👩‍🍳We don’t realize that we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun. The old ones are still the best old genes, old friends, old tunes, and old times. My high school BBFs whom I treasure. To the best couple, Ferdie and Lea aka Bhot thank you so much for hosting our 2022 bonding of the year. Really ❤️beyond grateful. Looking forward to our next bond of togetherness next year.



👩‍🍳This is Cube, our travel Diary. Basilica Minore del Santo Nino de Cebu and Magellan‘s Cross The military defence structure in Cebu in the pier area of the city. Heritage of Cebu, back from the time of Rajah Humabon to the recent beatification of the Cebuano martyr, Pedro Calungsod. Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Vitales, is a Roman Catholic Church. Plaza Independencia the changes of its name emulated its role in the history of Cebu. The park was called Plaza de Armas in the early 1600 and served as a public square used as military training and parade grounds. In front of SM Cebu, My brekky two cups „Taho“😋👍 You don’t need to be a doctor 🥼 👨‍⚕️ 👩‍⚕️ to immediately realize how we feel better when we are outside, in nature.😌



The day we visited the place where my mother came from. NABAS, AKLAN and since we were already in the Malay island of course we experienced Bora or Boracay, Antique particularly Idio and Tibiao too. At the same time reunited with my cousin Chona aka Ching and her kids. Had a wonderful time with relatives and the place is wonderful. Hope to come back soon for more exciting adventure and food tripping. Thank you for watching please don’t forget to subscribe.🤗



Last Saturday, not the day before last Sunday (March 15, 2014) an unusual breakfast was held at our home. Actually it is a brunch, because we got up late-Vienna Time – 14:17 (2:17 pm)!

Brealfast with fried rice and Talong inihaw

Fried rice with grilled eggplant seasoned with sauteed shrimp paste, tomatoes, spring onions and chili flakes. Beside grilled eggplant with beaten egg for my daughter! If you are living in the vicinity of europe this kind of breakfast or brunch is unusual, only exist in the Philippines 😛

Scrambled egg with bacon, sliced green bell pepper and apples for breakfast

Sliced green bell pepper and apple plus sliced brown bread and beaten egg with bacon is my daughter’s fave for this week!

Cheese, mini tomatoes and brown bread for breakfast

Cheese for breakfast, which first catches the eye. It is even more important, so that breakfast not only looks good, but also at least as good taste with mini tomatoes and brown bread.

Breakfast for my colleagues

This was breakfast I prepared for my colleagues at Baxter. And Jana, one of my fave colleague baked this poppyseed-apple cake. I tell you was so…good!
With all these variety cold-cuts which I brought, different kinds of pickeled olives, turkey cheese and gouda cheese, boiled eggs, semmel (the famous austrian ban), french roll (Baguett), sliced brown bread, plum jam, sliced bell peppers: red, green and yellow (which is not in the picture), and butter.

Gaby's birthday treat

While this above was a breakfast treat by Gaby, also one of my colleague at work. Also a heavy one but so exciting just like what I’d prepared two weeks ago. It gives us and makes efficient work easily that day. We had fun during that break time before we continue the Saturday duty. 🙂

Oatmeal and Coffee with cinnamon powder

Yesterday’s breakfast for both of us, daughter and I. Oatmeal is high in fiber was a delicious breakfast choice. They said Oatmeal is very healthy and should be in every diet plan. Especially for building muscle, oatmeal offer many advantages, which you should definitely take advantage of. Oatmeal reduce Cholesterol value. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to eat oatmeal regularly. Simple and easy to prepare. I add a little bit of Natreen (a brand for a sweetener) instead of sugar and cooked with milk and given a little bit twist with cinnamon powder just the same with my coffee, adde before serving. Have a try so you know what I mean 😉



Touch the tragic images of typhoon disaster in the Philippines. Hundreds of thousands of people are left without water, without food, without electricity or a roof over their head. World is now calling for donations. Numerous local celebrities want to help people as quickly as possible in the Philippines.

International helpfulness for Philippines is great – but China holds back.
After the devastating typhoon in the Philippines Haiyan China could do a lot with little effort for its image and present itself as a compassionate neighbor. But because one is at loggerheads with Manila , Beijing provides comparatively little help. Even the furniture company Ikea is more generous than the Middle Kingdom.

The volunteers from Caritas Austria and Andreas Thomas Preindl Zinggl site support local partners to plan the emergency measures such as the distribution of food , sleeping mats and hygiene kits in the Philippines.

First charge Facebook Likes reached the Philippines.
After the devastating typhoon in the Philippines, the first load of Facebook Likes has now reached the affected region . Thus, the international relief effort makes progress for the first time.
I think with these report all over EUROPE, our fellow Kababayans as well as the europeans did a lot from europe to help our mother land!
Even the private sector here in Austria and other neighbouring countries in europe!



The fish I am referring to is known scientifically by the name of Pachymetopon Grande or commonly known as Bronze Bream. Bronze Bream has got some close relative, known as Pachymetopon Aeneum or commonly known as Blue Hottentot or Copper Bream. This species looks very similar to the Bronze Bream excepting it is much more elongated.


I just want to introduce to you this kind of fish which is salable here in Europe. I did tried already for so many times to cook it with our very own “Talbos ng Kamote” (Camote Tops) and taste good! We always says; “parang nasa pilipinas ang lasa, malinamnam!” 🙂
With tomatoes and only salt to taste. I tell you “manamis-namis ang sabaw!”


* about 1 kg Red and Bronze Bream, cleaned
* 5 pcs. Green Tomatoes
* about a bunch of Camote Tops
* 1 Onion
* 2 cups of water
* Salt to taste


—Simply bring the 2 cups of water to a boil, once it boils add tomatoes and onion, cover for onother boiling point.

—Add fish and salt to taste. Simmer for about 5 minutes then add camote tops continue cooking until camote tops is done.

—Serve with patis and hot rice! So simple isn’t it?…..and you have a very healhty fish soup!



My hubby’s version of Biko!
I was craving for this few days ago and he promised he will do it for me. Said and done!
He was not so happy how it turned out but he said next time he will do it like his mother recipe they called it “ENKIWAR” (Ilocano version), but that’s another entry:-)

As you could see no “Latik” on top just plain biko. With this it reminds me my late nanay who used to cooked this during, fiesta, pasko and birthdays and all types of kakanin in the Philippines. That gives the native delicacy an infinite number of enjoyable possibilities.


* 2 cups glutinous rice
* 2 cups water
* 1 3/4 cups brown sugar
* 2 1/2 cups coconut milk


* Rinse the rice until water runs clear.
* In a pot, boil the rice and water. ( You can also use a rice cooker to do this procedure.)
* Bring to a boil, stir then cook in low heat for about 10 minutes. Set aside.
* In another pot, combine coconut milk and brown sugar. Bring to a boil.
* Add the cooked rice. Cook in low heat white stirring constantly until the rice mixture is almost dry and * very sticky. (about 30-40 minutes)
* Remove from heat.
* Transfer to a serving tray. Flatten the surface.
* You can top with latik (optional). Enjoy and Guten Appetit!



So you want to know how I cook chicken feet at home? A friend of mine was more than happy when I shared to her family my recipe. The one kilo feet are already cleaned when I bought it from f-eins in 23rd District of Vienna. Then I marinated, with orange juice, dark soy sauce, bayleaf, ginger, onions, some salt, and pepper for about 2 hours then braised until done and the sauce was thickened. See picture down here:)


Unlike what they usually do in the philippines which you could buy from sidewalk vendor or in any asian country. First marinate then braised!
While this down here I cooked it like adobo in barbecue sauce of mama sita’s with rice wine, bayleaf, chillis, onions, pepper corns and some salt. It is also a little bit hot!

My hubby and my daughter loves it both recipe! Specially hubby Hello his family used to use chicken feet in their soup and it was wonderful mostly his auntie Remy. He was raised on a farm, rice and vegetables etc. It is so nice to come across all these wonderful recipes isn’t it?
I remember in the Philippines all about chicken can be eaten like, liver, intestine, or giblet and feet. For some people may be considered fear factor food chicken feet but not for others just like us. They said it is naturally rich in collagen, which is beneficial for looking youthful so I have to cook this regularly…lol…