I just want to share to all, my own VERSION of making SUSHI 🙂
This article is about Japanese cuisine.
In Japanese cuisine, sushi is vinegar rice, usually topped with other ingredients, such as fish. Sliced raw fish alone is called sashimi, as distinct from sushi. Combined with hand-formed clumps of rice, it is called nigirizushi. Sushi served rolled inside or around nori (dried and pressed layer sheets of seaweed or algae) is makizushi. Toppings stuffed into a small pouch of fried tofu is inarizushi. Toppings served scattered over a bowl of sushi rice is called chirashi-zushi.


* 4 to 5 cups of cooked Japanese rice (cooled to room tenperature)
* 1 ripe Mango cut into strips
* few stalks of Cilantro or Coriander
* 2 tbsps. Vinegar
* about 6 Nori Sheets
* 1 kg Shrimps
* 1 Cucumber
* 250 g smoked Salmon, cut into strips
* wasabi powder
* some pickled sushi ginger
* light soy sauce for sushi
* maybe you need also bamboo mat for rolling!


* Season 4 to 5 cups of cooked and cooled Japanese rice with 2 tbsps. of rice vinegar stir to blend well.
Mango cut into strips, smoked salmon as well. Chopped the cilantro or coriander. Cooked the shrimps and peeled, peeled and cut the cucumber lengthwise. Mix the wasabi powder with a little ammount of cold water to make it paste.

* Lay a sheet of nori on a plate (or on a bamboo mat if you have one) and spread the seasoned rice over it. Towards one edge, lay the filling you want, smoked salmon and mango strips, with cilantro or without, cucumber, shrimps or pickled ginger. Roll the nori, jelly roll style, as firmly and as tightly as you can.

* Cut each “log” into 3/4 inch slices with a wet knife. Serve with light (Japanese) soy sauce and wasabi paste.



Due to the celebration of my dauhgter’s passing the theory examination for her driver’s licence we visited this week for lunch mango restaurant, located at Kundratstraße in the 10th Districe where we leave – (Favoriten). You can park free of charge in the basement garage.

The restaurant was not full, but still more visited than I would have thought. We had a table almost directly at the salad bar, which has shortened us conveniently to Maki and Sushi. That was my starter!
The Maki (cucumber, salmon, crab meat and mango) Sushi (salmon) were really good and always brought fresh.
Appetizers like spring rolls, etc. and main dishes were at the buffet.

I am counting on only a few things: shrimp in a sort of batter were for my taste not exciting and unfortunately too long fried, fried noodles, fried rice, chicken eight treasures also not the thriller, beef in a dark sauce you can get everywhere, taste not different than at other Asian restaurants, fish chips and a few other dishes.

Top up was the baked bananas with honey or banana in batter. They were good, one of my fave. Served as dessert!
Then the coconut, chocolate or cacao and mango pudding not so great, I’ve eaten honestly better both, then the sweet and sour soup for my two kids was not good it taste after too much pepper. Then which I imagine among them brazenly just a marble Gugelhupf cake (bought), canned fruit, fresh melon and orange.
Funnily is joined to the Pan peanut curls, Soletti, and butterkeks. Rather, we wrap the cloak of silence about it!

The Teppanyaki: the procedure is fool-proof. You filled your plate with for example; meat like beef, chicken or pork, seafoods like shrimps, mussels and fish, vegetables like broccoli, carrots soybean sprouts, cabbage, noodles, selects one of the approximately 7 sauces and give it to the cook at tepanyaki counter the waiters will bring it back at your table when finish. The ingredients have looked all quite appealing, you can’t say of course the fish and the meat were as fresh in the State.
Not further bad. The selected sauce was a red Thai sauce, which would have to be particularly sharp.
In the overall assessment of the dishes could I decide not quite between moderate and well, wanted to be but then not too strict.

The ambiance is quite nice. The place is clean, new look. The staff was friendly and good.
For three buffet, one mineral water, two iced tea lemon and three big glasses of normal water we have paid around 30€, which is very fine, as we found.