Today is a public holiday in Austria!
Corpus Christi, is in Austria not only a feast of the Catholic church year, but also a public holiday. This is always celebrated on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday. Linguistically oriented to the holiday of Corpus Christi on the Latin “corpus christi”, and was in the Middle High German language translated VRON (of the Lord) lĂ®cham (abdomen). From this it is already deduced, which is celebrated at Corpus Christi: the bodily presence of Jesus Christ through the sacrament of the Eucharist, following the example of the Last Supper.

Baked Corn Brown Bread

A healty brown bread for dabetic like me. Today my daughter baked a corn brown bread for my merienda. As a snack with a little butter, or just by itself, but I bought this herring fish with garlic in a bottle from IKEA yesterday and I found out it goes with it perfectly. With a sliced red bell pepper and some small radish and a cup of coffee made my Thursday afternoon perfect on this holiday.