Watertuin is a restaurant located in the 11th District of Vienna. It’s not only a restaurant for every taste but also welcomes guests of all ages. They offer the perfect location no matter what the occasion! While the children let off steam on their playground, the parents can enjoy their stay to the fullest. For the hunger and thirst in between, they have enough children’s dishes/drinks in our range! Whether celebrations on a grand scale or a relaxed dinner with the family with over 500 seats and 6 separate booths, we offer the perfect location for every occasion! Eat all you can, the ambiance is so nice and clean. What a huge place for celebrations.



👩‍🍳 Event gastronomy in Vienna, the culinary attractions in Vienna are diverse. If you are looking for something for everyone who is enthusiastic about a meal with a high entertainment value and event character, Vienna has a lot to offer. But these are small Restaurants in the city that are run by Asian people whom we love to try from time to time. Exempted is the Vegan ice which is run by Austrian and the Krah Krah Restaurant in the First District of Vienna which I tried with my ex-colleague. First Stop, lunch at Krah Krah Restaurant run by Austrian. 1980s Ale pub with the garden serving international food and drink including giant sandwiches. Rabensteig 8 A-1010 Vienna

The next one is one of our favourite Restaurants near Naschmarkt. With authentic Asian Cuisine. Restaurant Chinazentrum Zhong Xin For more than 15 years they have been spoiling guests from all over the world with traditional Chinese food and drinks at the Naschmarkt in 1060 Vienna. A Far Eastern ambience awaits you in our restaurant. “Zhongxin” means centre and their first location from 2002-to 2014 was on Rechte Wienzeile 29, 1040 Vienna. In 2014 they relocated to 1060 Vienna. Linke Wienzeile 44 1060 Vienna

The third one is Soya Noodles their meals are inspired by simple Asian cuisine. Prepare them daily from fresh ingredients and they do not use glutamate. They love coconut, ginger, chilli and Thai basil, so you can find them in most of their meals. Amerlingstraße 19, A-1060 Vienna

The last one is the Veganista Ice Cream. Run by two sisters who have been vegan for over 20 years and have been passionately pursuing a big dream: to produce honest and delicious ice cream. No artificial flavours, colours or powders. Simply the best ice cream with the best ingredients. Amerlingstraße 19, Vienna



O Mary, full of grace of Peñafrancia‘s shrine, In thee our hope we place, O Lady most devine.

Viva la Virgen!

The 17th Penafrancia Fluvial Procession in Dürnstein, Austria 🇦🇹 From Vienna to Stift Dürnstein. Peñafrancia Fluvial Festival in Philippines 🇵🇭 reflects the local faith and retualistic specialty of the region. Celebrated in Naga City, Bicol region of Philippines, a legendary patroness is paid tribute to. With bff Dana👭 and hubby.

Best brekky ever on this day, best throwback brekky at Wildflour restaurant in Makati City. With niece Jennifer and daughter Diana-Grace. Try it Folks!🤗

Dinner 🍽 date with my son Ronald-Louis, at Gondola. I miss him so much❣️Son and daughter….… when they were young they were always with us. Remembereing those days……. Now, they ‘re both grown up (adult) actually 26 and 25 years of age not even a call doesn’t take place. But anyway it is good to know that they’re both OK! And can live the life they want.

Finally! After 36 years together again with my high school bff 👯 and her hubby. Having lunch 🍴 with Ferdie and Lea in Mandaluyong City with my daughter and hubby. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.😇

Foodies at District 8 Manila “Expect to enjoy a fusion of international flavors and wide array of drinks while enjoying music by renowned DJs and live performances.” Take it from me Folks, drop by to try it!🤗

Great place to have KareKare and more Filipino classic dishes. What I love most is their “ensaladang ampalaya” ( bitter melon salad). Good morning 🌞 Vienna 🤗



About one and half century of hit at the Vienna Graben with 70 seats in air-condition restaurant and almost 200 seats at sidewalk Cafébar 365 days a year open with traditional Viennese and international cuisine continuously from 8 am for their guests.

Hang out with friends 👫👭👭 with Tagalog Song entitled „Sa Lumang Simbahan“ listen 👂 how I changed the lyrics to the last part!🤪🤣 Will be a part of memories which I hold close to my heart. 💙 Because real friends are gold ones.

Thank you to Shirley and her band for the music 🎶 which provides joy, inspired and uplifted everyone. Surely we’ll coming back the next set up. Can’t wait to dine in again with hubby.

Yummy food like spareribs grilled on lava stone, with French Fries 🍟 and their homemade salad 🥗 and sauce.

Good friends👭👭👫good food, good music, and good times is happiness 💞💙 together we have it all. Isn’t that sweet?



Food and happiness.💕

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world 🌍🌏🌎——- J.R.R. Tolkien

Friyay lunch 🍴 at our fave cooking table ” Tippanyaki” 👍 with daughter and hubby.😇

Stand out “Bob Cut” my summer style 2019, thank you so much 😊 Alex Of Hair Fair 😘 I L💙VE it girl. 👧🏻

Was late lunch 🍴 for me, sea bream cooked👩‍🍳 in vinegar with chili 🌶 and eggplant 🍆 plus wild 😜 rice 🍚 in Tagalog “Pinaksiw”😅

Craving for this one, my brown rice fried with green peas and beaten eggs 🥚😇

Egg pasta 🍝 with zucchini and calabresse pesto. What does it mean “Calabresse Pesto”?

Is a mixture of red bell peppers, chili 🌶 grana padano cheese 🧀 and picorino Romano cheese 🧀 served with cucumber 🥒 for side dish.

Lentils with smoked ribs and spinach. I love lentils, it is highly recommended for diabetics. Due to the high fiber content, it enters to the blood slowly also high in protein content.

Boiled asparagus and poached egg 🥚 with Hollandaise sauce a diabetic meal.😇

Simple dish, ground meat mix with a little bit of pork belly, taro or “gabi” in Tagalog, chopped tomatoes 🍅 green peas, onion, and garlic. Homemade, home cook 👩‍🍳

“With clothes the new are the best, with FRIENDS 👭 👭 the old are the best. One is silver the other is gold.”

The day we tried something new for both of us, hair extension before flying back home for vacation. Unfortunately for me it doesn’t work, the following day I asked my Bff 👯 Dana to remove it for me because I can’t sleep. I got a headache 🤕 for the first night.🙈🤣

Thank you so much Bff 👯 Dana 😘 this reminds me our vacation time in the Philippines 🇵🇭 last September 2018.

Finally! After 36 years I got a chance to visit the place where childhood memories had its home 🏡 and end up craving for the street food at the corner.😋👍

Thank you 😘 so much for always being there for me❣️

Food is always a great experience that makes us even more closer though it’s a very simple dish. Hubby et moi💞😇



The psychology of menus. Trying different Restaurants in Vienna as frequent as I can with my bff, daughter and hubby. Vienna has something for every taste when it comes to what’s “In” from coffee hauses 🏘 Bars, Tavern, and Restaurants. Like from a modern European eatery, neighbourhood cafe’ or even a popular seafood restaurant which I love most. The start of my dining journey right this year.

Above here with my bff Dana, having our linner at Okiru Running Sushi 🍣 with tippanyaki buffet. Was great 👍 delicious delight and we had fun, fasting before visiting the place is highly recommend 🤣 because of “cook and eat all you can”!🍽😋✅

It is a bit expensive but it has a huge variation of food 🥘 and where the running Sushi 🍣 everything are fresh and you can also see how they prepared in the middle of the trendmill. Clean and treandy too. Most of all the staff are very accommodating and friendly.

#friendshipgoals Saturday good vibes😊 catching up with my bff Dana again as frequent as we can, at Fischviertel Restaurant in Naschmarkt. Who knows how life is in the future.

According to the owner, trust is extremely important to them – to maintain a personal relationship with their dealers and check the quality of their fishing 🎣 methods, breeding criteria and hygiene conditions on site. I mean about the seafoods they serve in the restaurant. The Crostian🇭🇷 Chef 👨‍🍳 of the restaurant will spoil you with the excellent dishes. It is freshly cooked from the kitchen, served by a friendly waiter, a good glass of wine 🍷 and you are happy. 😌 What I Love ❤️ most is a pot of mix mussels in white wine. Take it away from me Folks! 😊

We hardly find time to spend together.😒 But finally a mother – daughter afternoon at Crazy Lobster. Enjoyed our food 🥘 and drinks.🍹🍸🍷 Definitely we are coming back again.

Crazy Lobster is a steak 🥩 and lobster restaurant in the heart ♥️ of Vienna. It offers whole fresh Lobster, snow crab 🦀 steak 🥩 burger 🍔 soup 🥣 pasta 🍝 shrimp 🦐 🍤 salad 🥗 and cheesecake 🧀 for dessert 🍨 and many more. Ambient is great 👍 too.

Here finally! #brunching with my two kids at the Brickmakers Pub & Kitchen in seventh district of Vienna. The home of craft beer 🍻 and authentic American BBQ 🍗 🍖 near us. Brunch is usually served on weekends and holidays. They also have live band and DJ. Every Monday they have its famous Brisket serving with a side dish of your preference like potatoes 🥔 salad 🥗 red slaw, baked beans, corn 🌽 cobs, romaine lettuce, creamy Savoy cabbage with cardamom and croutons, Pilsner Urquell or Gold Fassl beer 🍻 fresh as you can get from their tanks. Go and visit them try their menus as well!😊

These are for a moment ☝️ will keep you updates on my next journey. Guten Appetit!



Here is a selection of my own personal ” favorite restaurants ” in Vienna. My family and I we often eat here when ever we had something to celebrate or just desire to eat. Price and portion for us is good.
The geographical position of Serbia and by the associated regional and national cultural exchanges, some dishes, cooking methods and ingredients have been acquired and integrated and adapted in their own kitchen, which developed mainly national versions or typical for the Balkan dishes. A traditional Serbian cuisine.


It is a classic Balkan restaurant with a very good kitchen. For us speaking of service or ordering, we are satisfied. I discovered this restaurant through my colleague Jana, then I brought my family during my birthday celebration last January 3 of this year since we love grill and fresh salad. Specially their cucumber and tomato salad which is so fresh with kaymak cheese, with huge portions and good fries & grill . Side dishes you have all extra – order but price was characterized very good.


Picture above was taken during the first time I visited this restaurant with my colleague Jana after our duty it was late lunch for both of us but we are both satisfied and that counts a lot. The thing is if you enjoyed the food and the athmospere for sure there will be a second time or even a third time and so on… Here I tried the so called “KARADORDE” or Karađorđeva šnicla. A Serbian breaded cutlet dish named after the Serbian Prince Karađorđe. It is a rolled veal or pork steak, stuffed with kajmak (Cream Cheese), and then breaded and fried. It is served with roasted potatoes and tartar sauce. With fresh salad, cucumber and tomatoe I love it! 🙂


Saloon Donauplex Restaurant

Here in Saloon Donauplex during birthday celebration of our son last January 5, while me on January 3. Yes on the same month, mother and son. 🙂
If you are interested about this restaurant check here out:



Tuesday, it’s a holiday! A holiday date with my two kids celebrating the feast of immaculate conception, is a public holiday in Vienna but shops are open.


After church service we had our late lunch in chinese restaurant which is located at Naschmarkt. Vegan and sweet & sour the soup we had.


I love shrimps garlic from this restaurant, cooked fresh and not too much oil. Also the steamed halibut fish with spring onions. While my kids had chicken fillet with vegetables in sweet sour sauce. You could have lunch for two person with two different viand and rice including soup at resonable price for only 13 euros. A very recommendable restaurant at Naschmarkt.


After our late lunch we had a walked at christmas market infront of Vienna’s city hall which is so popular specially for the tourists and the Christmas illumination in the Rathauspark. Was a pleasant and enjoyable afternoon for us. Sometimes you need to step outside get some fresh air,…



Again this is a very late update here it’s been a while no time for it. Also with my Youtube account, since google bought youtube I can’t log in with my youtube data always asking that I have to log in with my google account which I hate 😛

Anyway here I am again trying to give you some updates where I’ve been for the last few months, all about restaurants, food, hotels and more…

CENTIMETER is a Restaurant chain in Vienna.  Centimeter is just the right place to eat as much as one wants of everything that they serve!


Offers a varied cuisine with delicacies and dishes for all tastes and with fresh culinary ideas to match the season. Centimeter was founded in 1996 and its rustic charm have remained steadfast, until now so much has changed but the legendary Centimeter breads and good freshly tapped beer remained the same.The Centimeter stand for good home cooking and home cooked food, breads and meter long giant schnitzel (breaded Scalope), in the rustic ambienceSee for yourself and visit them. We went there last time when an old friend of mine with his colleague visited us who base in Saudi Arabia.

image_01It was dinner for us by that time, before we showed them the city we decided to have dinner first and we landed here- CENTIMETER at Rathaus. We had the “Sword”, or “THE SWORD” usually serve at Centimeter Restaurant here in Vienna. Consist of 6 pcs. breaded Scalope usually meat from veal but this one is turkey which is good less fat , 6 pcs. Cutlet, Crispy Chicken Wings, French Fries and very spicy Chili con Carne Viennese Style!

Afterwards had a walk around first district, had coffee at Starbucks, bought some Souvenirs, exchanging ideas and looking forward for the near future to have them bought again here in europe!



image_01Starting in the City of Bratislava, city trips for two was a gift from our two kids on our 25th wedding anniversary that was last May 24, of this year. We stayed at Lindner Hotel Gallery Central Bratislava.

Since we love to explore new cities and escape the stresses of the day just for a couple of hours we decided to have our break for two in beautiful Bratislava.
Photo above a view from our Hotel window on the 12th floor. The hotel is really a show, as it is located directly on the park Landscaped roof of the new Central shopping center. The majority of the rooms and the Bar & Lounge offers a fantastic views of the Old Town and Bratislava Castle, the symbol of the city. Centrally located and just a few minutes from the city center and you can admire the many sights of the city and leave us an enchanted by the charm of the eastern metropolis.
image_01On the following day we visited the old city which is not far from our Hotel. Where you can find almost all the embassy of different countries inside. Different restaurants as cultural diversity.


After a busy day then falls in your cozy bed, you will already making plans for the next day. After a relaxing night we enjoyed a rich breakfast buffet where we are strengthen for further exploring.

Chinese Restaurant inside Central. – iCookiTravel

And these was lunch and dinner inside Central which is behind our hotel. You couldn’t ask for more prices are very affordable and quantity as you could see on the picture above. Hubby and I we enjoyed it. Thank you so much to our Kiddos (two Kids), Ronald-Louis and Diana-Grace for this gift. ❤ ❤ ❤
For shopping Lindner Hotel is just ideal for you have direct access to more than 150 shops and boutiques where you can find something for you as remembrance throughout your trip. Discovered the Eastern Europe and let you from Bratislava under his spell at City trips for two.