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Sand smelt fish or Ährenfisch in german. Which are small fish reproduction takes place in the spring time. The Austrian they fry it. It‘s my first time to cook this with coconut milk and I added bitter melon (Ampalaya, Karela). Next time I will try the Austrian way of cooking. If you love small or huge fish generally fish just like me, this recipe is for you.

Sand smelt fish ( Ährenfisch)


400g Smelt fish or Ährenfisch

400ml coconut milk

Ginger a small-sized

2pc Garlic

1pc Onion

6pcs small Bitter gourd or melon (Ampalaya, Karela) from India Shop

some Salt and Pepper


Sand Smelt Fish/ Ährenfisch


You can use any kind of fleshy fish like tuna, bonito, “tulingan” or any fish fillet. Maybe somebody way out there will ask me why did I added ginger here, simply because ginger in jack daniel’s sauce is a perfect match 😉  And if you want more spicy and hot I added chili flakes but this is optional.


 Fresh ginger root  contains a rich essential oils and a large proportion of agitators similar to chili which is a real calorie killer!  A tip from me, do you know that GINGER- has also proven that helps for travel sickness?  YES, Take a thermos of ginger tea on the ride and drink the first cup half an hour before departure.


* 1 whole medium-sized fish

* 1 Onion, peeled and sliced

* a thumb-sized Ginger, peeled and sliced

* some Canola Oil

* 3 to 4 tbsps. Jack Daniel’s Sauce

* 2 to 3 tbsps. Honey

* some hot Water

* 1/2 Fish Broth Cube

* some Pepper (powder)

some Chili Flakes (optional)




Today’s lunch I cooked mackerel sinigang with zucchini (Mackerel in sour soup with Courgettes).


Filipino palate is a bold combination of sour and spicy sweets. I should say it can be said that it is extravagant because the Filipino food is often delivered in a single presentation, the participant is a simultaneous visual feast, aromatic bouquet and a taste appetizer. Dinner and lunch still the main meal. Compared with other countries snacking is normal and it is possible that a person eats five meals a day.
Philippines itself has evolved over the centuries under the influence of different cultures. It was of Chinese, Malay, Spanish and has been influenced to a lesser extent by American and Indian culture which has resulted in a unique multi-cultural blend of ingredients and dishes. The dishes range from a simple meal of fish and rice to rich paellas and cocidos. Some popular dishes include sinigang, lechon, longanisa, tortas, adobo, Kaldereta, kare-kare, pancit, lumpia, and halo-halo which is good and popular during high summer season.


And for afters we had these fruits avocado, apple and mandarin! 😉
Since I’m diabetic we prefer to have more fruits than sweets or dessert. After all the two kids are got used to it.


And for my two kids I cooked Spirali Tricolore with Champignon-Mozzarella-Peeled Tomatoes-Basil Leaves (Pasta with Champignon-Mozzarella Sauce). Because they don’t eat much mackerel specially if it is cooked with soup and vegetables. They prefer fried or fried with a little bit of sauce.


* 250g Champignon
* 500ml Butter Milk
* 250g Sour Cream
* Some grated Mozzarella Cheese
* 500g Spirale Tricolore (Pasta)
* 3tbsps. Butter
* Salt to taste
* Herbs (Italian Herbs)
* 5pcs. medium-sized peeled Tomatoes
* Some Basil Leaves fresh or dried (I used dried)


** Cooked pasta according to package instruction al dente.
** Heat a pan or caserole, melt butter saute tomatoes and champignon. Add herbs, basil leaves, butter milk and sour cream. Cook for about five minutes. Season with salt and pour sauce to pasta topped with mozzarella chesse. Serve while hot. Happy Cooking and Guten Appetit 😉



The Nautilus spoils its guests with fish and seafood, which looks not only excellent but also the taste. In addition, with much sensitivity prepared dishes, friendly service is one of the key to success of Nautilus, which their visitors as guests come but lets go back home as friends.
The Nautilus Restaurant – A beautiful gift to all sweet market visitors at Naschmarkt.

This was our family lunch in Nautilus Restaurant at Naschmarkt last week during hubby’s day off. A fish Restaurants which suffused the taste of the whole family regarding seafoods that day!

All about Nautilus; The opening of the restaurant took place in August 2007, an Armenian is its chef Sabu Topallar, was born in Istanbul, active since 1977 in Vienna and since 1981 at the Naschmarkt with different companies. He is a great expert and professional of upscale restaurants and established with this restaurant a new Kingdom. His passion is the fish.

Vehbi Esmek, which supports the Nautilus team since January as Managing Director serves as the right hand of Sabu Topallar.

Fish, soup, daily fresh desserts and seasonal side dishes and excellent wines by exclusively Austrian winemakers such as Pfaffl, Juritschitsch, Tscheppe, Markovich, Nigl, saddlery, Tement are represented. A small excerpt from the menu: Riesling soup with fish deposit, antipasti, fish steaks, whole fish such as Branzino, Knurrhahn, sea bream, sole, turbot, Scorpion fish, St. Peter – this wonderful side dishes like herb risotto, rosemary potatoes, spinach, eggplant salad in Mediterranean way. The conclusion of your visit to Nautilus could be a Panna cotta or a Schokosouflet with lemon mascarpone creme. Chef Anati Petzke (formerly “black camel”) prepared all the delights before your eyes and advise in the fulfilling special requests.

A beautiful gift to all sweet market visitors of the head of the House in the new building has allowed build its local – a spotlight on the roof of the Nautilus illuminated the Johann Nepomuk Chapel. He stressed that he wanted to send a signal as a Christian and wants to enjoy all sweet market visitors with this idea.

Nautilus facts at a glance. Daily lunch menus available at the Nautilus between 11 and 15: 00 two to choose.
There are the Nautilus Oyster Bar every Saturday from 11-4 pm depending on season.
Better to place reservation before hand, especially in the winter time.
For bigger fish for 3-5 persons is asked to pre-order 2 days earlier.
They also prepared to order in salt crust, for this purpose but also need their pre-order