👩‍🍳Best things in life are the people you love the place you’ve been, and the memories you’ve made along the way. Another gastronomic adventure for me was at Pancakes in U.P. Town Center, Katipunan, and Sweet Inspiration a restaurant also in Katipunan, Quezon City. My Online Franchise signing at Home Of Franchise in Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong City. Also my last day in Manila after six weeks of vacation.

“Sweet Inspirations is a restaurant, bakeshop, and catering company along Katipunan in Quezon City. Sweet Inspirations continues to serve its customers after 30 years of service. This was their first branch which is one of the oldest and long-standing establishments along Katipunan Avenue, a short commercial strip now dominated by food chain giants, Sweet Inspirations has created and maintained a following among families, professionals, and students of neighboring communities and institutions.”



👩‍🍳Summer spots in Vienna. The instant holiday feeling in the city. During the summer months, people like to seek refuge in the cool water or end the evening in a relaxed atmosphere. Although Vienna is not known to be on the sea, the big city still offers various places where you can switch off a little and are right on the water. And for some, it’s even worth packing your swimming trunks! Just like here in Seestadt at 22 District of Vienna cold drinks makes our afternoon summer vacation feeling. The next stop is another gastronomic adventure at Tozi Korean restaurant. Wherein the first time we tried this Mala Chicken. Gives me the idea to try it cooking at home. Chillen with my nice and dogs, ice cream time at Mariahilfer Strasse.



Throwback, some of my home food prepping during the time my cousin Gie and her son was with us. During their Europe vacation.

That was linner, the first meal I prepared for my cousin Gie and her son. Oven trout, salad, Sarma ( stuffed cabbage), and knuckle of pork (Stelze) and because we are Filipinos rice is a must!

Here again brekky with boiled Frankfurter, toast bread, strawberry in sour cream, coffee and tea. The time my cousin Gie and her son took their vacation in Vienna. Of course my doggy Mary and Riyad also on the picture.

My spaghetti requested by Noah, Gie’s son (cousin). Bolognese is the sauce I made for them with grana padano cheese plus salad and sliced apples. Someone requested for coffee and tea too.

Food memories brekky a la Pinoy (Filipino) too heavy never again! Imagine; fried rice, longganisa, fried tuyo, scrambled eggs, sunny side egg, and for dipping vinegar with chili spicy of course plus tea and coffee Jesus Christ! What unhealthy life style never again!



One weekend in Venice in February 2012, still a little bit coolly, but full charm!
My daughter and I we spend our last weekend in Venice with my NOYTUBE BFF Dana and with her daughter too. We explored the main attractions — St. Mark’s Square. We did a gondola ride, enjoyed gelato!
We dined sumptuously and sucked up every moment in this oh-so-beautiful place. Make some shopping, moments which my daughter and I love most. The rest of the story is told in the photographs that follows.

This was my daughter’s dinner Tagliatelle a la Bolognese, before we took the ride of ferry boat from venice to Punta Sabbioni. Porta Sabiona, from here one takes the public means of transport like motor boats and – boats, which bring one directly to the Markusplatz. Departure every 30 minutes. Who would like to take a vacation time for it, a ship already mounts Cavallino in Treporti at the peninsula. From there one brings you also to the islands of San Francesco del Deserto, Burano, Torcello and Murano. They cannot miss the ship stop on Punta Sabbioni. If you with the car journeys drive you a long long road dead-straight on it too.

This time of year, Venice becomes a place where you can become a different person and have a different personality by wearing a mask. People dress up from head to toe in costume and elaborate masks and walk around the city.

We had free time to explore the canals, and stop in some mask shops before we met back up with the whole group with the ferryboat!

Venice is an ideal city to walk in. Have a walk outdoors through the most characteristic and important places for the history of Venice. The Palazzo Ducale represented for centuries the seat of the Venetian political power. The Basilica de San Marco one of the most majestic cathedrals of the world!
St. Mark’s Square or piazza San Marco, Italy is one of the world’s most famous squares. The Ponte di Rialto or Rialto bridge has achieve iconic status in a city well known for incredible sights. Rialto Bridge in Venice was the only of its kind to cross the Grand Canal. Nowadays it stands alongside St. Mark’s square as a top Venice attraction, ferrying most every tourist in the city across its stony backside, just like us.

When most people think of Venice, they think of gondola rides. And if you just think about them in the abstract, they sound like they’d be dreamy and romantic, right? That it’s absolutely one of those things you “have to” do when you’re in Venice, so we did!
Going on a gondola ride in Venice is magical, especially going through the tiny canals and ending up in the main river.

For us, riding a gondola in Venice is the kind of thing that made our trip to the canal city complete. Seeing that romantic connotations associated with a gondola ride in Venice – one time of day or in one part of the city was a very different experience than other times or from other places.