Jessica, my daughters bff visit us and she will stay until Sunday here in Vienna. She came to Vienna since last Monday with her schoolmates and teachers. Roni (my son) picked her up yeterday at Westbahnhof.

The first hours with us, we had our lunch at Vapiano 6 at Mariahilferstraße, with Ming (Didi’s classmate), Riyadh (my doggie) and my 2 kids. Then my bff Mercy came later and Becky (Didi’s classmate).

This was my lunch then, Linguine with Pomodoro E Rucola.
My favorite among pasta sortiment. With chilli, garlic, oliven oil, rucola ( Rucola, urgula, rocket, or rocket salad) tomatoe sauce, and parmesan cheese.

The bff, Jessica et Didi-Grace. This was written by Jessica about their photo;
I QOUTE: “Friendship isn’t about seeing each other everyday. It’s about when you do see each other nothing ever changes ♥.”
Indeed! really true:D

Buston butt with herbs cream sauce and zucchini mix veggies, was today’s lunch at home.

I simply seasoned with salt and pepper, then brown it in 2 tbsps. hot oil on both sides briefly. Meat set aside, with 3/8 liter water pour in, add 1 pouch of Knorr Basis Herbs Cream for Scalope contents stir in and let it boil.

Once it boils add meat cover and cook over medium heat until the meat is tender (for about 20 to 30 minutes).

Picture up here is the Knorr Basis whic I used for the sauce.

Then for side dish (veggies) I just mix zucchini (courgette), soup greens (suppen grün/ carrot, celery, parsley, and leek), and scallions (spring onions). Seasoned with salt and pepper. Added a little bit of water just good enough to cook all the vegetables and before it is completely done I added 2 tbsp of melted butter and that’s was their lunch:)

I think the kids had wonderful time together with each other.



It’s time for a little midday magic! Forget that same-old lunch I keep serving and try something new. My recipes make it easy with hundreds of fast, fresh and tasty lunches the whole family will love. Today I’m alone with my 2kids. Coming back home from University of Technology the 2 kids were so hungry, no wonder because they don’t have breakfast today.

I just boiled cured boston butt in salted water until tender. Then sliced it. Served with mashed potatoes and sliced pickled cucumber from glass which I got from Supermarket. Boston butt is a cut of pork that comes from the upper part of the shoulder from the front leg. For mashed potatoes recipe check old entry.

Using Maggi Gourmet product for my sauce that makes it so juicy and tasty. Simply add 1 pouch of this to 3/8 Liter of hot water and stir constantly while cooking/ medium heat/ don’t cover for 2 minutes. Then pour over sliced boston butt, so that was today’s lunch!

While this one above was yesterday’s dinner. Pan-fried pork belly with pickled cabbage and cucumber of course with rice too. We are Pinoy remember…wink!

Most people had been conditioned to think that cooking food without oil doesn’t taste good. In reality, food cooked without oil can taste just as good or even better. In fact, many five star or high class restaurants cook their food with little or no oil.
Use water instead of oil to cook your food. Cook at lower temperatures to prevent the water from evaporating too quickly, this will also prevent the food from sticking to the pan. Using a non-stick pan will also help prevent stickiness.

As you could see, I pan-fried the pork belly without any oil. I just add a little liquid. You won’t get the crispy browning as you would with fat in the pan. One way to deal with it is to use non stick pan. The water cooks away and then the tiny bit of oil from itself (pork belly) brown the food.

I don’t invest a lot in teflon pans because, no matter how careful you are, the surface develops tiny scratches. I find that my better cookware (caphalon stainless steel) doesn’t stick as long as you get the pan hot enough. But for things like eggs, I have a couple of inexpensive Teffal teflon pans. When the non stick surface wears out, I replace them.

It pays to invest in a few silicon spatulas for stirring or wooden spoon. They are easier on the surface than wooden or plastic spoons. In this way you are cuting the high calories you could get from oil, and butter and with the calories wasted on fat in a pan because butter and oil can be so high.