Another hiking day for the three of us, my niece and daughter with my doggy Mary and her mom Riyana my daughter’s dog.

Hiking day and walks around Puchberg

πŸ‘©β€πŸ³I’m a type 2 diabetic hiking is also recommended, as it lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and increases physical and mental well-being. However, diabetes patients should keep an eye on their blood sugar levels when hiking to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar. Sport is important for diabetes patients. Moderate but regular physical activity improves the performance of the heart, the oxygen supply and lowers the blood sugar level. Endurance sports are particularly suitable for people with diabetes mellitus. However, they should not strive for records, but pay attention to their energy reserves. Hiking is a popular sport, in Austria and Germany around 40 million people are active hikers. Diabetics can also practice hiking, as can walking. πŸ‘©β€πŸ³Thank you so much for dropping by and please like, share and subscribe for more Videos and recipes around the Globe and Eating and Hiking as Medicine on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL.——-Dolly here



Feeling like sorry 😐 for myself since July 25, 2019. The day I tried to be strong but it doesn’t work for me.πŸ₯Ί I thought I am, until now I’m still fighting. I should always remind myself:

“Don’t let the critics let you down.” ——-unknown

“Choose the hills wisely on which you must do battle.” ——-unknown

Thanks God of reminding me,

He is my refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. Therefore I will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though it’s water roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging. β€’ Psalm 46:1-3

Slowly but surely my blog helps me out with my struggles. It makes me happy. 😌 Every time I want to post or write something here it eases me.

Today I want to share my August- instant- telegram that partly helped me out with my worries about my job.

Today— Thank you so much ate Nitz, for a very healthy lunch 🍴 from her urban gardening direct to her kitchen πŸ‘ “ampalaya” or bitter melon which is good for diabetic like me.😘 (bitter melon and shrimp 🍀 in coconut πŸ₯₯ milk plus mung bean with bitter melon leaves) Joan (her daughter) cooked “adobo”. YumπŸ˜‹

Last Friday, our Friyay brekky (with daughter) toast with avocado πŸ₯‘ boiled egg πŸ₯š arugula and cherry πŸ’ tomatoes πŸ… yummy 🀀

Salmon head “sinigang” (sour soup) πŸ₯£ for Hubby’s dinner 🍽 I cooked πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ With lots of water spinach (kangkong).

We watched the movie 🍿 πŸŽ₯ “Hello Love Goodbye” relate much with the story occurring in reality drawn from actual situations mostly for Filipinos OFW.

Yummy πŸ˜‹ foodies at Vienna Film πŸŽ₯ Festival 2019 infront of City Hall. The popular summer event the 29th Film Festival, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Vienna State Opera.

Now slow down a bit after a long day outside. But she’s happy to that. 🐢My doggie Mary😍

Again, green leafy jute leaves (saluyot), squash, okra, ampalaya (bitter melon), with tiny shrimp 🍀 seasoned with just salt πŸ§‚ for my linner, watching πŸ”Ž my sugar level today. No❗️to rice🍚

The best bulgogi in town. πŸ‘ Real quick though bell Peppers are crunchy the way I like it. Yum πŸ˜‹ But rice 🍚 is not mine.πŸ™ˆπŸ˜” Thank you Jesus πŸ™ hopefully will get through if not hubby will eat it all.πŸ₯Ί

Civapcici and boiled broccoli πŸ₯¦ again NO❗️to rice πŸšπŸ™ˆπŸ˜… but I’m happy 😌 sugar is under control. Self determination and discipline equals happiness, right?

Brownie my baby boy doggie 🐢 I miss him everyday, I will visit him again soon thank you Ate Luz for sending me his latest picture.😍 Looks πŸ‘€ so tired πŸ˜“ 😴

That’s all for today folks, happy viewing thanks for visiting my blog.😘 —– Dolly hereπŸ‘©β€πŸ³



Here I go again with my diabetic foodie diary.  This allows me to note down my food activity, which I prepared for myself- incredibly useful to keep an eye on my food or carbohydrates. Just like my food journal.

Veggiebowl – iCookiTravel

This was linner a veggiebowl my favorite healthy food, vegetarian boiled water spinach (kangkong), eggplant and chili with sour soup base seasoned with salt only.  Home cooked for me.

Red Bell Peppers with beaten eggs and Whole grain – iCookiTravel

Bell peppers and diabetes, a low carb food and contain fiber an excellent addition to my diabetic diet. Sauteed it with red onion and beaten eggs with my whole grain toast for my breaky.

Fried Tofu and Water Spinach – iCookiTravel

A very good dinner kangkong adobo with lots of garlic and fried tofu. With this I ate it with a little bit of brown rice. For a change. kangkong or water spinach a good source of vitamin, iron and calcium.

Boiled saba (Banana), Empanada and creamy mushroom soup -iCookiTravel

Diabetic linner again, boiled banana saba, homemade empanada and my creamy mushroom soup with fresh parsley. Guten Appeit!

Veggies with squid – iCookiTravel

Saturday brunch with veggies and squid at home. Cabbage, carrot, onion, tomatoe and squid seasoned with vegetable broth cube. Because few things in life are better than brunch. How about you, do you love brunching at home too?

Upgrade soup – iCookiTravel

Dinner my upgrade soup with zucchini and carrot plus whole grain bread topped with curdcheese and honey. What about yours, what is your Sunday dinner?

Salmon and Brusselsprouts – iCookiTravel

Pan fried in margarine Salmon seasoned with just salt and pepper, brown rice, and brussels sprouts boiled in salt-water. Eat clean, home cooking, home made food, healthy food share, and awesome. Easy to prepare and healthy!

Cabbage soup with ground chicken patties – iCookiTravel

A very healthy soup out of chicken patties with cabbage and scallions, a vegetable base soup for a diabetic like me. Cabbage is packed with Vitamin C, helps improve digestion, keep your heart healthy, lower blood pressure, excellent source of Vitamin K and could help lower cholesterol levels. Home cook, Guten Appitet!

Smoked Trout and red rice – iCookiTravel

It was Sunday and this llunch for me. Smoked Trout and red rice from the Philippines with cucumber and tomatoe. My mind says, eat less rice overall for best blood sugar control! As per specialist, the brown rice highly prescribed for diabetics. Well it is up to you what you believe which is good for you. This red rice was only a try for me how does it taste.

Seafood and Vegetable Soup – iCookiTravel

Breaky after seven and half hour Night Duty and that’s five days a week. A huge bowl of soup with seafoods which I love most and vegetables. With shrimps, squid, carrot, broccoli, red bell pepper, cabbage, and beans sprouts spicy but good.


Mangold with Sardines – iCookiTravel

Beacause I also Love green leafy vegetables, here mangold with sardines (Ligo Sardines) the spicy one (Red one) sauteed with ginger and red onion. Huh! was good!

Pizza with Arugula or Rucula – iCookiTravel

YES! Pizza is allowed, but not offen! Here Pizza Arugula with cheese and sliced tomatoe. Arugula or Rucola is rich with calcium, potassium, Vitamin B, C and K. And boost the immune system and help fight inflammation. Guten Appetit Folks! Hope you learned something about Diabetes with all these foodie I’ve shared to you.



Pumpkin with ground meat – iCookiTravel

My Pumpkin bowl cooked with ground meat, oregano  and tomatoe paste seasoned with salt and pepper. I love pumpkin specially the Hokkaido Pumpkin, a quick and cheap meal from the pumpkin hokkaido.  For more recipes check it out here from time to time. I’ll be posting more and from my previous entry also on my YOUTUBE channel for cooking videos.

Thank you so much for visiting here and for checking it out. Next year I’ll be celebrating my 10th year Anniversary on social media. Wherein Youtube Channel, twitter, tumblr, Instagram Facebook Page, and here WordPress you could find me anywhere.

My Beans Sprout Bowl – iCookiTravel

Beans Sprout Bowl cooked by hubby, how I love the way he cooked this, veggies stays crunchy, not too salty and not too much meat just enough to taste quick and easy to prepare.  Aside from a non-starchy vegetable,  Scientific studies have shown that sprouts can have a positive effect on controlling diabetes.  Yummy-liscious Daddy! Guten Appetit!

Ilocano food – iCookiTravel

Another cooking-gram from hubby’s specialty, ilocano food. Tilapia with bitter gourd, eggplant, and string beans the taste of the north in the Philippines Ilocano cuisine. Sunday is always ilocano day in our kitchen. Go for it!

Homemade Chinese vegetable soup – iCookiTravel

Chinese vegetable soup bowl. Homemade chinese vegetable soup is low-fat and rich in nutritious high-fiber vegetables that make it hearty choice for my healthy meal. Such as zucchini, chicharo or green peas, bean sprout or togue, button mushroom, carrot, broccoli and a bit of nappa cabbage. So what you could ask more?

My noodle plate – iCookiTravel

Noodle plate that was Sunday brunch last week, at home with the kids. Just bought noodles from Turkey Shop near home, they are open on Sundays and Holidays which is unusuall in Vienna. Because on Sundays and holidays all shops and store’s are closed. Cooked with nappa cabbage (Chinakohl), carrots, an organic zucchini from a colleague from her garden and chicken breast sauteed with red onion and garlic seasoned with soy sauce, pepper and chicken broth cube. Served with sliced lemon and buttered toast.

My glas of Beetroots – iCookiTravel

Do you know that drinking beetroots regularly can help or improve diabetes and hypertension?!  I started making juice out of this and drinking every morning with empty stomach before breakfast, hoping that it will help me. Will keep you posted about the result!

Bastardmakrele in german – iCookiTravel

The so called “Bastardmakrele” in german, I don’t know in tagalog but I call it “Horsemackerel” with eggplant, chili, ginger, red onion cooked in vinegar seasoned with salt and pepper. Others says “Pinaksiw” or “Paksiw” and to others “Pinangat” or “Pangat”, what so ever… so freshly cooked from my kitchen bought from Turkey Shop for only 5.99 euro per kilo. That was lunch. Guten Appetit!

Beef Liver with white onion rings – iCookiTravel

A pan fried beef liver with white onion rings seasoned with soy sauce and a little bit of balsamic vinegar just for hubby and me, because our two kids doesn’t eat innards. I ate it with smashed potatoes and cream spinach (not in picture). While hubby had it with rice, what else! Guten Appetit!



Today it’s holiday, celebrating the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary.  But I’m on duty and take note with normal working hours, eight hours duty. But We had fun at work with my colleagues. Sima brought us today some fruits to share with. She came late at work for one hour and I was telling her up to now she ‘s allowed to come late at work as long as she will bring us something to eat just like today. πŸ˜€

Sima’s fruits brought at work today! – iCookiTravel

Fruits such as ripe mango, just like our very own Philippine Mangoes , “yung hinog ang tamis-tamis”! Sa akin yung buto na dalawang piraso, (not in picture). Nectarines, Melon or sugar Melon and Grapes. What a great time to spend breaktime at work with colleagues like her. I’m so fortunate indeed! By the way, Sima is from India, not Austrian but living here in vienna for more than a decade too.

From Internet: “Forget five a day, eat 10 portions of fruit and veg to cut risk of early death.” πŸ˜€

Please Check these out:



I’m always telling you how I love markets; from iconic to local markets, flea markets, farmers markets, street markets as well vintage markets.  Here what I got for the last few days from farmers markets. Farmers who came to Vienna to sell their products.

Today I visited again flea market near the airport and I got these plums and nectarines both for only one euro per kilo. Not too sweet but good enough for my shrimps paste (Bagoong alamang) for dipping. Yes! you read it right Folks. I used to eat it with “bagoong alamang guisado”. I’m a Filipina πŸ˜€

Plums and Nectarines from Hungarian farmers!

Studies proven that a fresh plum contains 113mg of potassium that helps manage high blood pressure. While nectarines are rich in fiber and vitamin C also low in calories that can be good for diabetics as well. So it will be good for me too, lalo na parehong iniingatan ko ang aking kalusugan. Ugaliing kumain nito na makakatulong sa mga may diabetes at high blood pressure na gaya ko.

My third whole watermelon this summer!

Soon summer is gone, but still lusting for this actually my third whole watermelon on this summer season. Watermelon is not only water but provides high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and just a small number of calories.

Huge eggplant from farmers market.

You just never know what you#re going to find at the farmers’ market. This past Sunday as I was visiting the flea market outside Vienna, I stumbled to this huge  eggplant.

Family of huge eggplants from Flea Market

Unique range of health benefits from eggplant, again manage diabetes, reduce stress and even prevent cancer and more. Hubby grilled this for me I ate with sliced tomatoes and red onions seasoned with shrimp paste (Bagoong guisado) eaten with whole grain bread. No rice for me, since 2013 and if ever just brown rice. Good for watching diabetes and hypertonie.




Cooking with my baby girl, this baby girl is now 23 years of age, I can’t belive time flies and things change.

PECHAY and SHRIMPS, lunch time – iCookiTravel

Hello everyone, today’s lunch at home Pechay with shrimps with lots of crushed garlic. Why lots of crushed garlic? Because if you are watching your health particularly diabetes and hypertonie, like blood pressure can be at least alleviated by the frequent consumption of garlic over a long period of time. So here I used a whole head of crushed garlic, I Love it!

A whole head Garlic for PECHAY and SHRIMPS – iCookiTravel

Pechay, Bok Choy or Chinese Cabbage whatever you want to call it. There are a lot of health benefits that can found in this crunchy, green leafy vegetable. It is now my habit to include it in my weekly menu plan for at least twice a week. Knowing that  pechay contains law calories and carbohydrates. In additional it has potassium, a mineral which is responsible for prevention of hypertonie and the regulation of blood pressure. Sounds good ha! So take it away from me Folks specially for those who are suffering from diabetes and hypertonie with matching high cholesterol. Jesus Christ!

Starting today I’m using Sesame Seeds Oil. Giving a try of what I read from a magazine last week. Hoping that it will help me also. I will keep you inform about this in the long run… Served with Brown Rice and a glass of Lemon juice as you could see on the Video. Happy Cooking and GUTEN APPETIT!


Note: This Recipe yields 4 Persons, so if you are alone or two you can reduce the whole Ingredienst according to your preferences just like garlic maybe it is too much for you.

  • 1kg Shrimps
  • 2 Bunches of Pechay (a Big one washed and sliced)
  • 1 small Onion, peeled and sliced
  • 1 medium-sized Tomatoe, washed and sliced
  • a Whole Head of crushed Garlic, peeled
  • 2tbsp. Sesame Seed Oil
  • Salt and Fish broth powder to taste (you can also use Patis instead)


Note: Waiting for YOUTUBE approval for the Video later…

Check these out too: Thank you!




I tried this Lemon-Dill Sauce which I got from Ikea food stuff.  Plus their Salmon which is for me is cheaper than any other.

Salmon with Lemon-Dill Sauce – iCookiTravel

The recipe according to my preference since I’m diabetic, very careful with fat no oil at all not even olive oil and only salt to taste. Just simple as that and eaten with brown rice and green salad. Down here the procedure from my YOUTUBE CHANNEL, CHECK it out… GUTEN APPETIT!




Sport groups: Being there is everything. Moving is healthy, movement in the group is healthier – for body and mind.


On the sport field, in the gym just like from photo above during my gymnastic hour with my colleagues, at the ice rink orΒ  the swimming pool is not only room for exercise and sports, but also for fun, conversations, friendships and dreams. Beside that we all know just as important as a healthy diet is sufficient movement too. The basis of any treatment of Type 2 diabetes is the improvement of lifestyle in terms of optimization of diet and exercise. So take it away from me Folks πŸ˜€

Just as important as a healthy diet is sufficient movement


Sports as medicine – Why Exercise is healthy!

Diverse effects.
Exercise is important for health. This finding is an all-natural principle. A person has to move has always been to live on, and his whole organism is dependent on physical activity to operate as smoothly as possible. Inadequate exercise leads to regression of physical structures and reduced performance of the various organ systems.


Gymnastic exercises and muscle building workouts are the best help for the musculoskeletal system . Muscles not only support the skeleton and joints , they shall by force transmission to the bone, only that movements are possible at all. They also include the myoglobin protein material which serves as an oxygen reservoir. This is what I do for at least once a week after or before work at Baxter Wellness with my colleagues.
Blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. Good to know specially for those who are suffering from high blood preassure, with high cholesterol and diabetic like me. 😦
Aerobic exercise also lowers important risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The blood pressure drops , blood flow is improved, the cholesterol values ​​are changing in favor of the healthier (HDL) – cholesterol, glucose metabolism is affected positively and thus facilitates weight reduction.

The importance of movement reveals itself alone in the fact that the increase in sedentary activities to more and more damage to the spine and the joints leads. Gymnastic exercises promote overall flexibility and extensibility and prevent postural spinal and joint damage. Both exercises and muscle training should be carried out strictly under the supervision of an experienced trainer or therapist. That’s what we have at Baxter Wellness.

The ideal exercise program for the promotion of health is certainly in a combination of endurance sports, gymnastics and weight training with a focus on endurance. Sports as medicine – an activity that is worthwhile. So take it away from me Folks! πŸ˜‰