Christmas markets. Vienna is so beautiful at Christmas time From mid-November to Christmas, the loveliest squares in Vienna are once again transformed into magical Christmas markets. The scent of Christmas baking, hot punch, and roasted almonds are in the air. The old town and shopping streets are decorated with festive lights and put the city in the Christmas spirit.


👩‍🍳 Event gastronomy in Vienna, the culinary attractions in Vienna are diverse. If you are looking for something for everyone who is enthusiastic about a meal with a high entertainment value and event character, Vienna has a lot to offer. But these are small Restaurants in the city that are run by Asian people whom we love to try from time to time. Exempted is the Vegan ice which is run by Austrian and the Krah Krah Restaurant in the First District of Vienna which I tried with my ex-colleague. First Stop, lunch at Krah Krah Restaurant run by Austrian. 1980s Ale pub with the garden serving international food and drink including giant sandwiches. Rabensteig 8 A-1010 Vienna

The next one is one of our favourite Restaurants near Naschmarkt. With authentic Asian Cuisine. Restaurant Chinazentrum Zhong Xin For more than 15 years they have been spoiling guests from all over the world with traditional Chinese food and drinks at the Naschmarkt in 1060 Vienna. A Far Eastern ambience awaits you in our restaurant. “Zhongxin” means centre and their first location from 2002-to 2014 was on Rechte Wienzeile 29, 1040 Vienna. In 2014 they relocated to 1060 Vienna. Linke Wienzeile 44 1060 Vienna

The third one is Soya Noodles their meals are inspired by simple Asian cuisine. Prepare them daily from fresh ingredients and they do not use glutamate. They love coconut, ginger, chilli and Thai basil, so you can find them in most of their meals. Amerlingstraße 19, A-1060 Vienna

The last one is the Veganista Ice Cream. Run by two sisters who have been vegan for over 20 years and have been passionately pursuing a big dream: to produce honest and delicious ice cream. No artificial flavours, colours or powders. Simply the best ice cream with the best ingredients. Amerlingstraße 19, Vienna

🇮🇹VICITACITY MILAN- MEETUP WITH  @johncel Vlog sa Italy 🧳iTravel

👩‍🍳This time we visited Navigli Canal, which is fast becoming one of Milan’s most popular neighbourhoods, but there’s more to do here than see the canals from which the area takes its name. Also, we went to the Arch of peace which the Italians call “Arco Della Pace”, also we visited the “Santa Maria Delle Grazie” where you can find Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper (Church of Holy Mary of Grace Chiesa di Santa Maria Delle Grazie) and meet up with my fellow Youtuber @johncel Vlog sa italya. Then we went to Chocolate Shop near Doumo. It was full of fun even though only for a short period of time. Nice meeting you Maricel. See you soon again.


👩‍🍳What to eat before mega march? The day before the mega march, it is best to eat carbohydrate-rich food. Carbohydrates provide you with a lot of the energy that you need for hiking. Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in the muscles and liver, making them light for the body. But in this case we just had light breakfast in the morning and we took more water with us for drinking. To be specific water lemon. Water with lemon juice thats all to drink for in between so with our dogs. We had our lunch at Pizzeria Palermo, downing some carbohydrates then. We don’t feel hungry during hiking water to drink was just enough for us. How about you how do you prepare yourself for hiking? Share us on the comment section below, I would love to hear your tips and advise.


👩‍🍳Mochoritsch – is not a conventional restaurant. It is a family-run inn with a heart, with products from their own fields. It forms a bridge to the south, where you can enjoy the alpine-Adriatic food culture. Coming back home from Tuscany, Italy we dropped by here to have our late lunch and dinner in one. I got my perch fish with potatoes and salad, while hubby had pork fillet with fries and salad too.

My hubby who meatatarian got this pork fillet with fries and salad as side dish. For him meat tastes really good than fish and vegetables. It provides precious protein, and it’s packed with fatty calories, an important consideration when food sources were precarious.

Perch fish and potatoes

Me the fish, seafoods and vegetables lover. I got perch fish again. eating this fish 5 days in a row.😅 I am a pescatarian, meaning term pescatarian was coined in the early 1990s and is a combination of the Italian word for fish, “Pesce,” and the word “vegetarian.”


👩🏻‍🍳Enhance springtime at Klinik Penzing where I work. The Penzing Clinic is located in the 14th district of Penzing on Baumgartner Höhe. It is a hospital that was founded in this form on August 1st, 2000. Five previously independent institutions of the Viennese health care system were merged: the special nursing home, now the social pedagogical centre Baumgartner Höhe, the neurological hospital of the city of Vienna Maria-Theresien-Schlössl, the nursing home Sanatoriumstraße, the psychiatric hospital Baumgartner Höhe and the pulmonary centre Baumgartner Höhe. The departments remained unchanged and were combined into centres. With a huge area like garden.


👩‍🍳A sort of tourism that is based on visiting food festivals, restaurants and special places in order to taste a special and not so special type of food, to watch the food being produced or to eat food cooked by a famous chef, and today it is quite popular also for me as an individual. My family always loves it if I bring them with me anywhere where I decided to try something. But most of the time hubby and I. I don’t want to sound like an epicure, but when it comes to food my love is there at the highest level sometimes I am delighted in fine food. I hope you like this video for today, thank you so much for joining me. If you live in the vicinity of Vienna, this is for you.










We went to ENGELHARTSTETTEN in Nietherösterreich, to visit Brownie our doggy who lives by my friend Luz. It‘s been a while since I brought my doggy to Luz. I think it is four years ago. We miss this doggy so much. He always sleeps with hubby he likes to be close to him. Can sleep well around hubby. Where ever hubby goes around he follows him. I remember the time he‘s still a baby dog he always sleeps on hubby’s lap especially by watching tv. He loves belly rubs simply because he feels good. Now he‘s seven years of age the third son of our dogs Riyad and Riyana. The trust he gives to us is an indication of his deep love for us. Thank you so much ate Luz for taking care of Brownie. We will miss this doggy always.

Brownie 🐶 and me 😍