday brunch last week, at home with the kids. Just bought noodles from Turkey Shop near home, they are open on Sundays and Holidays which is unusuall in Vienna. Because on Sundays and holidays all shops and store’s are closed. Cooked with nappa cabbage (Chinakohl), carrots, an organic zucchini from a colleague from her garden and chicken breast sauteed with red onion and garlic seasoned with soy sauce, pepper and chicken broth cube. Served with sliced lemon and buttered toast.

My glas of Beetroots – iCookiTravel

Do you know that drinking beetroots regularly can help or improve diabetes and hypertension?!  I started making juice out of this and drinking every morning with empty stomach before breakfast, hoping that it will help me. Will keep you posted about the result!

Bastardmakrele in german – iCookiTravel

The so called “Bastardmakrele” in german, I don’t know in tagalog but I call it “Horsemackerel” with eggplant, chili, ginger, red onion cooked in vinegar seasoned with salt and pepper. Others says “Pinaksiw” or “Paksiw” and to others “Pinangat” or “Pangat”, what so ever… so freshly cooked from my kitchen bought from Turkey Shop for only 5.99 euro per kilo. That was lunch. Guten Appetit!

Beef Liver with white onion rings – iCookiTravel

A pan fried beef liver with white onion rings seasoned with soy sauce and a little bit of balsamic vinegar just for hubby and me, because our two kids doesn’t eat innards. I ate it with smashed potatoes and cream spinach (not in picture). While hubby had it with rice, what else! Guten Appetit!



How the order you eat your food affects your health:  Studies says; starting our meal by eating vegetables and protein, keeps us fuller than if we ate first carbohydrates.

Soup plate and Rye wholecorn crispbread – iCookiTravel

In this situation today, I got home went direct in my kitchen prepping my soup; boiled some water in a pot dropped some carrots, added beef broth cube, let the carrot half way done then I added napa cabbage and fine noodles before serving dropped two eggs. That was my first meal today after six hours of duty. So all-in-one carbohaydrates because of noodles, some veggies, and eggs for protein. I ate with some Rye wholecorn crispbread with butter. Eating the same food in the opposite order will not feel better after a meal specially for type 2 diabetes. In my today’s situation in which my meal is all-in-one, I don’t think it is the right way to control my blood sugar levels. Blood sugar normally rises after eating, but for people with diabetes it can spike dangerously.  People who spend longer preparing food are healthier, what I did today was a very quick cooking!  Just to have it fast in my stomach. Take it away from me Folks!



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Now these are all post from my Instagram account last month (August). I would love to have it here too so I can share it to you as well.

Courgette and carrots sauteed with turkey breast -iCookiTravel

Here courgette and carrots sauteed with turkey breast seasoned with marjoram and salt. I tell you I could finish  two cups or more of this without  any side dish not even bread.

Pike Fish – iCookiTravel

Cooking fried fish, with ginger, onion, scallions and peppers added a little bit of water just enough to cook the fish seasoned with salt and pepper.  I got it from Naschmarkt so fresh and it is almost six euro per kilo, for a change.

Meatballs soup with noodles and egg – iCookiTravel

This was upgraded soup noodles which I added meatballs, poached egg and chopped parsley. Poached eggs are the most luxurious preparation for eggs.  Add a poached egg to your bowl of soup you made it fancier, and  into a meal. So try it Folks!

Mix Veggies and Fried Fish-iCookiTravel

Brown rice, mix veggies and fried fish for diabetic lunch. I slay it every single day to fight.

Whole grain sandwich – iCookiTravel

Breaky, coffee with almond milk plus whole grain sandwhich with tomatoe, bacon, lettuce and white cheese.

Maracuja Cake – iCookiTravel

Maracuja cake or Passion fruit cake for August birthday celebrant. My daughter who celebrated her 23rd  birthday last 18th of August, she got this from me. Some versions of this cake also include a passion fruit mousse sandwhiched between layers of the sponge. It is best served the day it is made.

Saba – iCookiTravel

Banana- Saba, boiling it for my meal is healthy snack for diabetics. Since a half cup of fruit every dinner is allowable for diabetics, it is perfectly fine to regularly include the saba in one’s meal or diet. One must be noted that the ideal snack for diabetic is the boiled banana saba. Since banana is high in fiber, eating banana is heavy on the belly, it is one way of driving down one’s appetite so that one is prevented from overeating.

Stale Bread – iCookiTravel

What to do with these stale bread or leftover bread and bun?!?!?!

Throwing away food isn’t just a waste of money it is a downright shame. How many of the world’s people don’t have enough to eat?…Anyone here or out there any idea?

Apricot Cake – iCookiTravel

For all sweet tooth, the fruity, sweet apricot cake taste fresh from the oven particularly well. Light, fresh, juicy and fluffy! Wanna have some? Sorry it’s all gone you’re late.

Turkey grills and Salad – iCookiTravel

Turkey grills made from finely chopped turkey breast meat, marinated, on the spit, fresh for grilling or frying pan. Salad with cucumber, arugula, tomatoe, onion, and balsamic dressing so with my grain spitz or grain roll. Was my first meal after six hours of duty. There you have it, but not all. GUTEN APPETIT!



Today it’s holiday, celebrating the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary.  But I’m on duty and take note with normal working hours, eight hours duty. But We had fun at work with my colleagues. Sima brought us today some fruits to share with. She came late at work for one hour and I was telling her up to now she ‘s allowed to come late at work as long as she will bring us something to eat just like today. 😀

Sima’s fruits brought at work today! – iCookiTravel

Fruits such as ripe mango, just like our very own Philippine Mangoes , “yung hinog ang tamis-tamis”! Sa akin yung buto na dalawang piraso, (not in picture). Nectarines, Melon or sugar Melon and Grapes. What a great time to spend breaktime at work with colleagues like her. I’m so fortunate indeed! By the way, Sima is from India, not Austrian but living here in vienna for more than a decade too.

From Internet: “Forget five a day, eat 10 portions of fruit and veg to cut risk of early death.” 😀

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Man does not live by bread alone. After a while, he needs a drink. Food comes first, then morals.

Not that I cooks badly, but there are continually any pygmies in my kitchen and dip their arrows in the soup. In wine there is truth!
We should leave life like a banquet, neither thirsty nor drunken. Said-Aristoteles 🙂 <<< The seasoning is hunger, hunger is the best sauce. There are diseases that can be cured by proper nutrition, I believe in this! Every woman is susceptible to good food. The men love those women most passionate, who understand how to prefix them the most delicious things. I am one of those women 😉


These are collections of candid photos of our dinner with my colleagues at work- Baxter Austria. Of course with my famous Sotanghon with shrimps and chicken breast and Siopao! 😛


For our dessert, my baked Semolina Cake topped with coconut flakes and Robert (my colleague) prepared dumpling filled with rasberry!


Spaghetti with Soya-Pastasciutta topped with parmesan cheese, cooked by my dear colleague Jana (Sladjana), dinner for both of us with matching mix salad! Vielen dank my liebe Jana es ist sooo…lecker 3.16 🙂


And this was yesterday dinner by Baxter 3.16, cooked by Maci (my colleague) Sarma with smoked meat and pickled green tomatoes, carrots and green chili plus brown bread. GUTEN APPETIT by reading 😛