👩‍🍳Podersdorf am See is a market town with 2126 inhabitants on the east bank of Lake Neusiedl in northern Burgenland. The place is the centre of tourism in Seewinkel with on Lake Neusiedl. It was a short stopover in the countryside after our hiking in Bad Sauerbrunn. Worthy to experienced the scenic itinerary here.😊

Experience Burgenland

In Podersdorf you can breathe freedom and feel the vastness. Vacation with a healthy dose of vitamin lake. So good for the body and soul a place to unwind especially during this time of pandemic 2020.



👩‍🍳Observation tower Bad Sauerbrunn-Gespitzter Riegel. Bad Sauerbrunn in Burgenland is a traditional health resort. Hikers can draw natural mineral water there and pick large strawberries. The place is known for its water, with a high magnesium content. Behind the health centre the Gesundheit Zentrum Bad Sauerbrunn near the train station you can find the forest. The forest and the terrain begin and with them some of the hiking trails into the Rosaliengebirge whose elevations are often called bars. This low mountain range looks gentle from below, but the paths meander over many ridges and gorges. It’s easy on the eye, but at times exhausting.

Hiking with our dogs

From the Spitzten Riegel, a forest square, you have to go back briefly to the hiking trail and then on to the Mitterriegel from which you also have a good view. The paths are apart from initial stretch not very steep and extremely idyllic. Part of the Central Europe’s natural vegetation, forests are complex ecosystems that once almost completely covered our continent. Due to human influence, they only take up around one third of the land today.



Back to the roots! 🙂
The idea to build a show garden vegetables, arose because many people due to the increasing industrialization can not remember how to thrive various vegetables and taste freshly harvested.


Just like what you see here above photo, from farm to my kitchen-freshly cooked vegetables. Which varieties when and how grown, is no longer belongs to the life experience of the younger generation today. I am so thankful that I was given a chance to show it to my two kids specially to my daughter. With the help of my hubby was an experinced for our daughter too. Seasonal fruits and vegetables provide throughout the year for natural variation in the diet. The fruit and vegetable season calendar you know in which months which varieties are ripe and are offered regionally. I’m always amazed at what in our latitudes everything grows and thrives specially here in europe. The seasonal calendar is based on the relevant month currently ripe fruit and vegetables from Austria. Goods unheated greenhouses and polytunnels in off-peak times as well as Austrian stock items. The time data can be shifted due to the weather for a few weeks .
The natural use of ingredients, their processing and preparation, you can change your eating habits for the better in the long term. Thus, for example in a simple manner lowered the fat content, reduced the salt content or hard A compatible be avoided. Cooking is fun and you will taste the difference! Take it away from me Folks 😉 Happy Cooking!



From the farm – tomatoe plantation at Frauenkirchen in Burgenland, Austria direct to my Kiotchen. 😉  Our Saturday afternoon bonding in the farm with hubby and our daughter!


The mild climate at Lake Neusiedl, the largest steppe lake in Central Europe, is ideal for tomatoes: With 300 days of the year the sun shines. With unconventional methods the plants never pours and does not bind to it brings the flavors of the delicious old tomato varieties to their best advatage.

Immediately after harvest the tomatoes to Sugos, jams or chutneys are further processed, can be bought on the farm and in selected delis. From July to September leads daily enthusiasts with its fields.


The fastest way of preserving them over winter at home, bring water into boil for about 4.3 liters in a pot.  Once it boils put the whole tomatoes. Note: nothing to be cut or remove, for about 1 minute, then take out with a spoon and put in a bowl with cold water. Then the tomatoes are no longer hot and the Pelle or skin dissolves or remove easily. Packed it proportionally and freeze it. Take it away from me Folks! 😉