You can also conjure up a super delicious cheesecake without an oven I‘ll show you how easy it is. Cake without baking, in my opinion, they are not so good for baking because they are very badly damaged in the oven due to high water content. Never mind what are the so-called „no bake“ cakes for! No-bake cakes, as the English name suggests are not baked. They usually have a rather thin base and refreshing cream spread over it, which then sets by cooling it in refrigerator. Often, the no-bake cakes can be prepared really quickly and personally, I particularly like the fact that you save yourself baking and looking back in the oven. Today I conjured up a no-bake cheesecake with very fresh Incaberries topping. The biscuit base is wonderfully crispy, without sugar added in it.

My no-bake cheesecake with incaberries topping


150g grated Biscuits

60g melted Butter

150g Incaberries

2tbsps Lemon 🍋 juice

2 cups of Whipped cream

2 cups of Mascarpone

150g Sugar



🇦🇹MY DOGS🐕 🐶

My dogs keep me happy and healthy, do you agree?

The relationship I have with them is good for my heart and soul. Specially walking with Mary🐶 can help keep me healthy which I really need even for 30 minutes a day, a big help for a diabetic like me. To think coming home to them after work reduces my stress.

Dian-Grace (daughter) with Mary🐶

According to researchers, owners love their pets in the same way as family members, and that’s true that’s the way how I feel towards my dog family and they return their devoted affection to us. This „love“ hormone helps increase the bond we share.

Riyad’s first Birthday

The day Riyad celebrated its first birthday with us. Riyad is a Christmas gift I got from my daughter way back 2010 if I remember it right. A nine weeks old puppy my stress reliever and makes me happy all the time. Now it is almost 10 years old. On September 2020 it will turn exactly 10 years old. Thank you Lord that my dog is healthy and happy. In this video down here I can see how it develops and grown my puppy with us. Learned a lot and so happy. His eyes are relaxed, he blinks a lot, his gaze is soft and his brow is smooth. His ears are also relaxed, not cocked or pointing. His mouth is open a bit with a few teeth visible his tongue may be lolling and he may even appear to be smiling.



The day we visited the place where my mother came from. NABAS, AKLAN and since we were already in the Malay island of course we experienced Bora or Boracay, Antique particularly Idio and Tibiao too. At the same time reunited with my cousin Chona aka Ching and her kids. Had a wonderful time with relatives and the place is wonderful. Hope to come back soon for more exciting adventure and food tripping. Thank you for watching please don’t forget to subscribe.🤗



Naples, Napoli, Neapel, Napolitana, I don’t know how you call it is the third largest Municipality in Italy.  They said public health conditions in the city were poor.  We are so blessed what we have here in Vienna.  And was the most bomed city in Italy during world war 2.  Jesus Christ! Sorry for this review.😏


Piazza del Plebiscito (picture above) is the main city square.  For me was not that exciting scenery, eventhough I’m that type who has big interest with culture, history and museums what Nations matter.  It is a comparison of just like an abandoned place or a dead society.  I could not feel what ever excitement or interesting topics or area which derives the so called what nations matter.  Maybe was not enough time to get know the place, but I tell you frankly, I don’t have any plan at all to comeback not even for a short period of time.  This was only a part what we have seen, there’s a lot more about the place.   The square is good used for open-air concerts.  It is really huge enough to accommodate concert-goers. With my cousin Gigi and her son, during their one month vacation here in europe.

Here glimpse of Cinque Terre, Pisa Tower, Sinopie Museum, and Pisa Baptistory in 🇮🇹Italy with my daughter Diana-Grace. One among our travel diary together. Eat well, travel often folks!🤗 See the world 🌍🌎🌏



Here we are after dinner waiting for the next viewing of film entitled “Miss Granny OST/ by Sara Geronimo. September last year 2018, yes a year ago.

Finally! After 36 years, I was able to visit again this place where my roots are. Nothing better than going home🏡 to FAMILY where L❤️VE is and eating 🍽 good food!😇

My relatives at Home 🏡 people who may know me knows that I’m the only child of my late parents. That’s the reason why cousins whom I’m close with are just like brothers and sisters for me.

Here we are the four of us with our daughter. From left: Lea and daughter Ferrine, moi with Diana-Grace, Arlinda with Nicole and Fely with Kath.❣️

Seeing my high school best friends 👭👭 is also one reason why I’m so excited to get back home.🏡 My bff 👯👯 since 1979 and yonder……. ❤️😇 These are whom I called “My Family” back home.

Edgar Wright-

If you go back to your home town or you’re reunited with school friends, its always slightly bittersweet because as much as there’s nice things in terms of seeing them again, the town has changed without you, and you’re no longer a part of it.




Chicken Breast Fillet in Pesto Rosso- iCookiTravel

Sunday best, when your son visited and you know you have to cook 👩‍🍳 for him. Just another cooking 🥘 experimental for me. I bought this Pesto Rosso for about three weeks now and today I tried to use it not for pasta 🍝 as many of you knows but with chicken 🐔 breast fillet. I also added an organic mustard which turned out good and perfect 👌🏻 taste combination.✅👍😇


Yields three Persons

* 400 g Chicken breast fillet

* 3 pcs. Red Peppers 🌶 of medium sized

* 1pc. Zucchini or Courgette of small sized

* 3 tbsp. Pesto Rosso

* 1 and 1/2 tbsp. Organic Mustard

* some Olive Oil

* some Salt to adjust the taste


* Heat a pan, then add olive oil to sauté zucchini, peppers 🌶 and chicken breast fillet. Stir until meat is half way done. Then stir in Pesto Rosso and organic Mustard. To adjust the taste I used salt. Happy 😌 Cooking 🥘 Guten Appetit! 😇



My Family-iCookiTravel

Photo above, this was twenty one years ago or more!  Christmas is about lauhgter, love, friends and family. Don’t get lost in the greed. Instead be thankful for all of the joy around you. Merry Christmas everyone! From our family to yours.

Sentimental… when they were young they were always with us during christmas and new year time. Remembereing those days…….  Now, they ‘re both grown up (adult) actually 25 and 23 years of age not even a call doesn’t take place. But anyway it is good to know that they’re both OK! And can live the life they want.



The title says it all, “Crispy crunchy fried shrimps” from my kitchen! My son’s favorite, he could finish a kilo of this dish. Seasoned shrimp with salt, deep in a batter and fry it. You can also coat with cornflakes or bread crumbs if you prefer, before frying.

Crispy Crunchy Fried Shrimps – iCookiTravel

Served with chopped chilis, scallions, sliced cucumber and browned onions.  That’s my crispy crunchy fried shrimps made right at home. GUTEN APPETIT!

CHECK THIS OUT TOO: Thank you so much!


It’s the Filipino version of the Japanese tempura but how we cook camaron rebosado is more similar to the Chinese way of cooking this crispy batter coated shrimps!


* 500 g shrimps
* 1 cup of flour
* 3/4 cup of ice cold water
* 2 to 3 cups of vegetable oil for deep fry
* salt


* 1/4 cup of flour in a bowl.

* In a mixing bowl remaining flour , ice cold water and ice mix lightly. This is batter.

* Dredge the shrimps in flour then batter and fry. for the sauce thousand islands or vinegar with crushed garlic and pepper.

HOW ABOUT THIS, check it out Friends!!!



That was hubby’s lunch, braised pork ribs. The meat is allowed to absorb the flavors during braising. Inspired by the classic teriyaki dish.  Just cut the pork spare ribs, brown them in hot vegetable oil, add finely chopped onions, garlic, and ginger, season with salt, pepper, soy sauce, hot chilli sauce or sambal oelek if you prefer, sweet and sour chille sauce, a little bit vinegar, ginger powder and brown sugar, pour in about two cups of water, bring to a boil, lower the heat and simmer for an hour and a half., until meat is tender. Serve with hot rice! GUTEN APPETIT!
If that’s not easy, I don’t know what is. 🙂

Braised Pork Ribs – iCookiTravel


Makes 4-6 Servings

* about 1 kg Pork ribs
* 5 tbsps. Soy sauce
* 4 tbsps. Chilli sauce
* 1 tsp. sambal oelek
* salt and pepper
* 1 tsp. Ginger powder
* 1 tbsp. Vinegar
* a thumb-sized Ginger, finely chopped
* 2 pcs. large Onion, finey chopped
* half a head garlic, finely chopped
* 2 tbsps. dark brown Sugar
* 5 tbsps. Olive oil or any vegetable oil
* 2 cups of water


PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT TOO, it’s all about Braising! Thank you.



Hi everyone! Maybe you would like to visit my YOUTUBE CHANNEL for a change, just click here —

Thank you so much muawaaahhh…

Now these are all post from my Instagram account last month (August). I would love to have it here too so I can share it to you as well.

Courgette and carrots sauteed with turkey breast -iCookiTravel

Here courgette and carrots sauteed with turkey breast seasoned with marjoram and salt. I tell you I could finish  two cups or more of this without  any side dish not even bread.

Pike Fish – iCookiTravel

Cooking fried fish, with ginger, onion, scallions and peppers added a little bit of water just enough to cook the fish seasoned with salt and pepper.  I got it from Naschmarkt so fresh and it is almost six euro per kilo, for a change.

Meatballs soup with noodles and egg – iCookiTravel

This was upgraded soup noodles which I added meatballs, poached egg and chopped parsley. Poached eggs are the most luxurious preparation for eggs.  Add a poached egg to your bowl of soup you made it fancier, and  into a meal. So try it Folks!

Mix Veggies and Fried Fish-iCookiTravel

Brown rice, mix veggies and fried fish for diabetic lunch. I slay it every single day to fight.

Whole grain sandwich – iCookiTravel

Breaky, coffee with almond milk plus whole grain sandwhich with tomatoe, bacon, lettuce and white cheese.

Maracuja Cake – iCookiTravel

Maracuja cake or Passion fruit cake for August birthday celebrant. My daughter who celebrated her 23rd  birthday last 18th of August, she got this from me. Some versions of this cake also include a passion fruit mousse sandwhiched between layers of the sponge. It is best served the day it is made.

Saba – iCookiTravel

Banana- Saba, boiling it for my meal is healthy snack for diabetics. Since a half cup of fruit every dinner is allowable for diabetics, it is perfectly fine to regularly include the saba in one’s meal or diet. One must be noted that the ideal snack for diabetic is the boiled banana saba. Since banana is high in fiber, eating banana is heavy on the belly, it is one way of driving down one’s appetite so that one is prevented from overeating.

Stale Bread – iCookiTravel

What to do with these stale bread or leftover bread and bun?!?!?!

Throwing away food isn’t just a waste of money it is a downright shame. How many of the world’s people don’t have enough to eat?…Anyone here or out there any idea?

Apricot Cake – iCookiTravel

For all sweet tooth, the fruity, sweet apricot cake taste fresh from the oven particularly well. Light, fresh, juicy and fluffy! Wanna have some? Sorry it’s all gone you’re late.

Turkey grills and Salad – iCookiTravel

Turkey grills made from finely chopped turkey breast meat, marinated, on the spit, fresh for grilling or frying pan. Salad with cucumber, arugula, tomatoe, onion, and balsamic dressing so with my grain spitz or grain roll. Was my first meal after six hours of duty. There you have it, but not all. GUTEN APPETIT!