🇮🇹VICITACITY MILAN- MEETUP WITH  @johncel Vlog sa Italy 🧳iTravel

👩‍🍳This time we visited Navigli Canal, which is fast becoming one of Milan’s most popular neighbourhoods, but there’s more to do here than see the canals from which the area takes its name. Also, we went to the Arch of peace which the Italians call “Arco Della Pace”, also we visited the “Santa Maria Delle Grazie” where you can find Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper (Church of Holy Mary of Grace Chiesa di Santa Maria Delle Grazie) and meet up with my fellow Youtuber @johncel Vlog sa italya. Then we went to Chocolate Shop near Doumo. It was full of fun even though only for a short period of time. Nice meeting you Maricel. See you soon again.



Naples, Napoli, Neapel, Napolitana, I don’t know how you call it is the third largest Municipality in Italy.  They said public health conditions in the city were poor.  We are so blessed what we have here in Vienna.  And was the most bomed city in Italy during world war 2.  Jesus Christ! Sorry for this review.😏


Piazza del Plebiscito (picture above) is the main city square.  For me was not that exciting scenery, eventhough I’m that type who has big interest with culture, history and museums what Nations matter.  It is a comparison of just like an abandoned place or a dead society.  I could not feel what ever excitement or interesting topics or area which derives the so called what nations matter.  Maybe was not enough time to get know the place, but I tell you frankly, I don’t have any plan at all to comeback not even for a short period of time.  This was only a part what we have seen, there’s a lot more about the place.   The square is good used for open-air concerts.  It is really huge enough to accommodate concert-goers. With my cousin Gigi and her son, during their one month vacation here in europe.

Here glimpse of Cinque Terre, Pisa Tower, Sinopie Museum, and Pisa Baptistory in 🇮🇹Italy with my daughter Diana-Grace. One among our travel diary together. Eat well, travel often folks!🤗 See the world 🌍🌎🌏



Hubby and I, we visited the Sunday flea market at Schwechat. One of the biggest flea market outside Vienna which we love to visit during Sundays on summertime. That have lots of private sellers from families emptying their basements or attics!  Easy to reach, if you will go with car relatively easy parking  and mostly something for everyone. Here is their facebook page for more INFO check it out:

To watch the video just click down here; Thanks 😀

Got up around 6 in the morning we walked from home at 5th District of Vienna to Schwechat took us 2 hours and 19 minutes it was 11,1 km. Good job for me to fight diabetes. Looking forward to do something like this as often as I can, it was fun and a very  healthy idea to boost my eagerness to maintain my sugar level into healthy side.

Grilled Chicken at Brauhaus Schwechat – iCookiTravel

And we end up to brunching at this corner in Brauhaus Schwechat. Grilled haft chicken landed on the table which is usually served with potatoe or cabbage salad with semmel, an austrian roll. Not in picture and video. Happy Sunday everyone!