A very wonderful Hamburger Food Combining recipe I’ve tried out a few days ago, for the kids. The ground is very soft, but is immediately compact when placed in the pan. The best that goes with a ladle. The patties are super juicy, have all tasted the same and are moved into the standard cookbook.

My Hamburger Food Combining Recipe

I served it with my homemade potatoe salad and of course with rice.


* 1 kg Ground meat
* 2 pcs. Onions, finely chopped
* 1 bunch Parsley, finely chopped
* 4 cloves Garlic, peeled and finely chopped
* Salt and Pepper
* 5 pcs. Eggs


My Hamburger Mixture

In a bowl mixed all ingredients. The ground meat is fairly soft.

My Pan-Fried Hamburger for Viand

With a Ladle portions in the greased pan-fry. They are compact immediately when they come into the hot fat. After a few minutes and turn on the other side also brown. Serve with potatoe salad and rice.

My daughter note: very, very tasty mommy!

Homemade Hamburgers Viand for Lunch

Lot of leftover hamburgers…..

Peeled Tomatoes and Bell Peppers

so what I did I cooked it again with peeled tomatoes from can and bell peppers;

Hamburgers with Peeled Tomatoes and Bell Peppers

yellow and red bell peppers season with salt and pepper plus broth cube with chopped parsley again and that was viand for dinner 😛

My daughter's Chocolate Coated Strawberry

And this was after lunch dessert, my daughter’s chocolate coated strawberry. Guten Appetit!