I’m always telling you how I love markets; from iconic to local markets, flea markets, farmers markets, street markets as well vintage markets.  Here what I got for the last few days from farmers markets. Farmers who came to Vienna to sell their products.

Today I visited again flea market near the airport and I got these plums and nectarines both for only one euro per kilo. Not too sweet but good enough for my shrimps paste (Bagoong alamang) for dipping. Yes! you read it right Folks. I used to eat it with “bagoong alamang guisado”. I’m a Filipina 😀

Plums and Nectarines from Hungarian farmers!

Studies proven that a fresh plum contains 113mg of potassium that helps manage high blood pressure. While nectarines are rich in fiber and vitamin C also low in calories that can be good for diabetics as well. So it will be good for me too, lalo na parehong iniingatan ko ang aking kalusugan. Ugaliing kumain nito na makakatulong sa mga may diabetes at high blood pressure na gaya ko.

My third whole watermelon this summer!

Soon summer is gone, but still lusting for this actually my third whole watermelon on this summer season. Watermelon is not only water but provides high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and just a small number of calories.

Huge eggplant from farmers market.

You just never know what you#re going to find at the farmers’ market. This past Sunday as I was visiting the flea market outside Vienna, I stumbled to this huge  eggplant.

Family of huge eggplants from Flea Market

Unique range of health benefits from eggplant, again manage diabetes, reduce stress and even prevent cancer and more. Hubby grilled this for me I ate with sliced tomatoes and red onions seasoned with shrimp paste (Bagoong guisado) eaten with whole grain bread. No rice for me, since 2013 and if ever just brown rice. Good for watching diabetes and hypertonie.




IF YOU ARE diabetic like me you should know this. 🙂
Mouthwatering dark chocolate, studies found that eating dark chocolate every day reduced blood pressure by approximately 2-3 points. These are the two different percentage of cacao in it which I always buy for my chocolate.

Dark Chocolate with 70% Cocoa – iCookiTravel

Eating dark chocolate is good for us too my fellow diabetics. It may not taste the same as those sweetened chocolate but according to new study it is healthier for us diabetic. Dark chocolate has low sugar content and doesn’t spite blood sugar the way other sweets and candies do. In moderation of course, is very beneficial. LOL… that’s why I eat dark chocolate!

Bitter Dark Chocolate with 80% Cocoa – iCookiTravel


Oatmeal most eaten with the cereal. From 19th century one of the most important staple foods and well known for its healing properties. Oatmeal is one of the most filling and healthies breakfast.

Oatmeal – iCookiTravel

Today’s breakfast, oatmeal with sliced apple, wild cranberry, cinnamon, yoghurt, and honey.
Oatmeal has a positive effect on blood sugar levels. Oats slimy the digested food in the intestine, making it thicker and therefore delays the absorption of sugar. This can help you lose weight, but also in diabetes, according to a study, Oatmeal are also suitable for protecting people who are at higher risk for diabetes just like me. The food industry now offers many finished products from oatmeal. However, changes with increasing processing the content of nutrients and fiber. Therefore: If someone wants to enjoy the benefits of oats, then he should prefer a little as possible processed source. Oatmeal are always made from whole grains. Whether oatmeal, oat bran or oats does not make much difference. Oats can be easily integrated into everyday life. As muesli for breakfast, as a soup at lunch, as an intermediate trunk or warm porridge in the evening. Good morning, guten appetit! 🙂




Okra is gaining a reputation as a superfood for people at the risk of diabetes just like me. Commonly referred to as ladyfingers, or by its biological names Abelmoschus esculentus and Hibiscus esculentus.

Boiled Okra with chopped giger, sliced tomatoes and red onion – iCookiTravel

Boiled Okra with chopped ginger, sliced tomatoe and red onions seasoned with fish sauce made my dinner complete and satisfied. As you could see I often eat okra. Because okra is a rich source of dietary fibre, believing that okra is known to be beneficial for health in a number of ways. The superior insoluble fibre contained in okra is believed to help stabilise blood glucose by slowing the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the intestinal tract. That’s sounds good for diabetes, isn’t it?
While in Turkey roasted okra seeds have been used as a traditional diabetes medicine for generations.
One among my all time favorit food way back home (Philippines) remembering my tatay and nanay 😦