What’s cooking?

I’m trying for the first time this recipe of pocket crab 🦀 with spicy chili 🌶 and red bell pepper seasoned with salt and red-hot chili 🌶 sauce. For hubby’s viand tonight’s dinner..

It was a huge and beautiful crab claw, shell was perfectly cracked by hubby and juicy meat inside. With the sweet red-hot chili sauce makes the sauce so yummy!

Huge crab in chili sauce-iCookiTravel


* 1 pc. Pocket Crab 🦀 huge, cut into four

* 1 pc. Red bell pepper

* 3 pcs. green chili, hot or spicy

* 4 cloves Garlic, peeled and chopped

* 2 small Onion, peeled and sliced (I used 1 red and 1 white)

* some olive oil

* salt or patis (fish sauce) and sweet-hot chili sauce to taste


***  Heat a pan, add some olive oil and saute garlic, onion, green chili, and bell pepper, then add the crab. Half way done add sweet chili sauce, season with salt or patis (fish sauce). GUTEN APPETIT!


🇵🇭MANTIS SHRIMPS ( Alupihang Dagat) with VEGETABLES


MANTIS SHRIMPS or Alupihang Dagat – iCookiTravel

The story:  Mantis shrimps or “alupihang daga”t in tagalog is from Realto market in Venice.   It is almost  4 euro per kilo unlike the price here in Vienna is between 9 up to 12 euro per kilo. Hubby and I we bought lots of seafoods from that market aside from shrimps.  While the okra and eggplant is from la Boquiria market in Barcelona the Anchovy Sauce as well.   I got it from M & M Supermercado in Barcelona own and run by our fellow countryman.  Pumpkin is from the province of Niederöstereich outside Vienna.  The only vegetables which is from Vienna is the spinach even coconut milk is an import from Thailand. Would you believe that!   Happy Cooking and GUTEN APPETIT!



** a Kilo Mantis Shrimps or half,  if you prefer

** a small Pumpkin

** okra, about 6 pcs.

** 2pcs. Eggplant, small

**  half a kilo Spinach

** some Olive oil

** 1 can Coconut Milk

** a Thumb-sized Ginger

** 1 Onion

** 4 to 5 cloves crushed Garlic

** 2 tbsp. Anchovy Sauce (or Patis if you prefer)

** 1 Tbsp. Vinegar with Chili

HOW To…….



There are two easy and popular ways of cooking crabs in the Philippines. We either steam them or cook them with a little oil. Anyway, both are good :pump-:) It is just as simple as that, pero masarap!
Remembering my late nanay, one of her favorite. She used to buy it every 4 to 5 pm in Pantaleon street during that time in Mandaluyong at my younger age (high school days). When the “manlalako” came from Navotas with fresh items to sale. Two kilos for us only 3 people!…hahahaha…nanay loves it very much, she could finished a kilo of it alone.



* about 1kg crabs (Alimasag)
* some water
* some salt
* some olive oil

* some soy sauce
* some vinegar
* finely chopped garlic
* finely chopped onion
* chilli pepper (optional for those who wants it hot!)
* some sugar


1.) To steam the crabs, place the crabs in a wide skillet or work then pour the water over them and add some salt. Set over high heat and bring to a boil. Lower the heat let the steam finish cooking the crabs. They should be fully cooked in about 6-7 minutes.

2.) Alternatively, heat 3 tablespoons of cooking oil in a large skillet. When smoking, add the whole crabs and sprinkle with a tablespoonful of rock salt. Cook over high heat for about 7-8 minutes, tossing the crabs often.

3.) Serve the crabs with a dunking sauce made with vinegar, soy sauce, chopped garlic and onions, chili pepper (optional for those who don’nt want it hot) and sugar. ENJOY your crabs!



The Nautilus spoils its guests with fish and seafood, which looks not only excellent but also the taste. In addition, with much sensitivity prepared dishes, friendly service is one of the key to success of Nautilus, which their visitors as guests come but lets go back home as friends.
The Nautilus Restaurant – A beautiful gift to all sweet market visitors at Naschmarkt.

This was our family lunch in Nautilus Restaurant at Naschmarkt last week during hubby’s day off. A fish Restaurants which suffused the taste of the whole family regarding seafoods that day!

All about Nautilus; The opening of the restaurant took place in August 2007, an Armenian is its chef Sabu Topallar, was born in Istanbul, active since 1977 in Vienna and since 1981 at the Naschmarkt with different companies. He is a great expert and professional of upscale restaurants and established with this restaurant a new Kingdom. His passion is the fish.

Vehbi Esmek, which supports the Nautilus team since January as Managing Director serves as the right hand of Sabu Topallar.

Fish, soup, daily fresh desserts and seasonal side dishes and excellent wines by exclusively Austrian winemakers such as Pfaffl, Juritschitsch, Tscheppe, Markovich, Nigl, saddlery, Tement are represented. A small excerpt from the menu: Riesling soup with fish deposit, antipasti, fish steaks, whole fish such as Branzino, Knurrhahn, sea bream, sole, turbot, Scorpion fish, St. Peter – this wonderful side dishes like herb risotto, rosemary potatoes, spinach, eggplant salad in Mediterranean way. The conclusion of your visit to Nautilus could be a Panna cotta or a Schokosouflet with lemon mascarpone creme. Chef Anati Petzke (formerly “black camel”) prepared all the delights before your eyes and advise in the fulfilling special requests.

A beautiful gift to all sweet market visitors of the head of the House in the new building has allowed build its local – a spotlight on the roof of the Nautilus illuminated the Johann Nepomuk Chapel. He stressed that he wanted to send a signal as a Christian and wants to enjoy all sweet market visitors with this idea.

Nautilus facts at a glance. Daily lunch menus available at the Nautilus between 11 and 15: 00 two to choose.
There are the Nautilus Oyster Bar every Saturday from 11-4 pm depending on season.
Better to place reservation before hand, especially in the winter time.
For bigger fish for 3-5 persons is asked to pre-order 2 days earlier.
They also prepared to order in salt crust, for this purpose but also need their pre-order