„Eating as Medicine.“ Started my day with Ginseng tea, help against fatigue and prevent cold. The root is proven tonic, which strengthens the immune system, and stimulates the metabolism makes the body generally more resistant to stress and other harmful influences. I drink this tea haft an hour before breakfast.

Smashed banana with yogurt and chia seed

Then had my brekky smashed banana with yogurt and chia seed. An hour after meal I drink turmeric tea, has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and is therefore used to prevent and treat diseases such as the metabolic syndrome or cancer. Turmeric also has a strong antioxidant effect.


2pcs Banana

2tbsp Chia seeds

250g Yogurt with 1% fat

Ashitaba tea

Drink Ashitaba tea, two hours after meal. Ashitaba has been claimed to be an anti-oxidant, anti- cancer and anti- diabetic agent.

Pak choi with Sardines and Apple

For lunch I just had Pak Choi with Sardines and Apple. No carb at all. After that had my Oolong tea specially in the afternoon. Oolong tea prevented fatty liver induced high fat diet.


a bunch of Pak Choi

thumb-sized Ginger

5 cloves Garlic

half teaspoon Coconut oil

1can Mega Sardines




It is common for people to collect things from places they travel to. Fridge magnets seem to be a very popular one. It reminds me the places I had been. But not only magnets but also my mugs.

STARBUCKS MUG from Stanbul brought by my daughter – iCookiTravel

Sunday afternoon snack, apple strudel plus a Starbucks mug of coffee gave me a possitive vibes! My Starbucks mug brought to me by my daughter from Stanbul, Turkey early 2014. Beside from tea lover sometimes I drink coffee too with hubby, just like today I baked apple strudel for snack and my hubby prepared coffee for us. 🙂

This is my third collection among Starbucks mug. Many Starbucks fanatics out there are already familiar with the underground movement of collecting Starbucks Mugs. For sure there are thousands of people collecting these mugs all over the world and I am one among them. It has been mentioned there are different categories or series out there namely: City Mugs Series, Archetect Series and Global Series. So, which among of these you are collecting for? Happy Sunday everyone! 🙂



Hopefully you are enjoying your day Vienna, eventhough it is a rainy day outside. If you feel like spending the rainy days doing something productive, inside at home or office that better way to warm up. Like us here we are just having our brunch.

STARBUCKS MUG from Barcelona brought to me by my daughter – iCookiTravel

Brunch with hubby, egg-rice with garlic and tomatoe plus a mug of coffee. Happy rainy Thursday everyone!
Mug is from Starbucks as souvenir from Barcelona last October 2014. My fourth mug from Starbucks direct from Spain.  The mug which will be featured on 9th Day was my third mug from starbucks. Having a starbucks mug at home and with our brunch, is not just like seating inside a starbucks branch with coffee task and service and a place to rest for a few minutes.



Another Starbucks mug which was brought to me by my daughter in December 2014 from Prague, Czech Republic. She and her best friend stayed for a weekend there and enjoyed the city for just two days. Travelled by car for about four hours excluding rest or break.

My STARBUCKS MUG from Prague – iCookiTravel

My second mug from Starbucks. The first Starbucks Branch in Czech was opened on  January 22, 2008 in Malostranské náměstí. Their people claiming that not just passionate purveyors of coffee, but everything else that goes with a full and rewarding coffeehouse experience. They also offer a selection of premium Tazo teas, fine pastries and other delectable treats to please the taste buds. And the music you hear in store is chosen for its artistry and appeal. It’s not unusual to see people coming to Starbucks to chat, meet up or even work. It is a neighborhood gathering place, a part of the daily routine – and they couldn’t be happier about it. Get to know their branch and you’ll see: they are so much more than what they brew. I’ve been there for so many times, not only for a weekend as well just for shopping hours. One among neighbour country of Austria.

Sipping my Lavender Tea product of Sidroga. The tea treat for rest and relaxation.
Overloading, Pressure, Stress and Restless rushing you through the day. Finally, only in the evening is time to turn off everything. The pleasant taste is new to enjoy a special tea from real lavender flowers. Lavender as a tea or bath additive smells of relaxation and summer evening in Provence and is also known as the “blue gold South of France”. Its versatility makes it particularly valuable and popular.




This mug brought to me by hubby from Berlin. He got it from Rahmel-Verlag Souvenir shop. It is not the price of the mug wthat counts but the love and faithfulness in it. Knowing that I am a mug collector, remembering me and bringing home is priceless.

Mug from BERLIN, Germany, brought by hubby – iCookiTravel

Sipping my tea now, berries with cocoa shell product of Sidroga organic. What could be better than a freshly made, aromatically fragrant cup of tea from sidroga? Precision craftsmanship with a view to a variety of flavors is evident in every variety. Thus you can enjoy traditional tea produced in an ecologically clear conscience. The pleasure even in terms of sustainability. Experience the purity of Japanese tea culture! Keep calm enjoy your tea Folks! 🙂



Monday afternoon after seven and half hours duty I need a mug of tea. Got this tea from our wellness at work for free. Not bad… try it once and now enjoying it!
Going back to work after the festive period can be trying, stressful and exhausting, sipping my tea now can help me getting excited again.

Mug from ERSTINGS-FAMILY.AT – iCookiTravel

My mug is from Erstings Family- My Home
I bought it from the shop year 2014, I got myself in light blue, light green (in the picture) and two red for my daughter. That huge mug I love it 🙂

I’m having white tea mixture from Sidroga- Organic with Vanilla flavor. Picked by hand, the elaborate workmanship and its low fermentation make white tea so special. Silky fluff surrounds the unopened tea buds and thus gives this unusual tea its name. Aromatic organic vanilla pieces harmonize in my white tea mixture with cheerful yellow sunflower blossoms and round its nuanced flavor from noble. Source;



My ever first Starbucks Mug, 2008 Christmas Holiday Limited Edition 12oz Mug with Candy Cane Handle. I got two of them one for hubby and one for me 🙂
Every year Starbucks releases numerous Christmas themed mugs of varying shapes and sizes.

My christmas STARBUCKS MUG – iCookiTravel

My Riyanah, drinking milk from my coffee mug — at Dolly’s Kitchen At 10Th District.
I love this edition because of Candy Cane Handle ❤ ❤ ❤
With this mug I love to have my cafe latte. Traditionally the cafe latte is a ratio of two parts coffee and one part steamed milk, mine is the other way around two parts steamed milk and one part coffee. LOL… That is the reason why my doggie Riyanah loves it too.



My first tea mug for this new year 2016. A souvenir from London brought to me by my son as a memento of his stay at Cambridge way back year 2010. Modern mugs, which are most commonly used for coffee or tea, likely envolved from beer steins. I love mugs because of their size, have thick walls and flat bottoms.

My Tea Mug from London brought by my son – iCookiTravel

Enjoying my black tea with milk. Just like Indians sell very strong tea with condensed milk on street corners, as “Pick-me-up”. They said would be better for our health if I drink with honey and lemon, like Russians. Sometimes I drink green tea with nothing added like so many Japanese and Chinese. Specially during meal time in winter season. When it comes to food and health, it is becoming increasingly difficult to follow all studies advice. I just go with my instinct, a mug of black tea with milk I find it relaxing while seating on my bed corner with my notebook in pajama.