CHILIS belong to the family of peppers. The oblong fruits are only about two inches long, but 20 times sharper in taste than peppers.
Effect- both fresh and dried fruits act diaphoretic, antiseptic, antibacterial, hemostatic, appetizing and generally promotes healing . Digestion and especially the cycle are strongly encouraged. The components of the chilis kill worms and parasites, and especially help for problems with the respiratory tract, such as for colds, blocked sinuses, tonsillitis and hoarseness. You should not use the hot pods with strong circulation and stomach discomfort.


In the savory kitchen, they are fresh, dried or crushed or quarry. If you have little experience with chilis, should thus initially used sparingly. Even small quantities to ensure that a meal is easily digestible and digestible. Larger quantities should only use the one that likes to eat very spicy just like me.


Parsley is healthy and can be consumed in different ways. Fresh as a culinary herb, as tea or even as a finished product. Parsley has in addition to its use as a spice and medicinal properties. Its high content of vitamin C counteracts invigorating and colds, it also has a diuretic, antispasmodic, expectorant and tonic. You will find, among other things used in the treatment of gout, indigestion, high blood pressure, bad breath, skin diseases and other woman ailments. So, what could you ask more!
Parsley as a cure can be used both internally and externally, plus a choice of tea or a tincture is prepared from leaves, roots or seeds. Both of which can be taken, applied to the skin, and used as an a mouthwash too. Not only for cooking!



Spicy and healthy! 🙂
A meal without sharpness is a wasted opportunity for active metabolism. With red and green chilies, sambal oelek, Asian spices, Tabasco, pepper and ginger or a glass of vegetable juice or a large salad, is a calorie killer. Sweating Just slimmer.

Ampalaya leaves, Sili leaves, yellow bell peppers, cucumbers, upo (bottle gourd), chillis, oranges and lemon!

The spirit is like the body same law: both can get only by consistent food.
Ampalaya leaves, Sili leaves, yellow bell peppers, cucumbers, upo (bottle gourd), chillis, oranges and lemon!

Peppers contain a variety of low-cost ingredients. They contain a lot of vitamin C and stimulate special order for burning fat in the cells, strengthen the immune system and accelerate the discharging harmful substances in the body. I did not know about this before honestly!
But reading different books all about health, help me a lot to know more about best ways to do or what to eat regarding calorie killer!
In addition, they are rich in vitamin E, providing for the antioxidant defense. Peppers come in many different shapes and different colors. They differ in terms of their taste, but hardly in their ingredients. Peppers contain many phytochemicals, which relate to the metabolic activity influence. The sharp relative of peppers – the smaller chillies – Capsaicin contain, among other things, increase the energy consumption and thus accelerate the burning of calories.