Vine spinach or Alugbati to us Filipinos. As I’m always mentioning I love green leafy vegetables, and this is one among them. Alugbati can be added to any other vegetables like here I got okra and chili. The tuna fillet is from the can and instead of fresh tomato, I added tomato paste. It Turned out good as you could see the sauce is so inviting. Hubby says alone the sauce is enough as viand. Simple cooking but satisfying.

“Eating as Medicine“ Malabar spinach is an edible vine that has a thick, crunchy texture and lemon-peppery flavor. Vine spinach or Alugbati to us Filipinos. As I’m always mentioning I love green leafy vegetables, and this is one among them. Alugbati can be added to any other vegetables here I got okra and Tuna fillet from a can. Added tomato paste instead of fresh tomato, seasoned with fish sauce. Quick easy meal prepping. Of course, eating with rice because we are Filipino.




Green, edgy and healthy Okra, also known as Ladyfingers or “Bhindi” in the Indian, contains valuable plant substances, but only very little calories and fat. … balance blood sugar. Okra helps with diabetes because it stabilizes the sugar level. Served with white rice for hubby for my daughter, niece and me we ate with brown-tomato rice.

Bhindi masala-okra


250g Okra

2pcs Tomatoe

2tbsp Linseed oil

5 cloves Garlic

1pc Onion

1tbsp Cumin powder

1tsp Coriander powder

1tsp Curcuma

1tbsp Curry powder

half a Lemon juice

Salt to taste

some Chili flakes




A 15 minutes cooking was tonight’s early dinner for my daughter and I. We both came back home from work and feeling so hungry for not having lunch today at work. But so happy for the weekend. The reason why I decided to cook what we have in the refrigerator. Found these; broccoli and okra so with a pack of beef meat.

Sauteed Broccoli and Okra – iCookiTravel

Sauteed Broccoli and Okra with beef meat, ginger, onion and seasoned with beef broth cube and a little bit of salt. Maybe for you it doesn’t look so tempting or appetizing but I tell you it taste so good and for a change it is not that bad. Vegetables are a healthy part of the diet of people who have type 2 diabetes. If you have this condition, you are encouraged to eat okra and broccoli. I often mentioned here about health benefits of okra for Diabetes now Broccoli as well is good for diabetes treatment and control, because of its excellent nutritional qualities. To understand how it benefits diabetics’ health, one must know a bit about diabetes. Diabetes is a disease where the body cannot absorb glucose from the food it digests.


* 1 head of Broccoli
* about 250g Okra
* 250g Beef meat, sliced thinly
* 1 pc. Onion
* a thumbe-sized Ginger, peeled and sliced
* some Canola Oil for Sautying
* 1 pc. beef broth cube
* some salt
* 1/4 cup of water


** heat a pan or skewers, add canola oil just enough for sautying meat, onion, ginger, broccoli and okra. Add some water cover and let it cook until meat and veggies done. Seasoned with beef broth cube and to adjust seasoning I use salt. Thats it. Happy cooking and guten appetit!



One who eats okra regularly, does a good favor for his/her intestinal organ. The green vegetables from Asia and Africa is on the rise in Europe. It proved its worth not only as a convertible ingredient in the kitchen, but unfolds as valued medicinal plant also its health giving powers. What is really there behind this miracle vegetable?
Because 80 percent of our immune system are located in the intestine as the largest defense bastion of the body it tries to defend the human body against harmful influences especially environmental toxins, dental toxins, mental stress. The intestine with its sensitive mucous membranes for a variety of diseases. If the digestive system is overloaded and advised the intestinal flora is out of balance, threatens a dysbacteriosis and symptoms such as intestinal inflammation, constipation, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome or even serious intestinal conditions such as celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and colon cancer as what professionals said.


I make Okra atleast twice a week. I love them just likt broccoli, spinach and bitter melon. This time I added pork belly for my family and eggplant too. The last I cooked it with beef meat and most of the time no meat for me.


Yields 4-6 Persons * 500g Okra (Half a Kilo) * 250g Pork Belly * 3 pcs. Eggplant * 1 pc. Onion * 4 pcs. peeled Tomatoes * a thumb-sized Ginger, peeled * 2 pcs. Red Chili (hot) * 2 pcs. Pork cubes * some Oil * some salt to taste * some water



*** Heat a pot add some oil, then brown the pork belly season with 2 pork cubes. Add onion, ginger and peeled tomatoes. Stir, then eggplant, chili and okra. Some water just enough to cook everything cover for about 5 to 8 minutes cooking time. Turn the vegetables to mix all together in between and season with some salt. Served with rice. It was our lunch. Happy Cooking!



Okra or lady finger, in my country-Philippines okra can be found among traditional dishes like pinakbet, dinengdeng (Ilocano food), and in sinigang as well. I love Okra, specially if served steamed or boiled in a salad with tomatoes, onion and seasoned with anchovy sauce (Bagoong).


Picture above 2 kilogram Okra which was brought to me by one of my colleague (at work). The austrian people are not use to this vegetable keep on asking me how to cook it or how do I eat it or even how does it taste!

So what I did everyday I start cooking in different ways or species and brought at work as my “pambaon” (lunch box). Okra is rich with Vitamin K and fiber both good for diabetes. It supports colon health, Vitamin C helps keep the skin looking young and vibrant as what the study said. Maybe this is one reason why I look younger as my real age  😉

Okra pinaksiw with shrimps

Here I called it “Okra Pinaksiw” cooked with onion, garlic, vinegar and anchovy sauce (bagoong).  Served with rice and shrimps that was lunch the other day.  Vinegar as condiments we can find in different ways of cooking in our food. Previously, the main task is to make or give sour taste or in a few cases should bring an improvement or use as preservative.

Okra and squash

Above here is just sauteed okra with squash, onions and seasoned with anchovy sauce again!  I usually don’t eat rice at night or for dinner. That’s why I prefer to have some vegetables instead. Then my cup of tea. That’s dinner for me and not late than six o’ clock in the evening. I have to consider the carbohydrates and choosing the right  fruits and vegetables is easy to maintain the blood sugar. Two years ago I started to change my lifestyle, to be able to prevent or delay the onset of complications. Since I’m type 2 diabetic. The next update here more about vegetables and fruits I use to have for my dinner. Guten Appetit everyone (Y)



This entry is all about “PANLASANG PINOY” meaning ito ay pagkaing ayon sa panlasa nating mga PILIPINO. Mostly kasi ng mga entry ko dito ay mga pagkain natutunan kong lutuin dito sa Europa. So by this time para maiba naman ay nais kong ibahagi sa inyo ang point of view ko sa panlasang pinoy na tinatawag. Di kaila sa ating mga Pilipino na “FOOD LOVERS”, likas na yata sa bawat pinoy. Mostly sa ating mga kababayan kahit na matagal nang naninirahan sa ibang bansa ay di natin kinalilimutan ang mga putahing ating natutunan, kinagisnan o kinalakihan at tradisyon. Katulad ng dalawang putahing ito na aking napiling ihanda para pananghalian ng aking pamilya!

Grilled Orata or inihaw na Bakoko, nilagang okra at kamatis na may ginisang bagoong alamang. Just for my 2 kids and me, hubby was not at home. Pero masarap talagang kumain kapag ganito ang ulam, I even ate with “kamay” talaga!
Ang orata o bakoko, dito sa Vienna mabibili ito sa muarang halaga ang kilo lalo na kapag napapanahon. Masarap, iihaw, sabawan, ipaksiw, iprito even lahukan ng sari-saring gulay. Hindi malangsa at hindi rin matinik na isda. Malaman talaga at masarap ang lasa. Tamang-tam para sa nilagang okra at kamatis na may ginisang bagoong alamang para sa pananghalian namin ng dalawa kong anak.