Today it’s holiday, celebrating the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary.  But I’m on duty and take note with normal working hours, eight hours duty. But We had fun at work with my colleagues. Sima brought us today some fruits to share with. She came late at work for one hour and I was telling her up to now she ‘s allowed to come late at work as long as she will bring us something to eat just like today. πŸ˜€

Sima’s fruits brought at work today! – iCookiTravel

Fruits such as ripe mango, just like our very own Philippine Mangoes , “yung hinog ang tamis-tamis”! Sa akin yung buto na dalawang piraso, (not in picture). Nectarines, Melon or sugar Melon and Grapes. What a great time to spend breaktime at work with colleagues like her. I’m so fortunate indeed! By the way, Sima is from India, not Austrian but living here in vienna for more than a decade too.

From Internet: “Forget five a day, eat 10 portions of fruit and veg to cut risk of early death.” πŸ˜€

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Green with a little red when really ripe – a taste almost like some apples, delicious and available all over the Philippines on many markets in tropical sea level zones.

The tree has many names in the Philippines – Sineguelas tree – Sinegwelas – Spanish plum – Spondias purpurea Blanco and grows to a size of about 3-5 meters mostly at sea level in hot tropical zones of the Philippines.
A dozen of mouthwatering tropical fruits that are rich sources of vitamin C and ascorbic acids and will provide you other health benefits as well.

I remember my childhood, sabi ng nasira kong tatay kapag daw nag-uwi ng sinegwelas ang nasira kong nanay ay halos mag kulambo daw akong kumain nito dahil sa kadamutan ko raw mamigay! (Simply beacuse I don’t get enough from it and one among my fave specially when in season) Mahal din kaya ang kilo nito sa Pilipinas, di ba, di ba?

I miss this fruit so much, I can only get it from the Philippines!