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Paksiw is the generic name for stews made with vinegar.
To make paksiw na lechon, the meat is slow-cooked in a mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, peppercorns, bay leaves, sugar, salt and whatever leftover liver sauce there is. It sometimes happens that there is no leftover sauce. In which case, some substitutions may be in order. One option is to used commercial lechon sauce available bottled in most supermarkets. Another option is to use a can of liver spread diluted in a cup of meat broth. Or, if you have a lot of leftover lechon, you may choose both options and mix them all together


* 500 g Lechon or left over
* 1 head garlic, crushed
* 2 onions, halved and sliced thinly
* 3/4 cup white vinegar
* 1/2 cup dark soy sauce
* 8 pcs. peppercorns, pounded
* 3/4 cup brown sugar
* 2 pcs. bay leaves
* some salt
* 1 cup of meat broth or water
* 1 bottle of Lechon sauce, about 300 ml (I used Mang Tomas)


1.) Place all the ingredients except the lechon sauce in a casserole, add the chopped lechon. Bring to a boil. Stir well. Lower the heat, cover and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Pour in the lechon sauce and bring to a boil. Add more meat broth, if necessary. Adjust the seasonings.

2.) Serve with rice while hot.



Eating out quickly racks up costs and calories, they said. Even seemingly healthful restaurant meals―a salad or a kebap sandwich―can be nutritional pitfalls when supersized portions and mystery ingredients factor in. The calorie counts may shock you. But sometimes we don’t care about it, the important is it is enjoyable. With a little planning, it’s easy to transform leftovers into healthy, affordable lunches. With this entry you can compare how our lunch portions stack up―nutritionally and money-wise―to their counterparts at popular chain restaurants.

The lechon paksiw was leftover last Wenesday from our dinner which prepared by my son “Oven Lechon”. And the “kalunay Dinengdeng I just added, because the kalunay leaves was leftover from my lunch last time. I said ! MY LUNCH” because nobody from my two kids eat it just the two of us, hubby and I. I used to cooked vegetables as alternative with meat dishes in this case. simply pure vegetables without meat in it.
To me, Leftovers for Lunch represents one thing we should be thankful for as far as food goes. That is, there is actually leftover food to eat. Most people waste a ton of food every year. I’m as guilty as the next person of that.
Rememebering my mother in-law the time she was with us here in Vienna, she was always telling me…” Sa Pilipinas maraming tao ang nagugutuman, pero dito maraming pagkain ang natatapon…kung malapit lang ang Pilipinas maraming buhay ang matutulungan”!!!

We all know that home made is cheaper than eating out and that’s what I do, except when hubby is here.
One thing I learned about many vegetarians here: they sure love to complain about the lifestyle “they” chose so they can get on their high horse about their superior moral/nutritional/ethical being. The majority of the population are omnivores. So buzz off to your Veggie Times.



I was not feeling well for the last three days, because sunny, warm weather gets me out and about–but it can also be the source of my headache. Afraid of heat stroke? This is what am I thinking of these past few days. Having the feelings of dizziness, and vomiting. I can’t do anything at home just to stay in bed without light and all curtains down. And not to forget air-conditioned.

My son decided to prepare our dinner, using the recipe of Mama Sita’s that he followed with the help of his sister Didi-Grace. I bought this pork belly last weekend for about three kilogram at f-eins. In the morning he marinated the meat in the brining solution for almost one day and cooked in pre-heated oven for our dinner.


* 10 cloves Garlic ,peeled and crushed
* 1 pc Onion ,chopped
* 5 pcs Bay leaf
* 1 pouch Mama Sita’s Sinigang sa Sampalok paste
* 2 tbsp Salt
* 3 tbsp Patis (fish sauce)
* 1/8 tsp Ground black pepper
* 4 pcs Lemongrass, pounded and cut


— Combine all ingredients in a casserole. Mix well. Boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Set aside and cool.

— Marinate pork belly in the brining solution for at least one day.

— Roll pork and tie securely with food grade string. Place in a roasting pan. Bake in the pre-heated oven for 2 hours turning meat from time to time until the skin becomes dark red in color and crispy.

For sauce we used the all purpose bottled sauce from Mang Tomas and he served it with sliced cucumbers and tomatoes of course with rice too!