Maybe I don’t appreciate myself. Not having never developed gentleness toward myself, and therefore, the project to others is very confusing 😦

Sometimes in life, you find a special friend. Someone who changes your life just by being part of it. Someone who makes you laugh until you can’t stop. Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world. Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it. This is forever friendship. When you’re down and the world seems dark and empty, your forever friend lifts you up in spirit and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full. Your forever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times and the confused times. If you turn and walk away, your forever friend follows. If you lose your way, your forever friend guides you and cheers you on. Your forever friend hold your hand and tells you that everything is going to be okay. And if you find such a friend, you feel happy and complete because you need not worry. You have a forever friend, and forever has no end.

Ninang Chinit et moi – iCookiTravel

Now I’m confuse eventhough the heart says there’s no doubt because she let you feel. And I was so grateful to have her and I teasure it. But today’s circumstances I rather feel nothing at all than hurt, maybe it’s a sign, this is it, I’m done here and time to let it go and be let go.

A Quote that really says it all! – iCookiTravel

I have to learn and practice this otherwise eventhough I start with good intentions, but I can’t seem to maintain my consistency for a long period of time and I’m out from good motivation!   The August month started this way… 😦



This is again a very late update and entry!☹️
As a mother to two kids, wife and plus my job always late update here on my WEBLOG!
Last Sunday May 18 our church community the HOLY FAMILY COMMUNITY (HFC) went to to DICHTICE, SLOVAKIA.

The last time I’ve been there was year 2011 with the Missionaries of Mary Mother of the Poor (MMMP) in Austria.


The simplicity of this cross standing and the perfect beauty of the lookout into the valley as if closed up the modesty and beauty of “QUEEN OF HELP” who chose just this hill Svatodušnica for the second place of apparitions.One day it was the 04. December 1994 after the holy mass children Martin, Adriana and Michaela were deciding if they will go to a neighbor village called Dobra Voda (Good water – phonetic: DOHBRAH VOHDAH). They used to go there on a pilgrimage to worship a holy cross standing above the village on a hill.At once they have seen the sun to start to roll and close up to them. When they woke up from their astonishment this phenomenon has stopped They looked at the village. They saw everything black so as they got scared. They decided that they will go to Dobra Voda and went to say it to their parents.In the village of Dobra Voda on the way to the cross they have seen the sun phenomenon again. During the prayer of rosary Martin has felt a stiffness and a peculiar peace went through him. At a place where he just looked at was a fog and he saw a drab figure. Then he heard words: „My child my children I am happy that you have come and that you pray here.“Straight afterwards it was said to him: „Martin do not be afraid to accept my words. I want to use you for God’s and my plans.“Martin remembers it this way: “At that time I did not know who it was. I left it in my heart. Only after the holy rosary I realized that it was Virgin Mary.” When he went through it all again in his head he got scared. He did not know what to do. He entrusted it to Adriana and Michaela.In the village at that time a statue of Our Lady of Fatima went from one house to another house from Thursday to following Thursday and by this statue the family where it was used to pray by it. They started to call the statue 2a pilgrim”. A exactly in this period of time when Martin for the first time saw Virgin Mary “the pilgrim” statue was in their house and so all members of the family used to pray at this statue. During the prayer Our Lady used to come and Martin saw her even more distinctive. „The meeting with Our Lady was marvelous that feeling was wonderful „ – he talks about it and follows: “But even then there was a doubt in me if it is Our Lady for sure.” He said it to his grand mother who advised him to spray the apparition with holy water. If it will be a bad spirit he will vanish for sure – he will not be able to bear the holy water. According to that he will know if it is Our Lady or not. For the following meeting Martin prepared a little cup with holy water. When Our Lady appeared he put his fingers in the holy water and sprayed it. Our Lady smiled nicely. Martin thought: “Should I spray her again? Will it be enough? May be those drops of water did not fall on her and it is only Satan who is mocking me.” After that he took a little bit more water and sprayed her once again. Wet stains stayed on her clothes. She smiled nicely again. “To be sure totally I took even more of the holy water and I got a lot of it” says Martin “and I doused her in such a way that her clothes stayed wet.” Our Lady smiled again at me and a big shining light poured out of her and I got to feel a joy and peace. We prayed afterwards together and talked to each other. I was very happy that it was Our Lady that it was not a Satan – Martin adds.Apparitions continued each Thursday in the church. But they were not regular so Martin did not know when Our Lady will come. On Thursday he got messages which Our Lady asked to spread into the whole world and wished that the people in the parish should start to live according to them because She wants to lead this parish in a special way. Again for a few times Our Lady appeared at the neighboring village of Dobra Voda. After that apparitions ceased there and continued in Dechtice.Our Lady asked for a pilgrimage to the cross on the hill above the village on the 15. August 1995. On this day she introduced herself as beatified Virgin Mary – “QUEEN OF HELP”. She wished that the 15. August would be celebrated as an annual day of her apparition.

Going inside Dechtice, we got lost, was unexpected and I didd know that I have to guide the whole group it seems that for everybody it was their first time to be there. So with the bus driver. I was really surprised when sister Eva requested me infront near the bus driver to guide him on our way. Because if I ever know it I would prepare myself the day before for everything. When we got inside Dechtice, I got totally blocked and not remembering the way this is really strange, where infact we passed twice where the fountain near the chapel. Instead we drove inside Dobra Voda this is the other side of the hill.
Finally, as I turned my sweater while talking with mama mary(saying: “PLEASE GIVE ME A SIGN”) with tears in the eyes and the rest of the group was reciting the prayers of the holy rosary just a seccond I saw from far away the chapel tower. On the spot I remembered right there you will past by the fountain before you reach the chapel and from there I know how to get up on the hill whwre tha shrine and apparitions site was. Also with the help of my daughter using the navigation through my iPhone which was before hand lost its internet connection at all as we drove in at Dobra Voda. I just qoute: “Everything happened for a reason!”
We celebrated the holy mass right there with Father Michael.
Dechtice is considered the “Medjugorje” of Slovakia.

On our way home we spend two hours inside Eurovea Galeria Shopping Center at Bratislava. Picture above was my daughter’s late lunch, merienda and early dinner!
She also made a little bit shopping of some nibbling for home.



Yesterday we had our reunion our Holy Family Community the Class of Saint Vincent de Paul (MS 6). Host couple was brother Jeffry and sister Cris Pilor in their flat at 10th District of Vienna. This was the second reunion of our group for the year 2014.


My daughter baked this GUGELHUPF yesterday for our group as a dedication for all MS 6 moms!


* 500g Butter
* 500g Sugar
* 2 Packs Vanilla Sugar
* 700g Flour
* 2 Packs Baking powder
* 8 pcs. Eggs
* 500ml Milk
* 6 spoon Cocoa
* Sugar (confectioner) for garnishing


So take it away from my daughter folks! 😉


** BOWL 1
Butter and sifted sugar, vanilla sugar, and egg yolk mix until light and fluffy.
** BOWL 2
Flour mix with baking powder.
** Mix first bowl and second bowl but alternately with milk.
** Beat egg whites until fluffy and stir in.
** Divide dough into two, the other half add into cocoa.
** Mixture indulged alternately.
** Beked in preheated oven 175° for about 50-60 minutes

Pasalubong from PINAS

This was “pasalubong-gift” from the Philippines of the host couple.
A very classic way of celebrating mother’s day for me. Got up at one o’clock pm today beside my bed flowers and hubby calling from the kitchen…”mommy kain na tayo”…I just rolled out of bed today and started going about my business without any thought to simple hygiene, which really is pretty nasty – especially if it is a conscious choice still with my pajama on, right leg up on my chair eating this brunch “na kinakamay”! I let myself be pampered by my family and outside it’s raining a very perfect lazy day for a mom like me on Mothers Day! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL!

Check this out:


GOLDEN AGE (My 50th)

The 50th Birthday is a striking date. Have you ever reached it? Then you might wonder how many others beyond midlife, as it will go, what to bring to life yet? This was no different for me.

Most are over 50 say of himself, I’m not old. I stand in the middle of my life. And yet: It is the right moment to set the stage for the next phase of life. To think about
Finally, I got time to make some update here 😉
Last January 3, I celebrated my golden year, YES you read it right I’M 50!
On that day, I celebrated with my colleague (at work). I tell you it was 3 days celebration 😛


The first celebration was on the exact date and day at work, I was on duty. I just prepared at home salad and bought a baked cake from merkur market, because I don’t have time to cook on that day. See down here a mix plate of grilled meat, brown bread, salad and of course chili.


We just ordered the grill plate from grill city located at 20th and 21st District of Vienna. A Serbian wood charcoal grill Restaurant.


The second celebration occurs at home with Saint Vincent de Paul family (Marrige Spirituality-Holy Family Community) with father Ron Sandoval our beloved spiritual adviser. Sister Tess San Buenaventura- one of our Elders and wife of our choir master, who made my birthday cake that day, so grateful to her for being so kind and thoughtful, priceless.

My Birthday Celebration with MS-HFC

Then the following day which was the third celebration day was with the 21st birthday celebration of my son Ronald-Louis. Also at home with some new friends. The birthday cake was made by Weng a huge one!


HEAVENLY FATHER, Thank you so much for the GIFT of LIFE.
The important thing about celebrating a birthday is to give thanks being alive, and having a blessed life with caring friends and a loving family. Thank you so much who remembered me on my day, who send me greetings and wonderful wishes both personally, personal messages on Telephone, Handy, FACEBOOK (particularly Father Ron Sandoval, Jojit de Mesa, Kuya (Rey) Reynaldo Reyes, BFF Dana, sis Gisela Eusebio Gumamit, sis Sonia Arban Cosares, Rowena Gumamit, manang Elizabeth Schallmayer, Bernadette Kenniker, my Bes Fely Cervantes, Aurora Bebot Esguerra, Jennifer Schötta, Emie Pardilla, sis Teodora Gozar, Jess Antonio, Zeny Fresto, sis Julia Größling, bro (Boiet) Jose Jimenez, Vhinsky Cortez Haber, Freda Tolentino, ate Anita Bendo Castillo, and to those who does not want to be mention their names, on my FACEBOOK WALL, my TWITTER ACCOUNT, TUMBLR ACCOUNT and for those who extra spend their time to ring me up and to those who does not want to be mention their names, my MS-HFC FAMILY specially my SAINT VINCENT DE PAUL FAMILY, my BAXTER FAMILY, to all my BATCHMATES of BATCH 81 (Rizal Tech. University), my NOYTUBE FAMILY, my YOUTUBE FOLLOWERS, my WORDPRES BLOG FOLLOWERS, my TWITTER FOLOWERS, my TUMBLR FOLLOWERS, my FACEBOOK friends, my friends in VIENNA, my friends all over the WORLD, my friends in EUROPE, HONGKONG, LONDON, JAPAN, and USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, and MIDDLE EAST, my FOOD FRIENDS, my FAMILY FRIENDS, my BEST FRIENDS (you know who you are: BES/BFF), my College colleague, my RELATIVES (my cousins and nieces) and of course my very own FAMILY… THANK YOU SO MUCH “HINDI PO MABABAYARAN”! 🙂

He had on the 5th day of January and I on the 3rd day, only one day in between. With this blog I would like to give suggestions for an active life in old age. contribute to recognize the positive aspects of growing older without the less beautiful hide.


Here was my third birthday cake Mocha flavor which I brought to manong Val and manang Terry’s house who invited us for bonding during holiday season, one among my very long time friend here in Vienna.


This was my fourth birthday cake baked by my colleague Jana. Nutella cake with 800 gram Nutella in it, at worked we celebrated it twice on different dates. Of course with my famous “Sotanghon with Shrimps and Chicken Breast” Everebody’s favorit at work 🙂



From year to year you meet different kinds of people, I mean character, belief, nationality, or even coming from the region where you came from or you speak the same language. Last December (2013) hubby and I was invited by one of our brother and sister in christ to visit Wiener Neustadt.

With Emaly from Wiener Neustadt

Wiener Neustadt is with 41.701 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013) is the second largest city of Lower Austria and is about 50 km south of the capital city of Vienna in the industrial area.
We visited and join the first christmas party of the Philippine Catholic Community at Wiener Neustadt.

We arrived around 2pm and stayed after we performed our dance number for that afternon. Late lunch was served after the holy mass followed by their program. What a wonder experienced to learn new friends from the region. One reads here so every now and then, that homesick usually occurs if you where abroad or far from home. Sure, you make new experiences and unforgettable experience. What would interest me, however, is how it is with the “normal” life, interpersonal relationships and homesickness. For us filipinos who are residing here abroad and living with our family is not really a problem. Maybe for those who are here just for work and their families are in the Philippines.

I am interested in time as it went to the people who were for a long time abroad also. Have you quickly made ​​friends and settled you? The acquaintances have joined to form proper friendships, if so, after what period of time? How quickly did you generally settled?



Sister Vicky Mercado who celebrated her birthday last October in Saloon Donauplex with the whole choir members of Holy Family Choir and their family.

Menu Card of Saloon Donauplex

The Menu card!
As what in a Saloon belongs; there are also some whiskey’s for connoisseurs but a cocktail hour and Pitcher Cocktails and food of course!

Our First Pina Colada at Saloon Donauplex

My first “Pina Colada” Cocktai that night with sister Eva! 😛

The saloon is Vienna’s largest western saloon, not only for its excellent food, but also by the extraordinary ambience. Fridays and Saturdays, and every first Wednesday of the month – in the run almost every day – it is from 8:30 pm live music at its best: from rock and roll and rockabilly to blues to country music. “The Legendary Daltons”, “Solitude”, “7feet Blues Ramblers’ madness and Vienna are only a few top bands that again and again for great ambience and admission is free.

Spareribs from Saloon Donauplex

Their extensive menu is geared to both the U.S. and in Tex-Mex cuisine and offers a varied menu – from steaks and spare ribs over burgers to finger food.

Tortillas from Saloon Donauplex

Picture above WHITE TORTILLAS with Wasabe and chilli sauce which side dish for my dinner named, FAJITAS DE MIXTAS – under TEX-MEX Kitchen


This is FAJITAS MIXTAS- beef stripes with onions, mais, mushrooms, bell peppers and sauce served with white tortillas!

Friendly and professional service combined with first-class quality and sensational , is a matter of course for the whole team. During summer time – The saloon offers throughout Donauplex the only restaurant in a beautiful spacious garden terrace. The Saloon has a water fog spray system which is good during hot days for a pleasant cooling. They offer also Line dancing lessons with the Dancing Wolves. Indian Draft Beer, Whiskey card for connoisseurs, Cocktail Hour and pitcher cocktails, Gold Digger plate ( a memorable dining experience )for the whole family , Christmas or corporate events up to 300 people. The team of the saloon is always available with help and advice. They also plan and organize: COMPANY CELEBRATIONS, SPECIAL PARTIES, CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS…for up to 500 people … Try it now Folks 😉




Touch the tragic images of typhoon disaster in the Philippines. Hundreds of thousands of people are left without water, without food, without electricity or a roof over their head. World is now calling for donations. Numerous local celebrities want to help people as quickly as possible in the Philippines.

International helpfulness for Philippines is great – but China holds back.
After the devastating typhoon in the Philippines Haiyan China could do a lot with little effort for its image and present itself as a compassionate neighbor. But because one is at loggerheads with Manila , Beijing provides comparatively little help. Even the furniture company Ikea is more generous than the Middle Kingdom.

The volunteers from Caritas Austria and Andreas Thomas Preindl Zinggl site support local partners to plan the emergency measures such as the distribution of food , sleeping mats and hygiene kits in the Philippines.

First charge Facebook Likes reached the Philippines.
After the devastating typhoon in the Philippines, the first load of Facebook Likes has now reached the affected region . Thus, the international relief effort makes progress for the first time.
I think with these report all over EUROPE, our fellow Kababayans as well as the europeans did a lot from europe to help our mother land!
Even the private sector here in Austria and other neighbouring countries in europe!



Sometimes you just want to be alone. Sometimes you have to step back, to find yourself. When everything is messed up and it hurts. Then you don’t have any idea where the perfect place to run too.
Some steps need to be taken alone until you fight yourself to discover the real you, there is only one winner…

Sometimes I have to step back

Closing the door once in awhile is good. It helps to connect and reflect, need to understand the loving care with which God closes doors in your life. He is the one who opens and closes doors in our life. Maybe to change directions, incentive to pray more…or it’s a blessing… . People around me don’t understand… or maybe because they don’t know the real Me! But God knows me so well, and that counts a lot. Thank you so much Lord for all the trials that made my family more closer to you, increased our faith and understanding why you allowed some severe adversity to hit me in the first place. But made me more stronger than ever.




Hi everyone, it’s been a while I wasn’t able to update here, I think almost four months now :(. Last April 27, Saturday we gathered here in my flat once again our church community the class of St. Vincent de Paul (MS 6). And these were what I’ve prepared for our dinner.

Spinach and Crab Ginataan

My Spinach and Crab in Coconut Milk (Ginataan). Something different, instead of Laeng, Langka or Sitaw and Kalabasa. During April and May, Spinach is very cheap. You could get only one euro for one kilo near our place.


* 2 kg Spinach, fresh one not the frozen one
* 1 kg Crabs (Alimasag)
* 800 ml Coconut Milk
* Ginger
* Onion
* Some Salt or Ginisang bagoong alamang would go also for seasoning


* Wash spinach and drain thouroughly otherwise if you add coconut milk would be watery. I diid cook coconut milk first with ginger, onion and sauted shrimps paste. Then add crabs. When crabs nearly done add spinach until everything done. Serve with hot rice and fried fish (Fried Orata). “Maramng makakain na kanin kapag ganito ang ulam! 😛

Heto pa yong ibang ulam…

Nilagang talong, sili at okra

Nilagang talong, sili at okra na may ginisang bagoong alamang for dip (sawsawan).

Fried Dorado

Fried Dorado (GoldBrasse)

Pig's Tongue

Pig’s Tongue with green olives, cooked and brought by sister Nitz!

The meal for dinner

The whole meal for dinner! 🙂


Not to forget salad with balsamic vinegar dressing!



Housewarming with Brother Ronnie and sister Nitz!
After a month in the new apartment at the time, the couple decided to throw a little housewarming party with Father Ron Sandoval and some of their friends. We tried to spoil their guest and friends with a few specialties from home, so my daughter and I we spent a few hours in the best supermarkets (Merkurmarkt) near us to get the ingredients for the chop suey and Pancit Canton, and ate Nitz baked Salmon with almond nuts, squid guisado and her famous brownies cake, “their” espresso coffee or tea sortiment and of course all this then prepare. Actually, the day before she was not feeling well but she insisted herself to prepare everything to bring it behind them the said small party.

My Chop Suey

My Chop Suey with Soya Chunks!

Squid Guisado

Ate Nitz’s Pusit Guisado

Ate Nitz's Baked Salmon with Almond nuts

Her Baked Salmon with Almond Nuts

Pancit Canton

And of course our merienda Pancit Canton.

After father Ron’s blessing we had lunch, in a house filled quickly and it was a funny and with advancing hours moist merry evening! And the party was also nice …

shiny happy people … we came home late at night almost one o’ clock in the morning 😛