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Hubby’s Pork Scalope

Pork scalope is breaded with coconut 🥥 flour. Wiener Schnitzel in German, a tradional Viennese dish. Salad 🥗 with apples🍎 romaine lettuce 🥬 carrot 🥕 onion 🧅 celery, beet root, and tomatoes.🍅 Give your kids what they want to eat- yummy recipes that will have them running to the dinner table. Since this was requested of our daughter on this Holy Saturday, I decided to have some rice also. Because our son will surely finish the salad so she has rice instead. Hubby and I, our bonding moment in the kitchen. Salad dressing just balsamic vinegar, pumpkin seeds oil, salt and pepper to taste that’s it. Happy prepping and guten Appetit.

Pork Scalope and salad


400g spork Scalope

150g Coconut 🥥 flour

4 Eggs

300g Bread crumbs

1 Lemon 🍋

Salt 🧂 and Pepper

Some Vegetable oil for deep frying




Wiener Schnitzel German, meaning Viennese cutlet is a traditional Viennese dish, consisting of a thin slice of veal coated in breadcrumbs and fried. Possibly originating in Milan, Northern Italy as cotoletta alla milanese, the recipe may have appeared in Vienna during the 15th or 16th century. According to another theory, it was introduced by Field Marshal Radetzky who spent much of his life in Milan in 1857. The term “Wiener Schnitzel” itself dates to at least 1862 while the Austrian ruled Milan right since the end of the Napoleonic age.

This was kids dinner last Friday evening, Jessica’s first night with us. With mix salad: cucumber, red radish, tomatoes, onion, lettuce, and bell peppers.
Dressing: balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Give your kids what they want to eat–yummy recipes that will have them running to the dinner table! Just like what my hubby always did for our 2 kids. Teaching kids to eat healthy foods at a young age will help them develop healthy eating patterns for life. Friendly recipes will help your kids learn to love whole grains most kids should be eating at least 3 times a day. We think your whole family will love them!