Dorado or Sea Bream, icooked with tomatoes, onion and tumeric a kind of with soup but it turned out good for hubby’s taste. Ate with my brown rice. Cooked without oil just the natural fat from the fish.


TUMERIC- comes from ginger root, this spice could help treat diabetes, stabilize blood sugar levels according to research.

Sea bream belongs to white fish, which is a good source of iron and calcium and has a higher fat content  as you could sea in soup, considered a valuable source of omega 3 fat. Can help to lower blood pressure, again for hypertension.

Corn Soup with Turkey Breast and Pechay – iCookiTravel

A soup made of Polenta, Pechay and Turkey breast seasoned with broth powder, salt and pepper. Polenta made from maize flour or corn flour, use in Italian cooking. That was dinner last night and granary roll. Granary roll or in german Grahamweckerl is lower on the glycemic index than white and wholemeal bread. So it is suitable for people who are suffering  from type2 diabetes.

Salad and Turkey Breast – iCookiTravel

A lightly lunch for me as I go on watching my cholesterol, diabetes, and hypertension. Yes you read it right. Here above juicy turkey breast meat and salad without rice. Home cooked in a frying pan and salad dressing is just a mixture of olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. For all we know that turkey meat is an excellent choice for health.

Sauteed Green Bell Pepper, Mushrooms and Pechay with Sesame Seed Oil-Dolly’s Kitchen-iCookiTravel

Here veggies- my linner- sauteed green bell pepper, mushrooms, pechay and sesame seed oil. Eating low -carb vegetables is a smart way to fill up when you have type 2 diabetes. This is delicious and healthy too aside from meatless.  Take it away from me Folks. Guten appetit!



A 15 minutes cooking was tonight’s early dinner for my daughter and I. We both came back home from work and feeling so hungry for not having lunch today at work. But so happy for the weekend. The reason why I decided to cook what we have in the refrigerator. Found these; broccoli and okra so with a pack of beef meat.

Sauteed Broccoli and Okra – iCookiTravel

Sauteed Broccoli and Okra with beef meat, ginger, onion and seasoned with beef broth cube and a little bit of salt. Maybe for you it doesn’t look so tempting or appetizing but I tell you it taste so good and for a change it is not that bad. Vegetables are a healthy part of the diet of people who have type 2 diabetes. If you have this condition, you are encouraged to eat okra and broccoli. I often mentioned here about health benefits of okra for Diabetes now Broccoli as well is good for diabetes treatment and control, because of its excellent nutritional qualities. To understand how it benefits diabetics’ health, one must know a bit about diabetes. Diabetes is a disease where the body cannot absorb glucose from the food it digests.


* 1 head of Broccoli
* about 250g Okra
* 250g Beef meat, sliced thinly
* 1 pc. Onion
* a thumbe-sized Ginger, peeled and sliced
* some Canola Oil for Sautying
* 1 pc. beef broth cube
* some salt
* 1/4 cup of water


** heat a pan or skewers, add canola oil just enough for sautying meat, onion, ginger, broccoli and okra. Add some water cover and let it cook until meat and veggies done. Seasoned with beef broth cube and to adjust seasoning I use salt. Thats it. Happy cooking and guten appetit!



Sport groups: Being there is everything. Moving is healthy, movement in the group is healthier – for body and mind.


On the sport field, in the gym just like from photo above during my gymnastic hour with my colleagues, at the ice rink or  the swimming pool is not only room for exercise and sports, but also for fun, conversations, friendships and dreams. Beside that we all know just as important as a healthy diet is sufficient movement too. The basis of any treatment of Type 2 diabetes is the improvement of lifestyle in terms of optimization of diet and exercise. So take it away from me Folks 😀

Just as important as a healthy diet is sufficient movement